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DISCLAIMER: The automation and control system integrators listed below all cite their experience in the machinery industry, but these claims have not been independently verified. Return to the Home page to specify additional criteria to narrow your search.

The 84 Group, Inc.
Pittsburgh, PA
The 84 Group provides industrial automation products and solutions of exceptional quality, value, performance and reliabity for a diverse applications and industries. The 84 Group excels at providing solutions to unique, novel, innovative and challenging manufacturing and process applicationss, providing competent, responsive technical support from concept through the life cycle of the machine and product produced.

A.C.E., Inc.
Green Bay, WI

Abaya Technologies, Inc.
Kernersville, NC
Abaya Technologies, Inc. offers contract integration services, including PLC/DDC programming & integration, custom SCADA & MES applications, industrial network solutions, PLC ladder logic programming, Horner APG sales and support. machine control and HVAC & environmental controls. The company also offers contract programming services, including C++, C , Java, Visual Basic and HTML (web-based applications). They also offer custom hardware development, including electronic circuit design, printed circuit board layout, panel design and construction, product prototyping & testing and microprocessor / micro-controller programming solutions.

ABIS Sp. z o.o. sp.k.
Rzaska, Poland
ABIS was founded in 1994 and specializes in programming industrial control devices and computer-based production systems in a wide variety of Industrial Automation. Abis executes projects that involve computer control of technological processes and radio modem communication systems as well as vision systems for quality control. Since its inception, Abis has completed about 350 projects not only in a variety of industries (and municipal services) but also worldwide (Russia, Turkmenistan, Egypt, Morocco, UK, India, UAE, etc.). The excellent training and experience of Abis engineers provide their customers with reliable and high quality services.

Accenture Automation and Industrial Solutions
Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil
The Accenture Automation and Industrial Solutions group provides industrial automation and information technology. They have a strong background on the industrial market and state-of-art technologies from shop floor to corporate level. They have more than 300 qualified professionals on several process and technical areas. They are known for making their clients more profitable through technology solutions. They have developed more than 700 successful projects in more than 13 countries.

Acieta, LLC
Council Bluffs, IA
A leader in the robotics business for 34 years, Acieta provides a wide range of robotically automated solutions and services for the manufacturing industry. With locations in Pewaukee, Wis., and Council Bluffs, Iowa, Acieta has integrated more than 4,200 automation systems for customers across the United States, Mexico and Canada. As part of its mission to be a true partner to its customer base, Acieta is committed to solving challenges facing all manufacturers, such as lowering costs, increasing productivity and addressing labor shortfalls. Serving most manufacturing segments, Acieta has 130 employees across the United States and is committed to creating a positive future for North American manufacturing. For more information about Acieta, visit

Acieta, LLC
Pewaukee, WI
A leader in the robotics business for 34 years, Acieta provides a wide range of robotically automated solutions and services for the manufacturing industry. With locations in Pewaukee, Wis., and Council Bluffs, Iowa, Acieta has integrated more than 4,200 automation systems for customers across the United States, Mexico and Canada. As part of its mission to be a true partner to its customer base, Acieta is committed to solving challenges facing all manufacturers, such as lowering costs, increasing productivity and addressing labor shortfalls. Serving most manufacturing segments, Acieta has 130 employees across the United States and is committed to creating a positive future for North American manufacturing. For more information about Acieta, visit

Acorn Technology Corporation
Cleveland, OH
Acorn Technology is committed to providing customers with control solutions that are well engineered and built to the highest industrial standards. The company specializes in helping customers achieve their machine performance goals with simple proven solutions. In particular, coordinated drive systems implemented with the latest AC vector controls are common among the systems that Acorn produces. With over 50 man-years of design and application engineering experience, Acorn has the depth of capability to deliver solutions ranging from product based to the board level. Industries that have been particularly well served by these capabilities include wire drawing, steel making, rubber and plastics.

ACS automation + control Systems AG
Wil, SG, Switzerland
Choose ACS for optimum automation, traceability and documentation. Our highly qualified specialists develop sustainable software solutions for the automation of your production. With our solution, you control and automate your production while saving costs and energy.

Activation Systems Incorporated
Atlanta, GA
For over fifteen years, Activation Systems Inc. has been dedicated to providing advanced, high quality, cost effective, user-friendly automation integration solutions. With over fifty years of in-house engineering and technical experience, Activation Systems continues to provide consultation, design, fabrication, programming, installation, start-up, commissioning, and documentation services. These capabilities are applied to control solutions ranging from discrete, embedded OEM modules to complete custom turnkey automation projects requiring new or retrofit control systems. The corporation has application experience with a vast array of control technologies including general power and control, programmable logic controllers, sensors, instrumentation, motor controls, AC/DC drives, servo motion control, hydraulic/pneumatic control, industrial communication networks, human machine interfaces, PC hardware/software, supervisory control, and data acquisition. Activation Systems has long-term relationships with, and proudly serves the OEM, general manufacturing, material handling, packaging, printing/converting, food/beverage, controlled atmosphere, conveying/storage, industrial machinery, and medical/healthcare industries and continues to integrate their discrete, batch, and/or continuous processes with reliable automation control solutions.

Acutek Automation
Cincinnati, OH
Acutek Automation is an electrical systems integrator located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Their customer base is built on OEM's and end users who require quality electrical controls and engineering. Their business focus is applying technology to provide quality solutions for both machine and process controls. Complete electrical controls services are offered for a wide range of industry needs, including material handling, process systems, and robotics and operator interfaces. Acutek's clients routinely benefit from strategic partnerships which have been developed with many manufacturers, and they look to Acutek to provide the integration of every facet of the electrical portion of their projects. Each project is individually considered to determine all of the integration possibilities and to ensure that the customer receives the solution that is exactly what they need.

Adaptive Innovations Corp.
Lakewood, CO
Adaptive is a custom machine builder and equipment integrator specializing in automated assembly, machine tending and package / palletizing. Designing, building & integrating custom equipment for over 18 years for customers in nearly every industrial sector provides Adaptive excellent cross-industry experience and exposure to best practices. Development of software controls that push the integration of technology and industrial machinery provides customers with the most advanced, flexible and intuitive solutions on the market. Drawing not only on experience, but also a passion and desire to solve problems, Adaptive helps drive the evolution of modern manufacturing and continues to gain patents for new and unique process solutions. With over 200 man years of engineering experience on staff, Adaptive merges innovative, fresh ideas with world class engineering know-how. Offering experience with robotics, motion control, micro-positioning, machine vision for guidance & inspection, control systems & safety, part feeding, adhesive dispensing, foam in place gaskets, solder paste dispensing, in-line soldering, direct part marking, in-line test & inspection, conveyor systems and much more, Adaptive is the premier integrator for your automation needs. Focusing on customer service, machine performance, and on-time delivery, you will quickly recognize we're different than any other integrator you've worked with. Contact us for your project needs!

Advanced Automated Controls, Inc.
Covington Township, PA
Advanced Automation Controls is an independent, full service control automation and systems integration firm which pride themselves on completing their clients' projects within budget and with unsurpassed quality and integrity. AAC provides a full spectrum of electrical, mechanical, and industrial plant engineering services with full capabilities in concept development, project design, construction administration, system integration, and support services. AAC, Inc. professional project management skills offer a single point of contact, simplifying project coordination, implementation, and billing. The company's team of engineers has many years of experience successfully specifying, designing, and implementing control solutions that are recognized as a best in the industry. Most of their team members have worked in the manufacturing, OEM, vendor, and consultant arenas, giving them a well rounded background on understanding our customers needs. AAC, Inc. has a vast and unlimited skill base which ranges from ERP, MES and SCADA applications; PLC and HMI programming, and Drives and Motion Control Systems. AAC, Inc. also offers 24/7/365 support services to keep you plant up and running at all times. Please visit us on the web at for more information.

Advanced Control Technologies
Laguna Hills, CA
Advanced Control Technologies (ACT) is a dedicated team of high technology professionals supplying complete, automated on-line systems for inspection and process monitoring. ACT has 17 years of experience supplying systems for a wide range of manufacturing and quality control applications in the electronics, automotive, medical device and pharmaceutical industries. ACT offers machine vision systems and components from most leading vision vendors and will recommend the system that best meets a specific application requirement. ACT offers extensive experience in machine vision systems integration, programming, motion control, PLC ladder logic programming, and the tightly coupled integration of these into finished systems.

Advanced Engineering, Inc.
Franklin, TN
Advanced Engineering has 20 years experience as an integrator. Advanced Engineering has pioneered the development of systems which not only control plant floor operations, but bridge the gap between the plant floor and the enterprise. While most other integrators' experience is limited to either the factory floor or the enterprise level, AE is one of the few who can bring together all the data needed to manage a manufacturing processes. By expertly staging data bases and collection mechanism, AE makes information readily accessible to all levels of management - accountants, engineers, plant managers, and operations alike.

Advanced Integration Group, Inc.
McKees Rocks, PA
AIG offers a wide range of state-of-the-art technologies, as well as comprehensive engineering and support services for the process control industry. AIG offers clients throughout the United States and internationally solutions based on equipment of their choosing or will make recommendations and selections based on past experience. AIG is a full service systems integration firm with the management, project execution teams, and total resources available to assist at any stage of a project in a wide variety of industries and processes. AIG has a technical staffing division and a division that represents various products for sale. AIG is a certified WBE firm.

Advanced Measurements
Calgary, AB
Advanced Measurements, a National Instruments Select Integrator, has developed 'Trinity platform', a LabVIEW based software package designed specifically for the oil and gas service market. Advanced Measurements has several field to office products that turn sensor verified and operator entered field data decision quality information.

Advanced MRF
San Diego, CA
Advanced MRF (AMRF) is a provider of highly developed, industrial automation, control, and safety solutions. We engineer, assemble and install, UL508a ICPs , customized SCADA systems and HMI hardware and programs. Our core profession is dedicated to "Turn Key" electrical and control innovations, products and services to suit the Recycling Industry and Material Recovery Facilities. Our expertise in UL Standards, NEC Electrical Field Wiring, OSHA E-Stop Standards, 3 Phase Power, 3 Phase Motor Control, Automation Software and Field Bus technologies allows us to extend our full range of service to any industry with industrial power, control or automation needs. We are an experienced Systems Integrator for Industrial PCs, MCC , PLCs, VFDs, Soft starters, HMI, Profibus, Profisafe, Profinet , Industrial Ethernet, AS-i, Industrial wireless, Infrared technologies, IP Video systems, Level Measurement, Weighing Technology, Pneumatic Control, Power Monitoring. AMRF specializes in the application of Siemens products and technologies.

Advanced Research Company
Orion, MI
Advanced Research Company is comprised of a staff of highly experienced individuals specializing in the integration of industrial control systems. Advanced Research has developed integrated solutions for the utilization of RFID technology in the tracking of assets in both the manufacturing and medical industries. Advanced Research can provide complete turnkey systems, including installation and start-up, and custom application software for CNCs, PLCs and ROBOT systems. In-house capabilities include CAD systems, ladder logic support, PC-based control applications, complete fabrication, and hands-on training. Staff members routinely implement control solutions for small manufacturers/OEMs, large automotive manufacturers, and many non-automotive customers. ARC is also involved in factory information systems and error-proofing systems on the manufacturing floor. In addition, ARC has experience with part-tracking systems using both barcode and RFID technologies.

AE of Ohio, Inc.
Sunbury, OH
AE Security Group and AE of Ohio, Inc. specializes in the design, build and integration of automated PLC control systems. We design custom touch screens using Wonderware to control industrial and security automation systems. AE designs, builds, installs and provides the start-up and debug of the systems we design. Additionally AE has retrofitted numerous cnc machine tools with Fanuc CNC controls and servo drives. AE has installed our systems at Honda, GM, the Federal Reserve, City of Nashville, State of Georgia, Ohio Department of Corrections, Canada, China, Korea and many others. System design, build and integration is what we do.

AEC Engineering, Inc.
Freeport, ME
Founded in 1982 to serve as a manufacturer of computer based process control systems, AEC Engineering expanded to include turnkey systems, design and installation. Emphasis has shifted to custom software development for process and manufacturing systems. Nitch markets have been exploited in snowmaking, fish rearing and ground water remediation software and control. Diesel engine control has been expanded to include software and firmware based systems. AEC's staff includes licensed P.E.s, software engineers, technicians, CAD operators and field start up and training personnel.

AES Controls, Inc.
Cincinnati, IN
AES Controls is a full-service electrical and controls systems integrator located in Cincinnati, Ohio with additional offices in Chicago and Houston to service all 50 states. AES has over twenty five years of experience serving industrial clients and helping them meet their equipment automation goals. AES has successfully designed, built and implemented controls systems for fillers, batching systems, packaging, continuous processes, conveying, recipe management, web handling, vision inspection, CIP systems, barcode inspection, extruders, motion control, panel design, and FDA GAMP 4 validation. For PLC control, AES has extensive project background with ControlLogix, Modicon, CompactLogix, GE, SLC 5's, Siemens, PLC 5's, Texas Instruments, MicroLogix, and Reliance AutoMax/AutoMate. For operator interface products, AES has project background with Wonderware, WinCC, PanelView, RSView, FactoryTalk, Quick Panel, Intellution Fix32, and PanelMate. AES has experience interfacing the above control interface products with SQL, MS Excel, Visual Basic, MS Access, and other Windows technologies and Database applications for trending and historical data collection.

AES Controls, Inc.
Cincinnati, KY
AES Controls is a full-service electrical and controls systems integrator located in Cincinnati, Ohio with additional offices in Chicago and Houston to service all 50 states. AES has over twenty five years of experience serving industrial clients and helping them meet their equipment automation goals. AES has successfully designed, built and implemented controls systems for fillers, batching systems, packaging, continuous processes, conveying, recipe management, web handling, vision inspection, CIP systems, barcode inspection, extruders, motion control, panel design, and FDA GAMP 4 validation. For PLC control, AES has extensive project background with ControlLogix, Modicon, CompactLogix, GE, SLC 5's, Siemens, PLC 5's, Texas Instruments, MicroLogix, and Reliance AutoMax/AutoMate. For operator interface products, AES has project background with Wonderware, WinCC, PanelView, RSView, FactoryTalk, Quick Panel, Intellution Fix32, and PanelMate. AES has experience interfacing the above control interface products with SQL, MS Excel, Visual Basic, MS Access, and other Windows technologies and Database applications for trending and historical data collection.

AES Controls, Inc.
Houston, TX
AES Controls is a full-service electrical and controls systems integrator located in Cincinnati, Ohio with additional offices in Chicago and Houston to service all 50 states. AES has over twenty five years of experience serving industrial clients and helping them meet their equipment automation goals. AES has successfully designed, built and implemented controls systems for fillers, batching systems, packaging, continuous processes, conveying, recipe management, web handling, vision inspection, CIP systems, barcode inspection, extruders, motion control, panel design, and FDA GAMP 4 validation. For PLC control, AES has extensive project background with ControlLogix, Modicon, CompactLogix, GE, SLC 5's, Siemens, PLC 5's, Texas Instruments, MicroLogix, and Reliance AutoMax/AutoMate. For operator interface products, AES has project background with Wonderware, WinCC, PanelView, RSView, FactoryTalk, Quick Panel, Intellution Fix32, and PanelMate. AES has experience interfacing the above control interface products with SQL, MS Excel, Visual Basic, MS Access, and other Windows technologies and Database applications for trending and historical data collection.

AFC Tool
Dayton, OH
AFC Tool is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) with over 30 years of special machine building experience. AFC Tool can provide a wide range of engineering and design services with their on-site mechanical design staff, machine builders, automation integration staff, CMM inspection room, journeyman electricians, and experienced project management staff. Within this core of OEM expertise lies the company's automation integration group that provides support to not only its machine building capabilities but also services its clients through automation integration needs. AFC Tool employs a diverse background of automation experience to handle a wide variety of automation requirements. Typical projects can be as small as troubleshooting an industrial fieldbus system to as large as designing the architecture for an entire assembly operation. AFC's expertise and experience in many different manufacturing and process backgrounds provides their clients with a broad depth of knowledge to provide innovative solutions in an ever-changing and demanding manufacturing environment.

Agape Collaborations, Inc.
Cumming, GA
AC, Inc. is a true Engineered Solutions Group uniquely positioned to give you panel solutions built with focused craftsmanship at our core. You not only get a UL 508 and CE shop, but we are also a CSA and FDA approved manufacturing site. This guarantees you will receive the highestquality in support and deliverables with significant reduction in your time to market. Your team at ACI averages over 30 years of experience in the Industrial Automation field. We can be your partner from the beginning of the process (drawings, etc) to the final test of the panel and beyond. We give our customers top notch customer service and the design with the best products for their system, not just a line card A few of our customers include DuPont,GM, Home Depot, P&G, Siemens, Nordson,Kinder Morgan, Certainteed & Winchester.

Ai Control Systems, Inc.
Reading, PA
AI Control Systems offers "concept to completion" professional services for design through integration, fabrication, installation, and maintenance for automation in industry. Our approach is to removes barriers, streamline decision making process and deliver for results. 1.The designer is involved in project from discovery to delivery and assists in startup. 2.Years of experience help us leverage vendors and allows us to find the ideal components. 3.In-house assembly allows for greater accountably and quality of hard wired deliverables

AIA Automation Inc.
Beauport, QC
AIA Automation, Inc. is a multi-disciplinary engineering firm specialized in industrial automation which has achieved advanced experience in the design of control systems used in heavy industry. The company has successfully integrated systems based on major manufacturers such as Modicon, Foxboro, Honeywell, Bailey, and Allen-Bradley. AIA is a Rockwell Software Strategic Provider and an Authorized Application Solution Provider (process) for Rockwell Automation. Over the last years, the company's association with Rockwell Automation has permitted them to participate in the development of certain products such as RSFrameworks and ProcessLogix. This association has enabled them to acquire a superior knowledge of the products, which puts them in the forefront on automation projects. Since 1991, AIA has been a part of a grouping of five companies ranging from construction to engineering. This group provides AIA Automation with a strong financial force, enabling it to handle projects of all sizes anywhere in the world.

Laredo, TX
System integration company with high experience on sequential machines programming. AITECSYS has bilingual engineers that can support your projects in the US and abroad.

Aladdin Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc.
Waukesha, WI
Innovation begins with Aladdin. Since their founding in 1953, Aladdin Engineering & Manufacturing has designed and built custom machines and systems for major players across a range of industries worldwide. In doing so, they have established themselves as one of the most experienced companies for special manufacturing equipment in the United States. Aladdin has a reputation for delivering robust equipment. Clients have relied on them to provide equipment that can handle products from eight-ton transformer coils to small assemblies that fit in your hand and anything in between. Their systems often include precision equipment that assembles parts requiring single-digit micron tolerances. Aladdin leverages its exposure to a multitude of industries to constantly improve their approaches and incorporate the latest technology and components. They will work with you to discover your needs and identify a solution that you need, not overselling and not under-delivering. Their goal is to establish partnerships, not simply be a transactional supplier. They stand behind their equipment. If ever a challenge arises or you need a change, they are right beside you. Their team of dedicated project managers, highly skilled engineers, and talented fabricators bring unparalleled experience together to create innovative unique solutions that keep you operating efficiently and ahead of your competitors. It is no secret that designing and building custom manufacturing equipment requires extensive experience and a flair for innovation. Aladdin's understanding of production procedures and mastery of manufacturing techniques help them to reach the ultimate goal with clients: to design and build systems that exceed expectations and respect the bottom line.

Alandia Engineering Inc.
Coral Springs, FL
Owner's Engineering and Clients Support What We Are Prepared to Offer In Alandia Engineering We are prepared to get integrated to the Clients teams and help them to design, coordinate, implement and supply any kind of Electrical, Instrumentation and Automation systems, monitoring, command and control solutions, as separated items or as fully integrated Systems. Alandia Engineering can act as Client's representative to produce, interact or coordinate activities like: - Instrumentation, Integration, Automation, Electrical and Telecommunications consultancy; - Instrumentation, Integration, Automation, Electrical and Telecommunications staff training; - Temporary Integration with Clients staff for FEED, Basic Projects or Detailing projects; - Production of integrated documents produced from databases; - Resident engineers for projects developed by third parties; - Resident engineers for Erection, Mechanical Completion, Commissioning and, Startup phases; - Negotiation support; - Procurement and Purchasing support; - Equipment reception and inspection; - Factory Acceptance Tests, Site Acceptance Tests. The size of the project or activity is not a limitation, we can think of monitoring a single machine or equipment (pumps, filters, heat exchangers, boilers, etc.) up to optimizing and controlling very complex systems developed under EPC/MAC concept. INTEGRATION SERVICES and SUPPLIES - ENGINEERED CONTROL SYSTEMS - Beyond the possibility of Integrating our specialists to the client's team, Alandia Engineering is fully capable to conceive, design, implement and deliver sophisticated Control and Supervision Systems based on the integration of PLCs, TMRs, PACs, specialized systems (Vision, Scanning, Intrusion, etc.) and Supervisory and Control software available in the market and able to assist our clients, proposing feasible end efficient methods of project and optimized implementation and also capable to present solutions when the clients are looking for, better performance, better quality, better environmental performance, etc. If required Alandia Engineering is prepared to propose solutions based on feasibility and/or debottlenecking studies. Technically we are flexible, able to work for a small Project or for Major Projects. - Alandia Engineering is capable of developing conceptual, basic projects, detailing projects, the integration of existing systems to new systems, if the project organization requires, supply totally integrated "turn Key" Systems integrating Instrumentation, Automation, Telecommunications, Electrical systems ,and complementary mechanical/civil works or help our clients to develop your own solution. Our Methodology - To develop a System, in Alandia we focus on the functionality and performance, learning and understanding deeply the processes and the client's needs in order to implement the best cost/ benefit integration of the process, systems components and operators creating safe and cost-effective solutions. - Alandia Engineering is capable of developing Man Machine Interfaces to offer to the operators, easier and more productive operation environments, helping them in the choice of the best hardware / software solution for each project, investigating the specific characteristic of each process, hearing the operation people to create safe operations and optimized methods of presentation of the information, using SCADAS, DCS, virtual reality and Augmented Reality tools.

All Controls Corp
Chardon, OH
All Controls Corp has over over 22 years providing turn key solutions for our customers. We specialize in integrating multiple products to make coherent and complete control system for our customers. Energy Management has been one of our leading fields. All Controls Corp has completed multiple House Bill Projects and Performance contract services for many of our customers.

Alliance Automation & Control, Inc.
Rogersville, AL
Alliance Automation & Control, Inc. (AAC) is an independent systems integrator specializing in coordinated drive controls for both AC and DC drives, as well as control systems for a variety of automation and information applications. The company draws from their "real world" experience as facility engineers in the design of all systems. AAC provides design services, installation/start-up services and field troubleshooting services. Since AAC is an independent integrator, they are not tied to any specific vendor, allowing them to use hardware to match their customer's facility as well as allowing them to choose the best product independent of manufacturer. The company has the unique experience, design, software and flexibility to provide customers with a retrofit for an existing drive or a complete coordinated control system. The company's ability to provide technical expertise with custom design allows them to address the full spectrum of electric drives, industrial controls, and automation requirements. An experienced engineering staff allows AAC to provide customer service from concept through installation and start-up. They are also able to provide troubleshooting service to maintain the systems in the years to follow.

ALM Systems and Controls, Inc.
Bohemia, NY
ALM Systems and Controls is the Long Island and Metro New York Authorized Systems Integrator for Automation Direct, as well as Microscan. We provide solutions for applications involving Smart Cameras, Bar-code scanners and vision systems. The Electrical Engineers at ALM Systems and Controls have over twenty years experience in Automation and Control, Programming and Systems Integration and Printed Circuit Board Design and Assembly. We have many customers that do not have engineers onsite and may need some assistance getting something to work or help with an upgrade, redesign, etc. Often we service manufacturers that have existing equipment that is not working properly or they would just like to get it working at a faster speed. We are known in this area for our superb Field Service and Machine Repairs. We also automate the end customers machines to improve quality, reduce labor costs and increase production speed. ALM Systems has been serving the Long Island and Metro, New York area for over ten years. Our Engineering Design Group designs products and systems to meet our customer's needs/specifications. Our Electrical Engineers are readily available for Machine Service calls. We work on machines in many different industries, such as medical, pharmaceutical, industrial and others.

Alpha Integration, Inc.
Murfreesboro, TN
Alpha Integration, Inc. offers reliable turnkey automated machines for a variety of industries. Alpha produces automated systems and lean manufacturing, semi-automatic work cells for component assembly, welding, fastening, material handling, robotics, quality inspections, mistake proofing, and vision systems. The staff is experienced in all aspects of the production of automated machinery including conceptual design, quoting, mechanical and electrical engineering, programming, manufacturing, assembly, installation, and commissioning at the customer's facility. The company's engineering staff is efficient, highly qualified, and experienced in the production of automated systems with an average of over 15 years experience per engineer in the design and build of automated assembly equipment. Alpha's controls engineering experience includes a wide variety of hardware and software, networking at the device level, and integration with higher level SCADA systems. Their mechanical engineering experience includes a wide variety of manual and automated assembly work stations as well as synchronous and non-synchronous assembly systems. Alpha has Certified SolidWorks Professional on staff to ensure each station, or large assembly system, is always designed for maximum machine life, ease of maintenance, and accessibility.

Alta Vision Systems
Westbrook, CT
Alta Vision Systems has over 300 successfully installed machine vision systems utilizing the most powerful and popular vision systems. We offer total machine vision integration, including specification, design, installation, validation, maintenance, and repair of new or existing systems. With over 25 years of machine vision experience, the company is qualified to assist clients with any vision or control projects they may have.

Amtec Solutions Group ( ASG )
Huntsville, AL
Amtec Solutions Group is based in Huntsville, AL serving customers in the manufacturing, aerospace and defense, and precision machining industries. We manufacture robotic systems, custom industrial machines, precision machined parts, and fabricated assemblies. We are a distributor of the MiniTec Profile System providing aluminum extrusions, parts, components, finished assemblies, and design services based on customer requirements. Automation Systems - Design, Manufacturing, Installation ' One Stop Shopping - Robotic Systems for Palletizing (including 2D & 3D vision), Material Removal, Assembly, Machine Tending, and more - Preferred System Integrator of Motoman ( Yaskawa ), Fanuc, and ABB Robots - PLC Machine Controls Specialists ' Rockwell Automation, Siemens, ABB, etc. - Experience in Programmable Servo Motor Drives / Motion Control, and Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) - Our Experienced Team Creates Designs Using SolidWorks and AutoCAD. MiniTec Profile System- The MiniTec Profile System is a modular aluminum framing system. Think of it as aluminum lumber. The components are simple aluminum profiles, that when combined with a wide array of accessories, can be used in a custom solution for many applications including: framing, fencing, motion, conveying, and machine guarding. Visit for more information. Precision Machining - We are registered to AS9100 Rev D for the production of precision machined parts and assemblies. Whether a one time build or a monthly production run, we strive to deliver products that meet or exceed your requirements. To accomplish this, our shop is fully equipped, including 3, 4, and 5 axis CNC machining capabilities. Fabricated Assemblies - We manufacture custom assemblies to your requirements. Typical assemblies are composed of machined parts, weldments, and formed items. Many parts are coated, painted, or powder coated. We have experience in simple and complex assemblies.

Apex Controls, Inc.
Hudsonville, MI
Apex Controls has a staff of over 20 experienced controls engineers with a broad range of expertise. The staff also includes ten electricians for panel building (UL if required) and machine wiring installation. Over the years APEX Controls has accumulated extensive experience in robotic integration for the resistance and arc welding fields. This experience also includes numerous vision & VB.Net applications. Apex Controls also has integrated a wide variety of PLC platforms into a vast array of different applications. PLC & PC retrofits.

Apex Industries
Moncton, NB
At Apex we are very proud to employ staff with a wide range of skills and competencies enabling us to provide clients turn-key solutions to their machine design and automation projects. We work with you to understand your business and to understand your product development and automation services needs. Where appropriate, we can utilize existing or off-the-shelf solutions and develop an integration solution to bring them together as a system, or, as needed, we can design a full custom solution to meet your equipment requirements.

APEX Manufacturing Solutions
Boise, ID
APEX provides comprehensive, end-to-end manufacturing solutions that include automation systems design and integration, Manufacturing Execution Systems, continuous improvement consulting and implementation, and support and maintenance services. APEX teams only with leading manufacturing software and hardware vendors. Our selection and qualification process ensures that the systems and solutions we provide you are based on technologies that are: Market Leaders Innovators Holistic Manufacturing Solutions Providers Providers of Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) solutions Standards-based Extensible Supportable We tailor all our solutions to the individual needs of each customer, selecting the "best of breed" platform technologies for the best technical fit with your standards and protection of the your existing investments in automation, control, supervisory, reporting and business systems.

Applewood Controls, Inc.
Littleton, MA
Applewood Controls, Inc. has been in business since 1983, providing industrial controls for material handling, assembly machines, recipe and batch processing systems, autoclaves, and drive systems. They rely upon their extensive experience to provide proven solutions and technology adapted to the specific project. Their engineering staff has extensive plant-floor experience applying PLC controllers and the latest I/O hardware to the application's requirements. Operator interfaces are integrated into the systems to provide interactive data displays and equipment diagnostics. Their UL / ETL listed panel shop is professionally staffed with experienced personnel. It is equipped with the tools and equipment to assemble, wire, and test virtually any control panel. Whether they work as a subcontractor for an OEM or work directly for an end user, they are part of the client's team dedicated to providing quality solutions for the client's automation needs.

Applied Controls, Inc.
Malvern, PA
Applied Controls is a full service AED (application engineering distributor) providing factory automation products to eastern Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey, and Delaware. ACI maintains as staff of application engineers and product specialists offering expertise in PLC, operator interface, motion control, and sensor applications. System configuration, start-up, and training services are specialties. A new automation technology center will provide advanced training, hands-on workshops, technical seminars, and application specific demonstrations. "Sensor to bus solutions" is the phrase that best describes their approach to machine or process control. Particular attention is paid to reliably solving their customers' sensing applications. Consignment hardware is available for evaluation and testing, and a large inventory is maintained for prompt delivery.

Applied Intelligence Corporation
Indianapolis, IN
Applied Intelligence Corporation (AIC) is a complete electrical engineering service provider dedicated to being your automation partner. It all began in 1985 as many small companies do; a great idea and a garage. The idea was to make control panels with the same precision as circuit boards. All components should be placed for assembly and cooling requirements, and labeled for ease of replacement. All wires should flow like traces on a circuit board and be clearly labeled without having to move the wire to read it. The final step is thorough testing that includes a "tug test", actual voltage testing (up to 600V) and photos of each enclosure that goes out the door. This attention to detail in the panel shop eventually crossed over to an Engineering staff. The Engineers specialize in hardware design and are the "Engineer's Engineer" for most of our customers. This allows AIC them to build from a napkin sketch or CAD drawings. AIC designs panels for noise considerations and are one of the few builders that perform actual heat calculations for the components used to insure maximum component life. The hardware focus that AIC takes means they have specific knowledge for many PLC's, HMI's and VFD's that go in the panels they build. They are able to cross reference and select backwards compatible replacements based on experience, and not just what is published in spec sheets. Bottom line is most engineers in the industrial world today are project managers rather than down in the trenches engineers. They look to AIC to do the engineering because they trust our work....they know the project will be done on time, on budget, at a fair price. Trust is truth over time....AIC has built it customer by customer.

Applied Machine & Motion Control Inc
Cincinnati, OH

Applied Motion Systems, Inc.
Vancouver, WA
Applied Motion Systems is an applied engineering and technology company that helps manufacturers improve the safety, performance, reliability, and operation of their production systems by developing innovative machines and high-performance automation and control systems. We specialize in upgrading the safety, control, and drivetrain sub-systems on machines that require precise coordination of multiple motors. We serve a broad range of industries including paper and paper converting, forest products, glass container manufacturing, aerospace, and renewable energy. AMS deploys is a certified solution partner for automation suppliers such as Siemens, Rockwell, ABB and Control-Techniques. Visit us at

Applied Systems Engineering, Inc.
Sandwich, MA
Applied Systems Engineering, Inc. is a data acquisition and control systems integrator for factory automation, power, and process industries. The company offers programming of PLC and PC based systems, custom Visual Basic and C programming for both PC and embedded control applications, script writing for vision system integration and data collection, and technical applications involving on-line performance analysis for energy management and plant equipment efficiency. Their primary focus is Allen-Bradley equipment and Rockwell Automation software as well as Modicon PLCs, Intellution HMI, and Wonderware HMI.

Arc Electrical Contractors
Philadelphia, PA
Arc Electrical Contractors can integrate a client's existing machinery to PLC controls. The company specializes in Allen Bradley controls but will use whatever brand the client desires. We also build panels with controls and can troubleshoot, repair, and install a client's existing machinery.

Arihant Elsys Pvt. Ltd.
New Delhi, DE, India
Arihant is a team of experienced engineers from various organizations with cumulative experience of over 150 man-years. They have worked on several projects, starting from small packaging machines to large steel plants. They can provide an economical solution in terms of manpower cost.

ARM Automation, Inc
Austin, TX
ARM Automation has been developing turn-key automated manufacturing solutions for industry since 1993. The ARM team has broad expertise in the areas of automated machine/system design, motion control, machine vision, robotics and complex control software. This experience has provided the opportunity to serve the needs of many different industries, from automotive component manufacturing to aerostructures to medical opto-electronics assembly and test. Through the implementation of well documented practices and procedures, ARM Automation is able to take on challenging applications and deliver consistent and reliable results on a wide variety of projects. Together, these abilities make ARM a powerful partner for those with a need for the best in turn-key automated manufacturing solutions.

Schiller Park, IL
Since its inception in 1971, ARPAC LLC has been recognized as a leading manufacturer of innovative end-of-line secondary packaging solutions. With 30,000 installations worldwide, ARPAC packaging systems have been successfully installed in virtually every industry. Our machines provide tailor-fit packaging solutions to producers of foods, beverages, printed publications, pharmaceutical goods, health & beauty products, building supplies, automotive products, material handling companies and a wide variety of industrial and consumer goods. This broad scope of expertise has led us to develop an equally wide range of machinery, capable of solving virtually any packaging problem.

Arrel Enterprises Inc.
Huntsville, AL
Arrel Enterprises,Inc. has been in the business of providing custom solutions to testing and process control problems since 1978. Specializes in solving problems relating to: production line functional testing, process control and measurement, automation, quality control and assurance, quality audit, statistics and reporting. Provides design, development, hardware, software, integration, fabrication, and installation. Ranging from simple, manual, computer/PLC based, to partially/fully automated. Solutions are effective, reliable, complete, easily maintained, and fully documented.

ASIC Corporation
Hamilton, OH
ASIC (Advanced System Integration & Control) Corporation is a single-source provider of industrial automation components, electro-mechanical system integration and panel building building services. ASIC specializes in motion control, servos, drives, PLCs and motor control with an engineering staff for programming/product support.

Atlas Technologies, Inc.
Fenton, MI
Atlas Technologies, Inc. is a company with a history and a future of excellence. By combining expertise developed by FEC, Melvin-AHD, Atlas Automation, and Automated Manufacturing Systems with the newest technologies, Atlas offers flexible solutions to their customers primarily in automated metalforming and sheet metal assembly systems. Atlas Technologies is dedicated to the quality and value in their products and long-term partnerships with their employees, customers and suppliers. The Atlas team of over 180 professionals provides innovative products and services to primarily the automotive and appliance industries, with an annual sales volume of appx. $25,000,000. Operating from two sales, administrative, and engineering offices, and one manufacturing plants, Atlas Technologies has in-house the expertise required to solve even the most complex of problems.

Atronix Engineering Inc.
Norcross, GA
Atronix provides Controls & Information System Integration in many diverse markets. Industries such as automotive, material handling, food & beverage, transportation and manufacturing have benefited significantly because of Atronix involvement. Atronix applies cutting edge hardware and software technologies to insure customer satisfaction. These projects require their engineers to provide systems integration, project management, design, programming, commissioning, training, and documentation services. Atronix has been providing these quality services since 1992. Even with an impressive customer list, that contains many industry leaders, Atronix still handles every customer and project with unparalleled commitment and attention.

Atronix Engineering Inc.
Holland, OH
Atronix provides Controls & Information System Integration in many diverse markets. Industries such as automotive, material handling, food & beverage, transportation and manufacturing have benefited significantly because of Atronix involvement. Atronix applies cutting edge hardware and software technologies to insure customer satisfaction. These projects require their engineers to provide systems integration, project management, design, programming, commissioning, training, and documentation services. Atronix has been providing these quality services since 1992. Even with an impressive customer list, that contains many industry leaders, Atronix still handles every customer and project with unparalleled commitment and attention.

ATS Automation Tooling Systems Inc.
Cambridge, ON
ATS Automation provides innovative, custom designed, built and installed manufacturing solutions to many of the world's most successful companies. Founded in 1978, ATS uses its industry-leading knowledge and global capabilities to address the sophisticated automation systems' and service needs of multinational customers in industries such as life sciences, transportation, energy, consumer products and electronics. It also leverages its many years of experience and skills to fulfill the specialized automation product manufacturing requirements of customers. ATS employs approximately 3,500 people at 27 manufacturing facilities and 47 offices in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and China. The Company's Solar segment is classified as discontinued operations. The Company's shares are traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol ATA. Visit the Company's website at

ATSI Engineering Services
Amherst, NY
ATSI Engineering Services has a team of dedicated controls engineers with decades of experience in many areas of sequential and process control. Complete engineering services from process and P&ID diagrams, Instrument component selection, process simulations, PLC/DCS/HMI/SCADA design and procurement. Commissioning services including I/O checkout, tagging checkout, Instrument calibration, PLC/DCS/HMI/SCADA programming.

Aurigin Technology Pte Ltd
Phoenix, AZ
Aurigin Technology is in the business of designing, developing, and manufacturing automation machines and manufacturing solutions for advanced semiconductor packaging and smart labels/RFIDs as well as for new developmental products such as optoelectronics, MEMS, and photonics.

Autolog Inc.
Blainville, QC
Autolog designs, manufactures and installs sawmill process control and optimization systems. Since 1987, Autolog has equiped sawmills throughout North America and Europe. Process and optimization systems allow sawmills to increase productivity and lumber quality while reducing the volume of raw material required to produce lumber. These systems offer an average payback of less than one year. Accustomed to build control panels for its own needs, Autolog is now offering its expertise for any control panels, operator consoles design, cabling, testing etc. Autolog is licensed by CSA (Canadian Standards Association) to build approved panels for Canadian and United States markets.

Automated Control & Technical Services
Fresno, CA
Automated Control & Technical Services provides advanced control and information system solutions that assist our customers in the automation of industrial equipment and processes. Automated Control & Technical Services has the unique ability to provide turnkey solutions, including control system design & engineering, systems integration, UL 508A control panel fabrication, complete electrical installation and 24/7 service. Automated Control & Technical Services has locations in both Bakersfield and Fresno California and is proud to be a "Registered" CSIA member.

Automated Control Solutions, Inc
Cary, IL
Automated Control Solutions is an automation consulting firm dedicated to customer satisfaction. Excellence in automation and customer satisfaction is achieved by listening to the customer and their needs, analyzing the current conditions, and recommending the best, most cost-effective solution to those needs. Automated Control Solutions is located in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. ACS specializes in Allen-Bradley, Omron, Modicon, and Siemens TI PLCs, and Intellution and Wonderware HMI packages. In addition to systems integration, services provided include project management, conceptual and system design, component selection and specification, process analysis and evaluation, documentation, and operator and maintenance training. ACS-installed systems include data acquisition systems, process and discrete control, continuous and batch processing, discrete logic control, material handling, motion and position control, and Andon display boards.

Automated Mfg Solutions, Inc.
Strongsville, OH
Automated Manufacturing Solutions, Inc. (AMS) provides manufacturers and OEM's a reliable resource for custom manufacturing machinery, professional engineering services, control panel building and integration, and contract manufacturing. AMS has a strong engineering background and extensive experience in automotive-type stamping and assembly operations. AMS builds automated solutions utilizing the latest technologies from robotics and vision systems to lasers and sophisticated servo controlled systems. AMS specializes in the engineering and building of manufacturing equipment for assembly, welding, machining, press room automation, material handling and testing. AMS is a vertically integrated company of engineers, tool makers, and electricians. AMS has complete fabricating, machining, machine-building and panel-building capabilities in-house.

Automated Motion, Incorporated
Lee's Summit, MO
AMI is a system integrator and a contract manufacturer. The company's engineering staff is composed of electrical, mechanical, and software engineers who can design and manufacture custom PC board controllers and control panels, write PC (LabView and VisualBasic)and PLC programs, and design and build special machinery for factory automation. AMI's services range from the initial design phase to the final system installation and field support. As such, AMI can provide customers with complete turnkey systems or simply portions of a project. Past consulting projects included various custom test equipment for medical, aerospace, military ammunition, industrial, and automotive products. Other projects were involved with industrial controllers for refrigeration equipment and freeze dryers, robotics applications, pneumatic transport systems, and sleep disorder diagnosis devices. AMI's contract manufacturing activities include PC boards, control panels, cables, and oxygen masks for the airline industry.

Automated Systems, Inc
Lake Bluff, IL
Automated Systems, Inc (ASI) is a premiere systems integrator specializing in the most demanding pharmaceutical applications. ASI serves a varied clientele in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries. The staff has a thorough understanding of systems integration for pharmaceutical processes and can provide expertise in regulatory compliance, quality systems, validation, qualification, custom software, and enterprise database development. The ASI staff can provide validation expertise for facilities, computer, equipment, and utilities and deliver a full range of quality services, including mock audits, vendor qualification, validation protocol generation, and execution and routing.

AutomatedPower Inc.
Flowood, MS
AutomatedPower is a electrical distributor specializing in industrial electrical engineering and automation/systems integration. AutomatedPower has expertise with process control, instrumentation, variable speed drives, and PLC's. AutomatedPower has two professional engineers on staff with registration in several states.

Automatic Handling International, Inc.
Erie, MI
Automatic Handling's mission is to provide innovative, practical, and top-quality services that save time and money to improve the way companies manufacture and allocate products for their customers. Automatic Handling believes it's first responsibility is to it's customers. The company's management team consists of people whose backgrounds consist of over 50 years of plant startups and design of control systems in the paper, film, foil, steel, plastics, rubber, petroleum, and automotive industries. Automatic Handling can provide a complete solution to a client's problems starting with system specifications and design and ending with a thoroughly tested and functional product or production line. The company has the capability to put together turnkey systems. This can include complete engineering and software design, assembly of required hardware, startup at the customers site and the documentation of the finished product. They can also provide clients the capability to track material, monitor a process, generate custom reports, and network to the factory floor. They offer material tracking through bar-coding and RF tags as well as process monitoring through PC-based MMI's and report generation using operator interfaces and printers.

Automation & Control Services, Inc.
Schererville, IN
Automation & Control Services, Inc. specializes in custom designed process skids and packaging machines including Robotic Cells featuring Yaskawa Motoman, ABB, Codian, and Fanuc Robotic Cells. They are a Rockwell Authorized Integrator and feature Allen-Bradley Based PLC control systems on most of their equipment. They serve a variety of industries including Pharmaceuticals, Food Processing & Packaging, Vehicle Painting & Assembly, Warehouse & Palletizing systems, and Municipal Wastewater Treatment. We also have on-site capabilities for 3D modeling, prototyping, and CNC manufacturing along with the ability to do multi-process welding and in-house orbital pipe welding for sanitary applications.

Automation & Control System Solutions
Eden Prairie, MN
Automation & Control System Solutions, Inc. offers services ranging from the generation of technical and bid specifications, sequence of operation development, control system design and programming, communication architecture design, plant start-ups and commissioning, equipment utilization studies, system optimization, and construction management, including the supervision of mechanical and electrical sub-contractors. Partner relationships provide control panel construction, power distribution design, load flow and short circuit protection evaluation and electrical installation. ACSS offers complete manufacturing system integration, factory automation, process control, plant floor networking, data acquisition, robotic production and packaging systems, material handling and business information system integration. Typical applications include the identification process improvements, motion control, PLC or DCS controls, HMI/OIT development and ERP integration. Project experience is both domestic and international, working in existing facilities and greenfield sites. ACSS is the right choice whether a project requires complete project management from conception through construction and commissioning or just some simple instrumentation support on an existing system.

Automation Alliance Group, LLC
Manchester, MO
Automation Alliance Group, LLC is comprised of Autoware (Vicenza, Italy), ADM Systems Engineering (Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada), Enterprise Automation (Irvine, CA), Frakes Engineering (Indianapolis, IN), Insist Avtomatika (Moscow & Omsk, Russia), JNE Automation (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada), Lider Controls (Mexico City, Mexico), Megatech Controls (Chennai, India), Omnicon (Cali, Colombia), Revere Control Systems (Birmingham, AL), Stone Technologies (St. Louis, MO), and Sage Automation (Adelaide, Australia). Automation Alliance Group is a knowledge-based, geographically distributed, multi-skill centered organization.

Automation & Control Inc.
Automation & Control Inc. (ACI) is a multi-faceted factory automation systems integrator, UL panel fabricator and electrical contractor with comprehensive capabilities in automation/control engineering, control panel design and fabrication as well as power and machinery installations and relocations for OEMs and end users across the US. Our engineering team backed by 125+ years of collective plant floor expertise, serves a wide range of industries with vast expertise in PLC, HMI, and SCADA design as well as factory floor data collection and reporting including OEE, shift reports and plant floor dashboards. Our plant floor engineers at ACI developed Factory Intelligence Network (FIN), our own turnkey, real-time data collection/historian system that's been instrumental in helping manufacturing plants significantly decrease downtime, reduce waste, increase productivity and profitability while reducing costs. ACI is a Rockwell, ABB, Inductive Automation and CiTec integrator. ACI's industry expertise includes pharmaceuticals, plastics, paper, chemical, steel, bulk material handling, food, energy, discrete manufacturing, batch/process controls and many more. The company's installation group licensed in 23 states; provides full-service industrial electrical services, including power and machine and control system installations. The company is a preferred contractor for OEMs specializing in the installation of capital equipment and projects, with an emphasis on control and communications wiring. We have vast expertise in installations involving hazardous areas (all classifications) and intrinsically safe wiring, particularly in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Our UL 508A (general purpose) and 698 (hazardous and IS) panel shop produces custom built panels for end users and OEMs shipping panels all over the US.

Automation Controls, Inc.
Topeka, KS
Automation Controls, Inc., a Systems Integration Company located in Topeka, Kansas, has been providing turnkey Industrial Controls and Automation Engineering expertise to several Fortune 500 Companies for over 25 years. Those Manufacturing Industries include food, pet food, industrial rubber hose, water/wastewater, printing, material handling and conveying. Automation Controls, Inc. has a team of Engineers, Programmers and Technicians that serve every Customer with the same integrity and commitment the owners have modeled since opening in 1995. Automation Controls, Inc. offers full Integration Services including New Systems Design, Build and Start-up, UL Certified Control Panels, Existing Control Systems Upgrades, HMI's & OIT's, and Emergency Service Trouble-Shooting.

Automation & Electronics
Casper, WY
Automation Electronics (A&E) was founded in Casper, WY in 1956. Current operations are divided into four areas: SCADA OEM (with custom programming and installation services), U.L. 508 panel shop, PLC/fiber optic system integration, and electrical contracting. Communication areas of expertise include spread spectrum or licensed wireless data communications, fiber optic, and wireline communication systems. Projects include oil field CO2/H20 injection/WAG systems, coal batch loadout, power quality monitoring, oilfield SCADA systems, and HMI programming. Current projects include providing wireless coal bed methane RTUs with VFD motor controllers for progressive cavity pumps in the Power River Basin, Wyoming. Also recently completed was a system for remote monitoring of methane gas production from a landfill. Field service experience includes installation, factory acceptance testing, troubleshooting, instrumentation calibration, and process control tuning.

Automation Engineering Company
Greenville, SC
AEC provides automated control systems to a variety of industries in the U.S. This includes super-alloy processing, nuclear fuel production, automotives, manufacturing, and material handling. AEC staff offer over 200 years of experience in PLC and PC based controls projects. All projects are delivered with exceptionally complete documentation. Complete in-house testing of all systems before delivery has resulted in short, trouble-free startup and commissioning for customers. AEC uses its depth of engineering skill to provide preliminary engineering services to customers, resulting in complete project definitions, accurate estimates, and short delivery times.

Automation EZ LLC
Tucson, AZ
The engineers at Automation EZ are system integrators, designers, fabricators and implementers of automated production lines, manufacturing such products as batteries, medical, aerospace and automotive components. Services include experience with robotics, screw machines, welders, indexing systems, conveying systems, dies, presses, vision systems and part feeding of plastic, metal, glass and rubber components. Capabilities include significant process scale-up experience and the ability to turn bench-top processes into semi or fully automated turnkey equipment, integrating quality mistake-proofing, lean manufacturing and total preventive maintenance concepts.

The Automation Group, Inc.
Eugene, OR
The Automation Group, Inc., specializes in providing turnkey solutions to its small to midsize customers in the areas of design, integration, installation, and start-up/commissioning. TAG has built it's business through customer-focused relationships.

Automation Integrators, Inc.
Auburn, ME
Automation Integrators, Inc. is a provider of manufacturing automation, machine retrofit, and maintenance services for major OEMs and End-users worldwide. The company specializes in high technology, custom-engineered, and design/build solutions for all industries. The company is experienced in high-end automation, motion control, robotics, fieldbus, PLC's, vision sytems, RFID, HMIs, and warehouse control systems.

Automation Plus
Cincinnati, OH
Our talented and dedicated engineers at Automation Plus utilize a wealth of industrial control system expertise to deliver plant centric, business driven, automation solutions for our clients. We work directly with your management, operations, and maintenance staff to ensure that your goals are realized while designing and implementing control systems that are operator-friendly, maintainable, and cost-effective. Our engineers and specialist possess substantial operating floor and system startup experience in manufacturing, process, and packaging systems. Our team utilizes proven best practices for project execution and design, leading to a nimble, best in class solution, customized for each client.

Automation Project Group
Kitchener, ON
Purpose built machinery and robotic cells. Performance Guaranteed

Automation Services & Controls, Inc.
Chagrin Falls, OH

Automation Solutions
Beaverton, OR
For over 15 years Automation Solutions has been an integral partner to manufacturers building automated machinery, applying our technical knowledge, broad expertise, project management systems, honesty, and integrity to deliver successful custom automation systems. Our deep understanding of the development process and experience helps you to mitigate risk when building custom automation systems. An understanding of your business, objectives, and values allow us to add extra value by suggesting the right solution proactively. We are also proud to be a full line-stocking distributor for the components that we trust to use in the assemblies that bear our name and reputation. Bringing the perspectives of integrator and distributor together means that we are not just selling components from a sales sheet, but we're offering the components that we use day-in and day-out to satisfy the needs of our long-term OEM customers. We know the strengths and limitations of each of these components and are pleased to offer that experience to our distribution customers. As a long-term supplier to machine builders, Automation Solutions has to stand behind everything we build and every component we sell. We have more to risk than a single component sale; we have to ensure that the system works properly, is delivered on time, and will keep performing for years to come. Let us help you with your machine or factory automation requirements, and we guarantee that you will be fully satisfied with the results.

Automation Solutions of America
Beloit, WI
ASA is a hardware and software system integrator. The strength of ASA is in their people. Dedication, skills and experience set ASA apart in the automation industry. The experienced staff combined with a solid network of manufacturing and distribution partners gives ASA the depth and resources to solve challenging applications. Understanding the manufacturing process is key to a successful automation solution. ASA has experience in many industries with a broad range of manufacturing processes. As part of the Morse Group of companies, ASA can provide system integration only or a complete turn-key electrical and controls solution. ASA provides control solutions throughout North America including Canada and Mexico. Capabilities of ASA include control system design, electrical engineering, PLC and HMI program development, UL control panel design and construction, vision systems, system installation, and system commissioning. ASA provides a complete solution from concept to commissioning.

Automation Technologies, Inc.
Harrisburg, NC
Automation Technologies, Inc is an engineering and software development firm that offers the highest level of experience in industrial automation and process control. The company's reputation for quality, reliability, and affordability has been built on superior products and services provided for various industries including pharmaceutical, chemical, polymer, plastic, textile, and pulp and paper. Automation Technologies offers the technical experience of senior engineers and specialists who average more than 15 years in their fields of automation and process control. With their broad network of corporate partners, Automation Technologies can meet virtually any automation and controls need, providing customers with one-stop shopping for technically superior solutions backed by outstanding service and support. Automation Technologies has the experience, knowledge and flexibility to keep their clients on the leading edge of automation and process control.

Automation Technology, Inc.
Saint Louis, MO
Automation Technology, Inc., is an established growing manufacturer of custom automated machinery. The company has complete facilities to handle a wide range of projects. Their engineers produce all of the machines on CAD and specify optimal components for each machine. Machinists produce all of the parts to toleranced detail drawings. Controls and programming are to the client's requirements on almost any PLC and operator interface specified. Clients are involved and informed every step of the way. At the end of the project, client satisfaction is required before the machine is called complete.

North Attleboro, MA
When you call a distributor, they might tell you that they have an engineer on staff. We have 75. iAutomation unifies engineering, technology and service to provide complimentary solutions within the entire machine line, allowing for consistent evolution of performance. We make sure that your automation gives you a leg up on the competition, not handcuff you with headaches and limitations. When a machine goes down in the middle of the night, it is important to have a plan that eliminates costly downtime. Through the unification of engineering, technology and service, we can approach every project to exceed the specific needs of our customers. Maintainability, scalability, portability and overall hardware independence are typically the main achievements. We have grown with our top clients for over 15 years because we actively help them solve problems and enhance their machine performance.Whether you require a full machine control solution or just a piece of automation, we can provide it--We create relationships with partners and customers that last.

Autotec Incorporated
Sylvania, OH
Autotec was founded in 1972 by mechanical design engineers with extensive experience in the design/build of custom automated equipment. From the beginning, Autotec has been a consulting engineering company, and focused on developing innovative solutions for manufacturing from conceptual design to prototype and production machinery. Today, Autotec has become a leader in providing services and machinery to the plastics industry, developing proprietary and standard in-mold and accumulating systems for high production manufacturing lines. In addition, with an experienced team of R&D engineers, Autotec continues to be a valuable resource for conceptual and prototype design/build of specialized production equipment for a variety of industries. Autotec's turn key approach includes after sales service for their machinery. The company maintains stocks of spare parts as required by their customers and normally can ship critical components the same day the order is received. Autotec maintains service technicians on staff to assist clients with start up, training, and on-site service.

Charlotte, NC
Averna is a global test engineering solutions company, and a strategic partner for innovative OEMs. Averna empowers high-tech manufacturers to accelerate electronic product development, achieve superior quality throughout the design lifecycle, and maximize productivity. One of the fastest-growing companies in North America, Averna combines off-the-shelf test software and systems, award-winning instrumentation and communication solutions, and decades of R&D and best practices expertise to help its clients stay ahead of the competition.

Montreal, QC
Averna is global Test & Quality Solution leader, they partner with product designers, developers and OEMs to help them achieve higher product quality, accelerate time to market and protect their brands. Founded in 1999, Averna offers specialized expertise and innovative test, vision inspection, precision assembly and automated solutions that deliver substantial technical, financial and market benefits for clients in the aerospace, automotive, consumer, defense, life sciences, semiconductor, telecom and other industries. Averna combines off-the-shelf test software and systems, award-winning instrumentation and communication solutions, and decades of R&D and best practices expertise to help its clients stay ahead of the competition. Averna has offices around the world, is ISO compliant and ITAR registered.

Roswell, GA
Averna is a global test engineering solutions company, and a strategic partner for innovative OEMs. Averna empowers high-tech manufacturers to accelerate electronic product development, achieve superior quality throughout the design lifecycle, and maximize productivity. One of the fastest-growing companies in North America, Averna combines off-the-shelf test software and systems, award-winning instrumentation and communication solutions, and decades of R&D and best practices expertise to help its clients stay ahead of the competition.

San Rafael, CA
Averna is a global test engineering solutions company, and a strategic partner for innovative OEMs. Averna empowers high-tech manufacturers to accelerate electronic product development, achieve superior quality throughout the design lifecycle, and maximize productivity. One of the fastest-growing companies in North America, Averna combines off-the-shelf test software and systems, award-winning instrumentation and communication solutions, and decades of R&D and best practices expertise to help its clients stay ahead of the competition.

Aztec Technologies
Foxboro, MA
Aztec Technologies is your "ONE SOURCE SOLUTION" provider, founded by industry experts, for industry experts. Our team is comprised of individuals with experience both leading and executing projects. From Master planning and conceptual design to panel fabrication to start-up and commissioning we can be your complete automation solution. We design and implement our projects with a strong understanding of what our clients need and with their best interest in mind. We are proven in global top Pharma and Biotech ceutical firms delivering projects ranging from industrial control and automation to enterprise management systems and project oversight, design, implementation, and validation.

B&B Automation S.r.l.
Grinzane Cavour, CN, Italy
B&B Automation s.r.l. is a fast-moving and modern company able to give in a rational and cost-effective way any reply to customers' requirements in the field of industrial automation. Today, B&B Automation is able to provide an entire set of services, each embedding high quality and state-of-the-art technology, and to share its extremely innovative know-how with any company interested in optimizing its manufacturing process. The company offers on-site plant installation and testing, worldwide istantaneous on-line assistance for automated production systems, and customized training courses for programmers and maintenance technicians on Adept controllers. B&B Automation engineers directly deliver, install and test the systems on the customer's shop floor. The company also organizes and manages training courses on automation systems start-up and preventive maintenance.

Bardons & Oliver, Inc.
Solon, OH
Bardons & Oliver is an authorized Fanuc Robotics Integrator. The company offers a full range of services including automation design and installation for new Bardons & Oliver systems, field upgrades for existing Bardons & Oliver systems, or machine tools from other builders. B&O offers installation and integration of the complete range of Fanuc Robotic products. Engineering consultation, full design and 3D modeling is available. As a manufacturer of standard and built-to-order CNC Lathes and cut-off machinery for bar, pipe, and tubular stock, Bardons & Oliver has established an almost 120-year tradition of quality, reliability, and customer service. Bardons & Oliver has achieved ISO9001:2008 WITH DESIGN and has installed scores of CNC, PLC, and Robot systems. Our durable and rugged Cut-Off Lathes, Rotating Head Cut-Off, Double-End Face and Chamfer and CNC Turning Machines address scores of applications and industries including Tube and Bar Cut-Off, Hydraulic Cylinders, Transportation, Oil Fields, Power Transmission, Defense, and Aerospace. Our automation experience enables us to supply stand-alone machines to fully integrated manufacturing cells.

Barrett Automation Technology LLC
Lexington, SC
Barrett Automation was founded in 2001 to provide custom control systems for OEMs. The company's specialty is embedded controller design for times when there is no off-the-shelf control device for an application or a there is a need for a proprietary system. They serve as a controls systems integrator by designing and manufacturing industrial control panels as well. They provide turnkey control systems and many other services such as printed circuit layout, software design for desktop and embedded applications. They can redesign a client's existing devices that are outdated by using the latest component packaging for optimal device lifecycles.

Bastian Robotics
Maryland Heights, MO
Bastian Robotics is an independent robotics integrator dedicated to helping customers increase their productivity through proven automation, information systems, and sound operating procedures. As a leading source of material handling systems, Bastian provides turnkey solutions from design engineering and simulation all the way through project management and installation. Bastian specializes in the following industries: Food and Beverage, Life Sciences, Consumer Products, Automotive (not welding or paint), Electronics, Distribution Centers and Warehousing.

Bastian Solutions
Indianapolis, IN
Bastian Solutions (Bastian) has been serving the material handling industry since 1952. Bastian is an independent systems integrator dedicated to the development of practical engineered material handling systems and equipment combined with information technology and superior service to help industries meet their customers' demands. Projects vary in complexity from simple manual to highly mechanized systems involving computer controlled storage and retrieval systems and robotics, scanning, sortation, carousels, and conveyor systems. Each project is considered on its own merits. They range in magnitude from tens of thousands of dollars to several million dollars for the equipment and software.

Bear Automation, Inc.
Fayetteville, AR
Bear Automation, Inc. is a Systems Integration firm in Northwest Arkansas dedicated to providing manufacturers systems to help them be more profitable. With over 18 years experience in the intergration business and our strong background in controls and information systems, we can provide true integration from the shop floor to the top floor.

M S Benbow and Associates
Metairie, LA
M S Benbow and Associates is a full service professional engineering corporation specializing in design of electrical, instrumentation, and telecommunication systems. M S Benbow and Associates has much experience in analyzer system design and installation, including the design of unique sampling systems and the evaluation, design, and installation of process and environmental analyzer systems. MSB&A has participated in the installation of most of the popular brand name distributed control systems, including the conceptual system design, plot plan layout, field junction box location, programming and configuration, and system start-up. The company has also designed many plant modernization projects, converting plant instrumentation from pneumatic to electronic, from relays to PLCs, and from local control boards to distributed control systems. The telecommunications systems specialties include radio frequency, fiber optic, microwave, and various land based coaxial and twisted pair networks. M S Benbow and Associates employs professional engineers registered in Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Texas, California, Colorado, and other states around the United States. A complete qualifications package is available on request.

Berkshire Group Ltd.
Westfield, MA
Berkshire Group offers over one hundred years of experience in special machinery and process development for high volume manufacturers. The company provides factory cell automation, robotics and material handling, vision and control systems, and engineering.

Biehle Electric, Inc.
Seymour, IN
Biehle Electric, Inc. specializes in commercial and industrial electrical contracting for industrial control systems, custom control panels, heating and air-conditioning systems, and energy management. The company offers complete electrical contracting services for commercial and industrial customers throughout the United States. From industrial control systems to energy management, Biehle Electric handles the most complex electrical applications, including all types of telecommunications, voice and data networks, power analysis, and uninterrupted power systems

Boe Engineering LLC
Grand Haven, MI
In the field of electrical engineering, Boe Engineering offers industrial/commercial lighting and power distribution, lighting level calculations, and PE-sealed designs and drawings. In the field of control engineering, the company offers instrumentation specification, PLC programming, operator interface programming, motion control programming, control panel design, and control system documentation. The company also offers project management services - production of bid documents, contractor selection, and construction observation.

Syracuse, NY
BOMAC, Inc. is a control system integrator that offers AC and DC coordinated drive systems, industrial control systems (SCADA, HMI and PLC), panel fabrication, engineering, turnkey installations and field service. BOMAC offers Electro-Flyte, Eurotherm, Allen-Bradley, ABB, Harland Simon, GE and Siemens drive experience.

Boston Engineering Corporation
Waltham, MA
Boston Engineering delivers innovative and timely solutions by utilizing its Total System Responsibility (TSR) philosophy to meet demanding market needs. Through interdisciplinary teams, best practice strategies and seamless integration with client processes, Boston Engineering offers a complete solution that is both flexible and focused.Boston Engineering fulfills an increasing demand for outsourced engineering services. From product development to information systems to engineering consulting, Boston Engineering offers innovative solutions. Able to step outside the box and develop solutions from a fresh perspective, Boston Engineering teams breathe focused energy into even the most difficult products and projects.Boston Engineering projects fall into several core areas: * Electronics and Printed Circuit Boards * Capital Equipment * Product Development * Special Manufacturing Equipment * Test & Measurement and Process Controls * Vision Systems * Information Systems and SoftwareFor industries and markets such as: * Electronics * Food Service * Defense/Homeland Security * Energy/Environment * Manufacturing * Medical

Bouillon Integrated Systems
Kingston, WA
Bouillon Integrated Systems provides custom control packages for automated machinery and equipment. Bouillon Integrated Systems is a full service electrical, and control system engineering firm that specializes in developing and supplying custom designed families of electrical and instrumentation packages to a large variety of equipment manufacturers. Their technology capabilities range from programmable controllers, industrial touchscreens, and real-time computer-based data acquisition, to highly integrated custom circuit boards using DSPs and microcontrollers. BIS matches the appropriate technology to an equipment manufacturer's performance requirements considering the trade-off between development costs and per-unit costs, with a straightforward migration path as monthly production levels increase or new features are added.

Braadland Automasjon
Fjellhamar, Norway
We can provide services and equipment to private and public sector, delivery of complete PLC systems, graphical user interface (HMI/Scada), bus and network solutions, distribution systems, motor drives, documentation. Provided both to individual machines, machine systems and to complex process plants

Bradman Lake Group
Rock Hill, SC
The Bradman Lake Group Ltd is a leader in packaging technology solutions, incorporating the world-renowned Autowrappers and Europack brands and is an innovator of flexible automation using parallel axis robotics technology. From distribution and feeding systems, flow wrapping, cartoning, loading and closing to case packing, shrink wrapping and roll wrapping, Bradman Lake's solution based approach is gained from thousands of installations around the world. Primary Primary equipment and machine systems are designed and manufactured by Bradman Lake to be pre-eminent solutions to the most demanding of packaging requirements, from standalone to fully automated systems. Secondary Bradman Lake has proven itself as a leading innovator of top load and end load cartoning with carton erectors, robotic top loading, inline and right-angled carton closers, indexing and continuous motion end loading machines all covering a broad spectrum of operational speeds. Tertiary In combination with appropriate collators, Bradman Lake offers pre-formed case and wraparound packers for a wide range of products, with side load, bottom load and top load options available for pre-formed cases. Flagship of the range is the MX Robotic Top Load machine ' a fully modular construction which is readily adapted for changing applications and which offers clients a fully future-proofed technology. Wraparound case packers are multi-servo axis indexing machines which handle a wide range of case sizes. The wraparound case is a high quality package ideally suited to shelf-ready designs. All machine are capable of handling corrugated and carton board materials. RSC cases can be sealed with adhesive tape or hot melt, while wraparound machines employ hot melt. The Bradman Lake range of case packers delivers flexible solutions to satisfy the demands of modern shelf-ready retailing. Bradman Lake is located in the UK and USA with regional offices in Russia and China, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the privately owned UK based industrial group Langley Holdings plc.

Breslau Electric Limited
Kitchener, ON
Breslau Electric Limited has extensive experience with Allen Bradley, Omron, Alpha Laval, Siemens, IPC, Honeywell and various other PLC platforms. The company also has experience with Pacific Scientific, Yaskawa, Emmerson, Baldor and GE Fanuc servo control systems as well as extensive experience with computers running DOS, Windows, Windows/95, Windows/NT, and Unix (various flavours). The company has experience with networks running Microsoft Network, Novell and Lantastic. At present, Breslau Electric employs six traditional electricians, three with PLC / PC experience, technician with PC / PLC strengths and one programmer with extensive knowledge of PC hardware and software. The company can provide services from supplying a single sensor to providing turnkey control packages, including complete system documentation and operator training. Their goal is to work together with customers to produce affordable, progressive control systems, for existing or new production machines

Brock Solutions Inc.
Irving, TX
Having completed over 4,000 automation projects worldwide, Brock Solutions is one of the largest industrial engineering solution providers of real-time automation systems for manufacturing, transportation and logistics. Brock Solutions has offices strategically located across Canada and the United States. Brock's clients benefit from tested, reliable solutions and enjoy increased productivity and reduced operating costs.

Brown Controls and Integration
Dunnellon, FL
With nearly 20 years experience in automation and controls engineering, Brown Controls and Integration offers a wide range of capabilities to meet the needs of customers in many industries. Our goal is to provide the best solution for the customer's project rather than push a particular product line. By teaming up with the best electrical contractors, machine shops and fabricators in the area, there is also the possibility of supplying complete turn-key machines, large scale projects and plant installations. With experience in a wide range of industrial automation hardware and software Brown Controls is sure to be a good fit for your next project. Please be sure to visit our website, to become even more familiar with our capabilities and check out some past projects.

Brusche Industrial Automation
Almelo, Ov, Netherlands
Since 1957 Brusche Industrial Automation has become a key player in the field of electrical engineering in the eastern part of the Netherlands. Being a company in Twente, we are proud of our attitude and mentality which all our clients appreciate. This, as well as our knowledge and experience make Brusche Electrical Engineering the ideal partner for your industrial automation projects. Brusche Electrical Engineering is the right contact when it comes to automation of your operating system or your production environment. Client focused solutions in the field of adjustment, measurement, regulation, monitoring and control are only possible by providing custom made solutions. Custom made for both small solutions as well as larger solutions. We have chosen to carry out all electrical and automation work in-house, so you will have one contact for all your Industrial Automation projects. Brusche Electrical Engineering is a system integrator, operating in the area of process- and production automation and machine control. Of course we look very carefully at your organisation, your market, your business processes and your objectives. Also system demands, desires and problems within all levels of your company will be involved. This enables us to translate any system issue into an adequate and efficient solution where the security of your process is paramount. Our clients represent several industries, from concrete to plastics industry, from food to environmental projects and from special machines to process industry. Our activities in the field of industrial automation include: - Design, engineering and consultancy - Design, mounting and installation of control panels, MCC, switch boards, etc. - PLC and IPC control systems - Motion Control - Tracking & Tracing (including Vision and RFID solutions) - HMI & SCADA solutions - MES/OEE implementations - UL- & EX control panels - Machine safety - Service and Support (24h/7d)

Monroe, CT
BWI offers a variety of control products off-the-shelf and/or in conjunction with BWI integration services. BWI was incorporated in 1985 to provide consulting and system integration services to the real-time community. In 1993 the company began to focus on developing a VMEbus board level product line which has grown today to be one of the broadest offerings in the industry. BWI continues to provide system integration services specializing in OS9 systems and is recognized world-wide as a leader in the design and development of such systems.

C&M Automation Pvt Ltd
Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
C&M Automation provides comprehensive end-end design, panel building, programming, installation and commissioning services to a diverse range of industries. Our expertise with a multiple vendors makes us an ideal partner for new installations, commissioning or migration/retrofit projects. Besides new systems we also provide field troubleshooting service to keep your machines running 24/7. For further details visit

Calidus-Fathom Machinery Inc.
Barrie, ON
Calidus-Fathom Machinery is a custom machine and equipment design company providing a full range of mechanical and electrical design and fabrication services, specializing in industrial automation. The company provides machine and process controls programming using PLC, PC-based and embedded controller systems. They also integrate new equipment designs into existing and third-party systems. Calidus-Fathom Machinery has established itself as a quality supplier, focusing on delivering quality designs that achieve high productivity. Their experience comes from the automotive and food industries where production equipment demands maximum uptime and serviceability. Their broad range of experience in automation gives them a leading edge in solving difficult projects and working with tight timelines. The company's goal is to develop a close relationship with their customers through all stages of the design and manufacturing process.

Caron Engineering, Inc.
Wells, ME
Caron Engineering Inc. has over 28 years of experience designing controls systems for the machine tool industry. They specialize in monitoring, pre and post process inspection, and custom solutions. They have extensive knowledge of most of the CNC controls on the market. By utilizing a variety of embedded controllers, they have designed a wide variety of solutions for the CNC cutting tool industry. Their tool monitoring product is sold worldwide.

Carter Control Systems
Frederick, MD
CCS provides design and engineering, fabrication and installation, start-up and training for material handling systems and operating controls in manufacturing, warehousing/distribution, and process industries. As an authorized Robotic Integrator and value added reseller for Automotion Conveyor, JBT AGV's, Combi Carton Erectors, Unarco Racking, Rockwell Automation, Datalogic, Cognex Square D, Intermec, and other suppliers, CCS offers turnkey services for a wide range of automated material handling and storage systems for manufacturing and warehousing applications. Using proven methods while formulating innovative solutions, CCS designs and builds control panels and consoles, PC or PLC based systems, touch-screen graphics displays, and barcode systems, all programmed and built to individual demands. CCS delivers its systems on time, on budget, worldwide. Its customers include the federal government, US Postal Service, Fruit of the Loom, QVC, major companies in manufacturing, distribution, processing, food and beverage, electronics, and many others.

Casco Systems LLC
Cumberland, ME
Casco Systems, LLC is an engineering and integration firm specializing in the design, programming, and commissioning of automated control & protection systems. We offer application domain experience in the areas of hydroelectric and fossil fuel power generation, substation automation & integration, wind farms, smart grid, and industrial process control. Casco Systems offers not only the technical skills to implement PLC, HMI, SCADA and Protective Relaying systems, but also the management and communication skills necessary to guide a project to success and meet our client's business goals. We are specialists in the application of control technology in the hydroelectric, fossil fuel, wind and solar power generation markets, as well as substation automation & integration. From communication data concentrators, protective relays, PLC's & HMI's, to complete SCADA solutions, Casco Systems has the experience to assist you complete a successful project. Recent experience includes integration of multiple IEC-61850 based bulk power substations, automation of hydro electric power plants, SCADA system integration, and design & review of multiple protective relaying systems for utility clients.

C.D. Microsystems Inc.
Fayetteville, NY
C.D. Microsystems Inc, established in 1979, provides control system design, engineering and programming services in addition to plant floor connectivity and visualization solutions (Business Intellegnce). CDM specializes in making plant floor information visible to management. C.D. Microsystems provides services to specify, engineer, design, layout, and fabricate industrial control systems solutions. We take pride in our ability to provide state-of-the-art technological solutions to large and advanced industrial machinery and robotics problems. Our expertise is especially evident in Our PLC, PC, HMI and motion control programming skills. CDM has extensive experience with Bioligics, Pharmeceutical and Medical device industries including validation services. By providing these necessary skills to their customers, it leaves customers free to do what they do best - make a profit.

CDS Sistemas
Rosario , Santa Fe, Argentina
NETCDS Argentina offers engineering solutions for industries, providing each company the profesional resources that are needed to achieve high quality in the analysis, execution and control of a project.

Centaurus Prime
San Diego, CA
For two decades, Centaurus Prime, the love child of Centaurus Systems, has continued to make integrations to propriety protocols simple and straightforward. We have a series of Gateway products that are BACnet/IP on the top end, and proprietary on the bottom (e.g., Siemens, Trane, Barber-Colman, etc.). All provide total flexibility in device/point naming and configuration, and are extremely easy to commission, saving hundreds of hours for the installer. We also perform systems analysis and design, custom programming, and special or custom integrations.

Centurion Controls Inc
Lake St. Louis, MO
Centurion Controls is the premier provider of turnkey control and systems integration solutions for manufacturers with exceptional experience in the food and beverage, batching, pet food, water treatment, plastics, chemicals, petroleum, metal manufacturing, and feed and grain industries. With more than 21 years of experience, the company has the technical knowledge and expertise to get the job done right. Centurion Controls offers cutting-edge consulting, system design, systems integration and industrial automation processes that are guaranteed to boost a client's production yield and output. Their automation processes can help clients produce twice the volume in half the time. Centurion Controls has extensive experience in canning and bottling facilities and can improve production rates or design a client's entire plant from front to back.

Sherbrooke, QC
CFM is specialized in custom machinery building, robotic cells development and vision inspection systems. Since 1995, CFM developed many systems for plastic and automotive industries.

Champion Technology Services, Inc.
Baton Rouge, LA
Champion Technology Services, Inc. was founded in 2000 with a main focus in industrial automation and control systems integration, and has since expanded that focus to include wireless communications and data management. Most automation projects include the design, fabrication, integration, installation, commissioning, and follow-up maintenance of control systems using the latest DCSs, PLCs, HMIs, and hybrid systems. Our telecommunication services include tower maintenance and path surveys. Champion has seven offices spread throughout Louisiana, Texas, Utah and Colorado and serves customers in the surrounding states and throughout the country. When it comes to technology, "we've got it under control!!' For more info, please visit

Champion Technology Services, Inc. - Denver, CO
Denver, CO
Champion Technology Services, Inc. is experienced in the design, fabrication, integration, installation, commissioning, and follow-up maintenance of control systems using the latest DCS, PLC, HMI, SCADA system, and hybrid technologies. They are also very knowledgeable in the maintenance and migration of many legacy systems. In addition, they can create custom applications and have experience with numerous historians and data management products. Their telecommunications group handles tower maintenance, path surveys and numerous other communication related services.

Champion Technology Services, Inc. - Jackson, MS
Richland, MS
Champion Technology Services, Inc. is experienced in the design, fabrication, integration, installation, commissioning, and follow-up maintenance of control systems using the latest DCS, PLC, HMI, SCADA system, and hybrid technologies. They are also very knowledgeable in the maintenance and migration of many legacy systems. In addition, they can create custom applications and have experience with numerous historians and data management products. Their telecommunications group handles tower maintenance, path surveys and numerous other communication related services.

Champion Technology Services, Inc. - Lake Charles LA
Sulphur, LA
Champion Technology Services, Inc. is experienced in the design, fabrication, integration, installation, commissioning, and follow-up maintenance of control systems using the latest DCS, PLC, HMI, SCADA system, and hybrid technologies. They are also very knowledgeable in the maintenance and migration of many legacy systems. In addition, they can create custom applications and have experience with numerous historians and data management products. Their telecommunications group handles tower maintenance, path surveys and numerous other communication related services.

Champion Technology Services, Inc. - New Orleans LA
Metairie, LA
Champion Technology Services, Inc. is experienced in the design, fabrication, integration, installation, commissioning, and follow-up maintenance of control systems using the latest DCS, PLC, HMI, SCADA system, and hybrid technologies. They are also very knowledgeable in the maintenance and migration of many legacy systems. In addition, they can create custom applications and have experience with numerous historians and data management products. Their telecommunications group handles tower maintenance, path surveys and numerous other communication related services.

Champion Technology Services, Inc. - Salt Lake City UT
Salt Lake City, UT
Champion Technology Services, Inc. is experienced in the design, fabrication, integration, installation, commissioning, and follow-up maintenance of control systems using the latest DCS, PLC, HMI, SCADA system, and hybrid technologies. They are also very knowledgeable in the maintenance and migration of many legacy systems. In addition, they can create custom applications and have experience with numerous historians and data management products. Their telecommunications group handles tower maintenance, path surveys and numerous other communication related services.

Champion Technology Services, Inc. - Baton Rouge LA
Baton Rouge, LA
Champion Technology Services, Inc. was founded in 2000 with a main focus in industrial automation and control systems integration, and has since expanded that focus to include wireless communications and data management. Most automation projects include the design, fabrication, integration, installation, commissioning, and follow-up maintenance of control systems using the latest DCSs, PLCs, HMIs, and hybrid systems. Our telecommunication services include tower maintenance and path surveys. Champion has seven offices spread throughout Louisiana, Texas, Utah and Colorado and serves customers in the surrounding states and throughout the country. When it comes to technology, "we've got it under control!!' For more info, please visit

Champion Technology Services, Inc. - Grand Junction, CO
Grand Junction, CO
Champion Technology Services, Inc. is experienced in the design, fabrication, integration, installation, commissioning, and follow-up maintenance of control systems using the latest DCS, PLC, HMI, SCADA system, and hybrid technologies. They are also very knowledgeable in the maintenance and migration of many legacy systems. In addition, they can create custom applications and have experience with numerous historians and data management products. Their telecommunications group handles tower maintenance, path surveys and numerous other communication related services.

Champion Technology Services, Inc. - Houston TX
Houston, TX
Champion Technology Services, Inc. is experienced in the design, fabrication, integration, installation, commissioning, and follow-up maintenance of control systems using the latest DCS, PLC, HMI, SCADA system, and hybrid technologies. They are also very knowledgeable in the maintenance and migration of many legacy systems. In addition, they can create custom applications and have experience with numerous historians and data management products. Their telecommunications group handles tower maintenance, path surveys and numerous other communication related services.

Cimetrix Global Service
Salt Lake City, UT
Cimetrix designs, develops, markets, and supports factory automation and equipment control software for the global semiconductor, photovoltaic, light emitting diode, and other electronics industries. A leading participant in SEMI standards development, Cimetrix connectivity software allows for quick implementation of the SECS/GEM, PV2, GEM300, and Interface A standards. OEMs use Cimetrix when they need a GEM interface or C .NET tool control. The Company's products can be found on virtually every tool type in nearly every semiconductor 300mm factory worldwide. The added-value of Cimetrix's passionate support and professional services creates the industry's only complete software solution. Key products include CIMControlFramework-. CIMConnect-, CIM300-, and CIMPortal-. Cimetrix is an active member of Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI), the International SEMATECH Manufacturing Initiative (ISMI) as well as the PV Group. Cimetrix provides product training, application assistance, turnkey product solutions, and factory automation outsourcing to any original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in the industries we serve. Cimetrix specializes in applications that include the SECS/GEM standards, 300mm factory automation, and equipment data acquisition (EDA, aka Interface A) standards. Cimetrix services include yield and manufacturing data management solutions that help semiconductor companies reduce costs and improve their processes. In addition, Cimetrix offers integration of our SECS/GEM and EDA (Interface A) technology with IDM's manufacturing execution systems (MES) and equipment engineering systems (EES).

CIMTechniques, Inc.
Beaufort, SC
CIMTechniques specializes in providing simple solutions for complex problems in real-time data acquisition and monitoring systems for industrial, pharmaceutical, bioscience and government agencies. They can provide the components, software and hardware and the client can implement the system, or they can deliver a complete turnkey system including validation services or just about anything in between.

Circonix Technologies
Ringwood, NJ
Circonix Technologies is a control systems solution provider/system integrator specializing in continuous process industries. Turnkey sevices include electrical system design, machinery design and supply, procurement, control panel fabrication, software development, installation, commissioning, and training. The control systems provided include PLCs, microprocessor-based drives, motor starters, e-stop circuits, HMIs, and supervisory systems integrated over high speed networks. Circonix Technologies is certified for UL and CE design and construction. The company's products and documentation are provided with multilingual support for worlwide customers. Circonix Technologies provides solutions for new facilites as well as upgrades for existing ones.

Circuit Check, Inc.
Maple Grove, MN
Circuit Check is a leading provider of automated test systems and test fixtures for complex electronic products for the automotive, military/aerospace, medical, industrial, and computer networking industries. Circuit Check specializes in rapid design and deployment of complex systems, including, automation, vision, and user interface testing. Our design staff includes electrical, software, mechanical engineers, and project managers across two design locations near Minneapolis, Minnesota and Toronto, Ontario. Our systems are supported by staff throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Malaysia, and China.

Circuit Equipment Corporation
Mentor, OH
Circuit Equipment Corporation (CEC) personnel have been in the electronics industry for over twenty (20) years. Most staff members have advanced degrees in science and engineering. CEC has designed, built, and manufactured many products for industry. Area/products are listed below: data acquisition systems for all electronic equipment; machine control injection plastic machine; test measurement equipment design; software for systems integration; hardware for systems integration; relay test systems; resistance test systems; semiconductor test systems.

Clear Automation
Southington, CT
Clear Automation, founded in 1990, is located in Southington, CT. A member of the Robotic Industry Association, Clear Automation specializes in the design, engineering, fabrication and installation of integrated robotic and machine vision systems. Facilities include a 31,000 square foot air-conditioned production area with 3 loading bays and 23 ft. high ceilings. Clear Automation is an authorized system builder of FlexLink conveyor systems and fabricates specialized conveyor systems for handling diverse product assembly and packaging systems. The Company also specializes in integrating Herma labeling systems into automated assembly lines.

CNC Engineering, Inc.
Enfield, CT
CNC Engineering, Inc. is a leading provider of FANUC CNC solutions for a variety of manufacturing industries. As the largest FANUC CNC retrofit provider in North America, CNC Engineering is committed to continually exceeding customer expectations. CNC Engineering is proud to say they maintain a customer retention rate of more than 98%. Their products and services include: -FANUC CNC Retrofit Solutions -Rotary Table and Additional Axis Integrations -Machine Tool Probes and Integration Services -FANUC Cell Control Retrofit -FANUC Parts -Renishaw Parts

CNC Solutions
Johnson Creek, WI
Located between Madison and Milwaukee, CNC Solutions focuses on robotics, electrical and mechanical systems integration and automation. CNC Solutions' base is built on OEM's and end users who require quality industrial automation and manufacturing engineering. Their focus is applying system integration technology to provide quality plant automation solutions for both machine and process controls. CNC Solutions offers complete turnkey engineering services for a wide range of industry needs, including manufacturing, machining, material handling, process systems, and operator interfaces. CNC Solutions' automated manufacturing clients look to them to provide the integration of every facet of their factory automation projects.

Fabricom Industrie Sud
Fleurus, Belgium
Cofely Fabricom is the benchmark in the field of innovative multi-technical installations and services for the infrastructure, buildings, industry, as well as energy and Oil & Gas markets. Its expertise covers a wide and varied range of disciplines such as electricity, instrumentation, mechanical, industrial piping, automation and maintenance. In Belgium and Luxembourg, Cofely Fabricom and its subsidiaries posted a turnover of EUR 888 million in 2014 and employ 5,400 people who work to improve energy efficiency, sustainability and quality of life. Cofely Axima, Cofely Fabricom and Cofely Services (in Belgium and Luxembourg), Cofely (in the Netherlands) and their subsidiaries make up the Benelux Division part of the B2B energy services business line of ENGIE. Operating as separate entities, they are driving commercial and operational synergies to meet the needs and requirements of their clients as efficiently as possible in the area of multi-technical services. They employ 17,800 people and generated a turnover of EUR 3.04 billion in 2014. Energy Services is a business line of the ENGIE Group, which has a workforce of about 100,000 and generated a turnover of 15.7 billion in 2014. GDF Suez is now ENGIE.

Cole Controls Inc.
Grabill, IN
A small, agile company with a unique Mechanical/Electrical/Software Engineering background. Extensive experience designing and documenting, implementing, and troubleshooting control systems involving Temperature, Motion, Sequential, CNC, Process, Batch, and Transfer line control. Common control components include PLCs, Operator Screens/MMIs, Computers (Windows and Linux based), Motion Controllers, Electric and Hydraulic Servo systems, AC/DC Drives, Hydraulic power systems. Other services supported: Custom machine design and implementation; Part/system fabrication and fabrication support services.

Compass Automation
Elgin, IL
Compass Automation designs and builds custom automation systems. They build automation for applications such as: assembly, inspection, deburring, painting, material handling, and packaging processes across a wide variety of industries. Their main distinctions are a bench full of mechanical engineers from MIT and an industry leading project management system they developed in-house. For more information, call 847.426.6696 or e-mail us today at

Comptrol Incorporated
Cleveland, OH
Since 1952, Comptrol Incorporated has been a manufacturer and distributor of linear motion and industrial control products and systems which are divided into four major product groups: linear motion, tension monitoring, quality verification, and distributor products. The firm's expertise in applying products from each of these groups and integrating them into a total package solution to meet the application requirements is the value-added service They offer their customers. All Comptrol products are supported by an experienced team of electrical, mechanical, and software application/design engineers; and with an in-house manufacturing and assembly services, the firm can respond quickly to their customers' needs for standard, modified standard, and custom products and systems.

Compumation, Inc.
Bensenville, IL
For more than two decades, Compumation has been where industry comes for control solutions in the manufacturing and automation environment. They are system integrators offering complete in-house system design and engineering, development of software, system testing and implementation, and detailed and comprehensive documentation.

Computer Age Engineering Inc.
Marion, IN
Computer Age Engineering, Inc. has been providing automated equipment solutions since 1982. Our specialty is to provide our customers with engineered solutions in the form of complete turnkey machines, process control systems, material handling solutions, and many types of fixtures and tooling. Our experience in the automotive, medical, dental, aerospace, rubber, plastics, food processing, electronics, and warehouse distribution industries gives us an advantage to see solutions from a unique perspective.

Computrol, Inc.
Tampa, FL
Computrol specializes in designing, developing, testing, and starting-up control systems. Areas of expertise include PLC programming, SCADA/HMI design and custom software solutions. Computrol also provides complete electrical systems including design, drawings, and UL 508a panels. Computrol's services are available for any industry requiring automation or control.

Confirmed Automation Systems Inc.
North Vancouver, BC
The Confirmed Automation System will provide fully automatic control of all standard equipment. Create interface screens to show all equipment components and operating status. The screens will show the automatic operation of the equipment devices, and will also allow the user to manually operate the equipment, for example to turn a pump on. Automatic operation of the equipment can have simple or complex program rules, similar to high end industrial automation systems.

Control Assemblies Company
Minneapolis, MN
Control Assemblies was incorporated in 1966 and has been serving the industrial automation market by designing and building control systems for the process and material handling industries. As a systems integrator, the company has developed wide experience in electronic, PLC, computer, bar-coding, data collection, pneumatic, and electromechanical technologies. In 2008 Control Assemblies employed 90+ people and sales were approximately 16.5 million dollars. Control Assemblies personnel includes a highly trained technical staff of engineers, computer programmers, AutoCAD drafters, and electrical technicians. Our manufacturing facility is U.L. listed and recognized by the Canadian Standards Association.

Control Associates, Inc.
Allendale, NJ
Since 1933 Control Associates, a certfied Emerson Impact Partner, has been serving customers throughout the northern NJ, greater NY, and CT region. A key strength is our experience and expertise in providing process automation and controls, instrumentation, control and isolation valves, safety relief valves, MES, process analytical technology (PAT), and data management solutions. Our knowledgeable technical consultants, engineers and technicians specialize in applying process automation and controls technology to enable customers to operate more productive, efficient, reliable and safe plants and facilities. Since many of our customers are in highly regulated industries, Control Associates maintains an ISO 9001:2015 registered quality management system. Our focus industries include pharmaceutical, biotech, continuous manufacturing, flavors and fragrances, specialty chemicals, petrochemicals, industrial gases, refining, terminals, natural gas distribution, steam distribution, power generation, cogeneration, distributed generation, CHP, boilers, fuel cells, alternative fuels, food and beverage, consumer products, pulp and paper, hydronics, HVAC, water & wastewater, and mission critical data centers.

Control Associates, Inc.
Allendale, CT
Since 1933 Control Associates, a certified Emerson Impact Partner, has been serving customers throughout the northern NJ, greater NY, and CT area. A key strength is our experience and expertise in providing process automation and controls, instrumentation, control valves, MES, process analytical technology (PAT), and data management solutions. Our knowledgeable technical consultants, engineers and technicians specialize in applying process automation and controls technology to enable customers to operate more productive, efficient, reliable and safe plants and facilities. Since many of our customers are in highly regulated industries, Control Associates maintains an ISO 9001:2015 registered quality management system. Our focus industries include pharmaceutical, biotech, flavors and fragrances, specialty chemicals, petrochemicals, industrial gases, refining, terminals, natural gas distribution, steam distribution, power generation, cogeneration, distributed generation, CHP, boilers, fuel cells, alternative fuels, food and beverage, consumer products, pulp and paper, hydronics, water & wastewater, and mission critical data centers.

Control Associates, Inc.
Allendale, NY
Since 1933 Control Associates, an Emerson Process Management Local Business Partner, has been serving customers throughout the northern NJ, greater NY, and CT area. A key strength is our experience and expertise in providing process automation and controls, instrumentation, control valves, MES, process analytical technology (PAT), and data management solutions. Our knowledgeable technical consultants, engineers and technicians specialize in applying process automation and controls technology to enable customers to operate more productive, efficient, reliable and safe plants and facilities. Since many of our customers are in highly regulated industries, Control Associates maintains an ISO 9001:2008 registered quality management system. Our focus industries include pharmaceutical, biotech, flavors and fragrances, specialty chemicals, petrochemicals, industrial gases, refining, terminals, natural gas distribution, steam distribution, power generation, cogeneration, distributed generation, CHP, boilers, fuel cells, alternative fuels, food and beverage, consumer products, pulp and paper, hydronics, water & wastewater, and mission critical data centers.

Control Associates Caribe
Guaynabo, PR
Since 1933 Control Associates, an Emerson Process Management Local Business Partner, has been serving customers throughout the northern NJ, greater NY, and CT area. A key strength is their experience and expertise in providing process automation and controls, instrumentation, control valves, MES, process analytical technology (PAT), and data management solutions. Their knowledgeable technical consultants, engineers, and technicians specialize in applying process automation and controls technology to enable customers to operate more productive, efficient, reliable and safe plants and facilities. Since many of their customers are in highly regulated industries, Control Associates maintains an ISO 9001:2008 registered quality management system. Their focus industries include pharmaceutical, biotech, flavors and fragrances, specialty chemicals, petrochemicals, industrial gases, refining, terminals, natural gas distribution, steam distribution, power generation, cogeneration, distributed generation, CHP, boilers, fuel cells, alternative fuels, food and beverage, consumer products, pulp and paper, hydronics, water & wastewater, and mission critical data centers.

Control Consultants
Waynesboro, PA
Control Consultants is a small business specializing in electrical and software engineering services for industry. The company's electrical engineers design and integrate industrial control systems that meet complex customer specifications. The company is a single source for the design of hardware and software machine controls that govern all phases of the manufacturing process. Components from various vendors are integrated to provide the optimum engineered solution. The company's software engineers have many years of hands-on experience with various commercially available CNC and PLC systems and are are very familiar with many standard industry software languages including C/C++, MIL standard, IEEE, ISO and CMM software standards. The company is an engineering partner to many industrial manufacturers of machine tools and other high technology products. Their customers, current and previous, are very impressed by the company's high quality of service and their level of satisfaction. Control Consultants works hard at developing and maintaining long-lasting, responsible partnerships with their customers.

Control Electronics
Rockford, IL
Control Electronics and its founder, Gregory Hullmann have been engineering and implementing electrical & electronic designs and soft solutions since 1997. Gregory has been working on industrial controls and custom circuit applications since 1988; the year he graduated from Milwaukee School of Engineering with his BSEE degree.

Control Engineering, Inc.
Costa Mesa, CA
Control Engineering is a control system engineering and integration firm that has been helping companies to achieve their goals through automation for over eighteen years. Control Engineering has completed projects in the Oil and Gas, Chemical, Metallurgy, Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor, Water Treatment, Power, Utilities, Material Handling, and Manufacturing Industries. Our staff of engineers and technicians has combined experience with the industries latest Plant Floor Automation, Control and Information Systems Hardware, Software and Networks. Control Engineering's Services Include: Turn Key Systems Integration. SCADA Systems. MES/MIS Systems. Engineering Studies and Specifications. Site Energy Savings Assessments. Verification of Utility Incentives and ROI's. Express and Custom Energy Solutions. Auto-Demand Response (ADR). Arc Flash & Power System Analysis. Machine Vision & Coding Systems. Control Panel Design Fabrication. Certified Metrology & Calibration. Commissioning and Start Up Support. As Built Documentation and Drawings. Validation Documents and Execution. Multi Lingual Electrical PE's on staff. Our strength is our people, quality of services, and ability to respond to clients. Our staff's knowledge, dedication and resourcefulness is how we are judged. Our quality of our services establishes our company's reputation.

Control Engineers
Boise, ID
Control Engineers, founded in 2000, is an engineering and system integration firm focused on industrial electrical and control systems serving wastewater, water, and industrial customers throughout the United states and Canada. WE are licensed Professional engineers in multiple states. We can design and integrate all elements of a project from conceptual design to system integration, programming, and start-up. We are a UL508a listed industrial control panel fabricator.

Control Solutions New England
Bloomfield, CT
Control Solutions can provide industrial automation products and engineering services for any application. The engineering staff has a century of experience building and integrating all brands of equipment. Control Solutions' offering bridges everything from sensors and PLC's to machine vision, motion control, and industrial computers. The engineering staff has a wealth of experience building and integrating these products.

Control Systems Inc
Buford, GA
Control Systems Inc has over 25 years of engineering experience. From micro electronics to full plant automation systems, Control Systems Inc. can take a client's concept to reality.

Control Technologies, LLC
Hickory, NC
Control Technologies is a full-service engineering company that specializes in the design, construction, and programming of custom turnkey industrial automation systems. From concept development to full-scale installation, the company's management team ensures all projects meet each customer's expectations. The engineers at Control Technologies will examine a client's manufacturing process and provide a free assessment to determine if automating the process would provide sufficient payback to justify the cost of automation.

Control Technology International Inc
Centennial, CO
Control Technology's worldwide electrical engineering expertise can be employed to provide custom solutions for a client's electrical needs. PLC programming and engineered panels are part of their total package. If a client needs a support engineer to assist with a line upgrade or a new installation, CTI can help. Control Technology engineers specialize in line and machine control using the latest programmable controller based systems.

Control Works, Inc.
Saint Charles, IL
Control Works is an industry leader in the design and implementation of state-of-the-art control systems, including variable frequency drives, servo control systems and synchronized motion applications. Control Works prides itself on using the latest in controls technology to provide its customers with a state-of-the-art product well into the future. All of the company's controls are designed with reliability, serviceability and ease of installation in mind. The company has experience in general automation integration, automated panel saws, CNC press brakes with Cybelec controls, shears, cable wraping machines, packaging (form, fill and seal machinery, tray fill and seal as well as pouch machines), rollformer lines, coil processing equipment, cut-to-length controls, tube bending equipment and material handling equipment. We specialize in retrofitting older equipment with a new turnkey controls solution.

Controlled Automation, Inc.
Noblesville, IN
Controlled Automation, Inc., an independent control systems integrator, provides quality electrical controls for the automation industry. CAI has been serving the machine building and vibratory feeder industries since 1990 with over 45 years combined service in the electrical controls industry. CAI provides programmable logic controls as well as single and multi-axis motion controls for single and multiple station assembly equipment. CAI will provide clients with accurate detailed design, full documentation and turnkey electrical machine control systems. CAI also offers its own line of electromagnetic coils developed for the vibratory feeder industry.

Controllink Inc.
Elgin, IL
Founded in 1985, Controllink has tailored it services to accommodate their clients' needs by utilizing the latest technologies available from various manufacturers. The company's corporate philosophy is to find the solution to each client's challenge, work within the client's budget, and add true value to the client's product or service. Controllink offers automated machine control, positioning and motion control, raw and finished material handling, solid and liquid packaging, quality control and testing systems, SPC/SQC, data acquisition, continuous and batch processing, blending and mixing, information systems connectivity, and environmental systems. Controllinks' team approach utilizes the talent set of many of their professionals to assure that their solutions meet the client's goals. Their Elgin facility can accommodate the construction and testing of systems of all sizes. Acceptance testing and full turnkey system simulation are a part of the company's quality assurance procedure to guarantee the integrity of their designs, programming and architecture.

ControlTek Inc.
Jonesboro, AR
ControlTek, Inc. offers a wide range of electrical control and mechanical services to our clients. These specialized services include the latest in industrial automation programming, electrical design engineering, field installation supervision Robot integration and customized control panels. One of our main objectives is to work closely with the customer to determine specific needs and provide a tailored solution that works.

ControlTouch Systems, Inc.
Louisville, KY
ControlTouch Systems, Inc. was established in 1990 and is an independent, full-service, control systems integrator. ControlTouch has experience in many industrial applications, including airline baggage handling, courier and parcel handling, warehouse material handling, automotive assembly conveyors, automation, wastewater treatment systems, and process control. The company's engineers are experienced with all major brands of PLCs and offer PC programming capabilities as well. The company can provide controls/electrical engineering services or can provide complete turnkey control systems.

Cotmac Electronics Pvt Ltd
Pune, MH, India
Cotmac Electronics Pvt Ltd is one of the leading organizations in the field of industrial automation. We are one of the largest system integrator in India for Siemens industrial automation products. ( All India no. 1 for last so many years). On the basis of decades of experience in total project execution in process automation and factory automation, Cotmac offers you sector-specific, integrated total solutions.Cotmac offers a range of services include designing customized solutions, systems engineering, software development, installation and commissioning up to the complete satisfaction of our customers. Today we have offices at fifteen locations in India and five international locations. We have executed projects is more than 65 countries.

Craig Machinery & Design Inc.
Louisville, KY
Craig Machinery designs and builds automation machinery, specializing in ultrasonic and vibration welding of plastics. The company can design, build, machine parts, weld machine frames, wire panels, and do machine programming all in house.

Creative Automation
Ypsilanti, MI
Creative Automation works closely with customers to evaluate specific needs and creates the unique solutions that meet the target specifications. Utilizing standard linear modules, multi-axis solutions are developed that provide extremely accurate and reliable material handling and long life. Tested and proven technology that is custom configurable. When it comes to robotic packaging solutions, Creative Automation is the name to count on for reliable cost effective results. They act as an OEM, an integrator, a sub-contractor or as a design consultant depending on the need.

Creative Engineers, Inc.
Phoenix, MD
Creative Engineers Inc is a process engineering company specializing in the design/build of laboratory, pilot, skid-mounted and other process/manufacturing systems. The company's capabilities include process design, system design, system construction and the complete control system, including panels and instrumentation. With extensive manufacturing plant experience, the company is adept at designing and building systems that perform the intended function while including consideration for maintenance, operability and future modification. CEI has extensive background in handling alkali metals and other water-reactive and hazardous chemicals.

Criterion Automation, Inc.
Riverside, CA
Criterion is a privately owned corporation with over 30 years of industrial process experience. We can provide integrated automation systems from simple process control applications to complete plant automation projects. We can also provide complete solutions from mechanical fabrication and hardware installation to custom application programming and system integration.

Critical To Quality, S de RL de CV
Monterrey, NL, Mexico
CTQ is a group of experienced, international (English/Spanish) engineers specializing in electronic systems, automation, computer systems, and electrical engineering. The company provides support services to field necessities of the industry internationally and have executed work for corporations such as SIEMENS, ROCKWELL, ABB, HONEYWELL, SILVERTECH, ODS, PEMEX, COLFAX, CAMERON, INTECH, DRESSER-RAND, etc. in the US, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Trinidad, Brazil, UK, Netherlands, Korea, Nigeria, Angola, South Africa. Our engineers are College Graduates in the following fields: - Control and Automation - Electronic Systems - Electrical Engineering - Computer Systems All of our engineers are qualified and experienced at Offshore Field work and SMODU95 trained.

Crockett Technologies
Madison, WI
Crockett Technologies is a control systems engineering company that specializes in high-end machine and process control. Crockett Technologies designs, builds, and integrates, electromechanical, pneumatic, and hydraulic control systems and electrical control panels.

Cross Process Control Integration
Knoxville, TN
Cross Company is a 100% employee-owned company founded in 1954 selling and applying solutions to improve the performance of our customers' machinery, equipment and manufacturing processes. Cross Process Control Integration collaborates with customers at the earliest stages of design to understand their project goals and requirements. Cross Process Control Integration specializes providing services and turnkey solutions to industry for simple and complex batch applications, continuous chemical and food and beverage markets. We also have extensive experience in migrating legacy and obsolete systems to current technology. Our associates are well versed in major DCS, PLC and software platforms including Siemens, Rockwell, Emerson, Wonderware, VTSCada, Iconics and others.

Crossmuller Pty Ltd.
Glendenning, NSW, Australia
Crossmuller puts itself in a unique position in the integration marketplace by recognizing the need for companies to take ownership of new systems soon after installation. Projects are structured to provide on-going interaction with clients from design, to building, to installing and commissioning. Companies are encouraged to allocate resources to participate in this process. Crossmuller has practices in the areas of Automated Warehousing, Materials Handling, Systems Integration, MES Systems and Machine Vision. It provides manufacturing consulting services to help companies in their decision making processes.

Crystal Engineering Solutions Inc.
Troy, MI
Crystal Engineering Solutions concentrates on machine controls engineering, system standards, hardware and software design, contract engineering staff, and new product research and development. The intent of the services is to provide the customer with a low cost, low complexity, and high quality system that requires less maintenance. Services provided will include electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems used to control machining and assembly equipment. These systems include robotics, programmable logic controllers (PLC), PC control systems, and fieldbus control systems. Crystal Engineering Solutions is taking a stand to promote the latest in technology. The Crystal Engineering Solutions staff has benefited from designing and introducing PC-based control systems to the industry.

Cubex, Inc.
Fort Mill, SC
Cubex is located a few miles south of Charlotte, North Carolina. The company offers PLC-based process controls, human-machine interfaces, SCADA systems, databases, supervisory hosts(procedures, formula editors, inventory, scheduling, machine status, production reports),PC-based process controls (with remote I/O and fieldbus, open architecture, hard, real-time CAN interface with existing PLC's and remote I/O),field instrumentation, variable frequency (AC) and variable speed (DC) drive systems, Visual Basic, assembly, C++, remote monitoring, and bar code and rfid systems. The company also offers mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation engineering services. The company can provide control panels, starters, instrumentation, computer systems, start-up, and technical services. The company has experience with paper machines, pulping, chemical reactors, chemical mixing systems, textile dyeing, dryers, chemical mix/feed systems, plating lines and hoists, water and waste water treatment, pH, conductivity, pumping stations, boilers, utility piping systems,and bulk material storage/handling.

Custom Controls Technology Inc
Hialeah, FL
Custom Controls Technology, Inc. designs, installs, and manufactures automated equipment and computer control systems for manufacturing, industrial processes, material handling, material storage, motion control and information processing. Custom Controls Technology's staff includes 112 years combined skilled professionals in the areas of industrial controls and instrumentation, data communications, data processing, material handling, plant layout, project management and field installation. Their engineering group's combined expertise offers their clients a comprehensive, balanced consideration of all relevant factors and relationships when implementing a project.

customMotion Inc.
Port Orange, FL
The team at customMotion Inc. has been designing, building and installing industrial automation since 1998.

Cybertrol Engineering
Minneapolis, MN
Cybertrol Engineering provides plant-wide control and information integration with expertise in information system design, IT, data centers, virtualization, network analysis/design, batch systems, HMI applications, control system design, PLC programming, UL control panels, data collection, MES systems, Web-based applications. Cybertrol works with our clients to define their control and information system needs and to integrate effective solutions to meet their goals now and in the future. The company uses highly structured internal standards for IT, PLC, HMI, batch and MES systems. The company's drive is to help their clients increase efficiency and competitiveness, at the same time providing a plant-wide look and feel and complete documentation for plant operation and maintenance people, allowing the client to be self sufficient when projects are complete. Cybertrol's services and expertise span a wide range of process and manufacturing applications, and the company's staff has a combined total of over 300 years of control and information systems experience.

Cyth Systems, Inc.
San Diego, CA
Cyth Systems helps clients seeking to design and build automated test systems,laboratory and factory automation, machine vision systems, and embedded control systems. Cyth provides hardware and software from the most popular automation vendors, as well as those developed by Cyth to supplement and improve integration. Successful projects need to eliminate risk, meet a schedule, and reduce costs - objectives which Cyth meets by eliminating programming and custom work in favor of existing and proven products whenever possible. Many projects can be reduced from hundreds or thousands of billable hours to mostly packaged products with small integration and configuration tasks. Cyth can train clients to be self-sufficient in maintenance and modifications.

D&D Automation Inc.
Stratford, ON
D&D Automation is a control systems integrator. We are a contract controls firm that designs and implements industrial control systems for industrial machinery, manufacturing lines, process environments and other automated facilities. Examples include electrical design, PLC Control, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and human machine interface (HMI). We also provide robot integration, machine vision implementation, instrumentation calibration and tuning as well as on site support globally. D&D is a leader in integrating both the hardware and the software with the client's existing facilities. We will provide the services required for a complete turnkey installation but also offer all of the individual elements of an automation project such as consulting, programming, electrical contracting and panel construction.

DAKSWAN Engineering Services, Inc.
Noblesville, IN
DAKSWAN Engineering is a full service, cost-effective systems integration group dedicated to serving the automation needs of their customers. The company has experience in several technological areas and strives to keep up with the pace of today's evolving product advances. Whatever the size or complexity of the automation project, DAKSWAN possesses the skills required for its successful completion. Their skills include consulting, contract engineering, electrical systems integration, specialty software development, project management, field service, and more.

Danieli Automation, Spa
Buttrio, UD, Italy
Danieli Automation's mission is to provide process automation and control systems covering the wide spectrum of Danieli Technology, ranging from ore to long and flat finished products by means of software algorithm models, computerized quality control systems as well as production control systems

Dascan Industrial Controls
Troy, MI
DASCAN was formed in 1982 to serve the manufacturing, process control, automotive, and water/wastewater industries. The company's specific charter is to provide system integration services, which includes a wide range of engineering services from controls design to field implementation to documentation and training. DASCAN is committed to provide the finest systems integration services to its customers. DASCAN is a multi-million dollar controls engineering, panel assembly, and turnkey systems supplier. They also distribute and service a complete line of encoders and accessories for motion control applications.

Data Science Automation Inc.
Pittsburgh, PA
Data Science Automation is the premier automation systems integrator, leveraging COTS products in the design & implementation of custom-engineered solutions spanning mechanical, electrical, controls & software engineering disciplines. We are highly acclaimed & accredited, world-class experts in Graphical System Design and the only systems integrator providing Adaptive Automation engineering, programming, consulting & training services. Our best clients reduce project risk and lower their total cost of ownership with our unique PIES Project Methodology applied to solve challenging problems through our Measurement & Automation, Mechatronics & Machines, Enterprise & Integration, and Consulting & Training divisions. Call now and close the loop! DSA applies Adaptive Automation technologies to research, manufacturing, government & business operations' to acquire, analyze, present & manage DATA' to design, simulate, test & validate PRODUCTS' to monitor, predict, control & optimize PROCESSES' to invent, draft, prototype and build MACHINES... for maximum productivity, quality, profit & understanding. DSA is a National Instruments Certified Alliance Partner with multiple NI Certified Training Centers, a Rockwell Automation Systems Integrator, a CSIA Gold-Tier Certified Member, and maintains GSA Schedule for streamlined engagements with US Government Agencies.

M.C. Dean, Inc. - CIM Automation Systems
Harrisonburg, VA
CIM Automation Systems provides turnkey industrial control solutions based on state-of-the-art control hardware and software. Their services include conceptualization, system design and installation, testing, and training. CIM also provides control panel design and wiring, development of operator interface systems, and preparation of electrical schematics. The staff of CIM is experienced in combining various third party peripherals to provide truly integrated automation systems. The company works with products from many different vendors in a variety of application areas. CIM guarantees their systems will perform according to a client's requirements. CIM Automation Systems is a certified member of the Control System Integrator Association (CSIA).

Deaton Engineering, Inc.
Georgetown, TX
Deaton Engineering, Inc. (DEI) is a professional electrical, software, and mechanical engineering firm providing custom engineered solutions to meet their clients' testing requirements. DEI provides simple test fixtures to fully automated system testers. They offer system integration services for turnkey instrumentation or process control solutions. They apply new hardware and software technologies to provide custom solutions for their customers, especially LabWindows/LabVIEW software and National Instruments DAQ, GPIB, PXI, SCXI and motion control hardware. DEI excels in measurements of temperature, pressure, load, displacement, vibration, acceleration, and flow. We work in a wide variety of industries, and our specialties include Test fixturing. PC-based data acquisition. Test plan development. Medical device testing. Automated motion control; servo & stepper and closed & open loop. Automated test equipment and controls. Test Programming. LabWindows/CVI. LabVIEW. TestStand. Borland. Visual C++ and Visual Basic. Test Solutions. VXI/PXI/SCXI/serial platforms. GPIB programming. Data acquisition. Instrument drivers. DeviceNet. SECS/GEM protocol. Windows Applications. Graphical programming . HTML. Custom application development.

Dematic Corp.
New Berlin, WI
Dematic Corp is North America's leading automated material handling and logistics software total solutions provider. Addressing the synchronized flow of material and information throughout a company's network, Dematic develops, deploys and maintains innovative solutions that improve customer service, reduce inventory and delivery time and lower overall costs of manufacturing, distribution and transportation. Dematic's comprehensive product and service offerings include solution design, solution delivery (including automated storage and retrieval systems, automated guided vehicles, conveyance, sortation, customer services, RFID solutions, logistics software) and solution support.

Designer's Edge, Inc.
Monroe, MI
Designer's Edge, Inc. has been designing and building custom integrated manufacturing systems since 1979. The company's services include CAD drafting, controls engineering, custom machine engineering, panel building, project management, machine installation, start-up, debug, and field service. We have successfully completed projects in the steel, beverage, dairy, and automotive industries. We have worked on MMI, welding, HVAC, material handling, packaging, networks, PLC controls, conveyors, furnaces, casters, rolling mills, tire and wheel machines, assembly lines, robots, R&D machines, data collection systems, tube mills, and software development.

Detroit Tool & Engineering
Lebanon, MO
Detroit Tool & Engineering is a highly diverse company that provides custom automation systems and tooling for a variety of industries, including the appliance, automotive component, medical, pharmaceutical and consumer products markets. DTE applies a wide range of technologies and engineered solutions in all facets of part manufacturing including the Bodine and Midwest high speed assembly platforms.

DISTek Integration, Inc.
Carthage, IL
DISTek offers electronic designs, embedded control system software, data bus communications, integration, and testing, as well as expertise in the design, development, support, and maintenance of operating systems. DISTek Integration is a certified National Instruments LabVIEW Alliance partner. The company's System Integration Group specializes in system know-how that glues all the pieces of a system together, integrating software with hardware to form a control system, working with several suppliers to bring whole systems to life, providing complete interface definition and testing, integrating units and sub-systems, performing system integration at their own or the client's facility, and full project planning and scheduling to maintain the client's timeline.

Dixon Automatic Tool Inc.
Rockford, IL
Dixon is a manufacturer of lean assembly cells, systems, standard and customized assembly work stations, screw and nut feeding and driving equipment, and parts placers and pressing stations. The company designs and builds semi-automatic operator workstations and assembly cells, special dial and inline assembly machines for automotive, industrial, commercial, consumer products, electrical, electronic, defense, ordnance, munitions, ammunition, medical and pharmaceutical applications. Dixon partners with integrators to provide assembly solutions and factory automation systems to customers worldwide.

DMC, Inc.
Chicago, IL
DMC is an engineering and software development consulting company. They provide a range of services for the industrial automation and information systems markets. They develop software to control industrial machines, processes, and test and measurement systems, as well as general database design and reporting systems. Their expertise is backed by a solid track record of using emerging technologies to enable clients to be more competitive in the global market. They work with their clients from concept to completion of their industrial automation and information systems projects. The company's goal is to bring together the worlds of information technology and industrial automation. Their areas of expertise include implementing PC-based systems for manufacturing, motion control, vision inspection, human-machine interfaces, database design and administration, data collection and reporting, PLCs, and industrial networking. They've helped many different companies in many different industries.

Doddridge Controls
Fairmont, WV
For the last three decades Doddridge Controls, Inc. has been providing design, programming, panel fabrication and commissioning services to heavy industry such as mining, steel, gas production and transmission, glass and utilities. DCI has been involved with just about every aspect of electrical design from high voltage substations to complete PLC based control systems for industrial plants. Our experienced and well trained technical staff of electrical engineers, programmers, technicians and design drafters can take a client's conceptual design and develop a fully functional product. DCI is an approved integrator for Rockwell Automation, Wonderware and GE and a founding member of the Control Systems Integrators Association.

Lawrenceburg, TN
DRM, LLC includes as part of their name "Total Plant Integration." DRM was founded on values generated while solving complex automation problems facing plant engineering and management. DRM takes special pride in not only determining the current needs of their clients, but also in opening doorways to future expansion and flexability. DRM has numerous years of experience in all areas of factory automation including robotics, SCADA, wet systems, process controls, heavy structure design/build and combustion systems. They are a diverse group combining all individual experiences to build a very strong and competient automation partner. DRM provides advanced solutions for automated manufacturing.

Druecker Steuerungssysteme GmbH
Neuhausen, Germany
Druecker Steuerungssysteme GmbH is a specialist in the development of industrial automation and control solutions for over 25 years. The Head Office of the company is in Neuhausen, near Stuttgart. Our philosophy: "for the employees of Druecker Steuerungssysteme GmbH our customer is the focus." "Your satisfaction is our motivation." The present is often characterized by stress and sophisticated requirements. The use of technology should relieve the people, decrease key tasks, and thus lead to a more efficient work. Druecker Steuerungssysteme GmbH pursued this claim for years in the development of industrial automation and control solutions. We are using cutting-edge technologies in the area of CAD design with Eplan P8, programming tools, hardware selection, safety technology and motion controls to meet your needs in the production. A modern quality and project management accompanying the order processing. The result: Successful projects, innovative solutions, customer satisfaction, low employee turnover and successful business development. In 2002 Druecker Steuerungssysteme GmbH won the main prize "VR-Innovation Award 2002" the economics and Raiffeisen banks honored us as the most innovative company in Baden-Wurttemberg

DRV Inc.
Pittsburgh, PA
DRV Inc. offers services ranging from simply providing off-the-shelf components to supplying total integrated systems complete with engineering, computer aided drafting (AutoCAD), panel fabrication and assembly (with a U.L. 508A label if required), programming, test, installation, and start-up assistance.

DST Controls
Benicia, CA
DST Controls (DST) is an electrical, mechanical, and software engineering firm specializing in controls and information systems integration. DST's mission is the maximization of its clients' productivity and cost efficiency via the application of proven automation control technologies. DST offers UL registered panel building and system fabrication and testing at their 14,000 square foot world headquarters in Benicia, CA.

E-Technologies Group, Inc.
West Chester, OH
For 20 years, E-Technologies Group has been listening to our customers changing business needs, responding with high value robust solutions to give our clients the competitive advantage they need in a challenging environment. Our 100 engineers excel in multiple areas needed in today's manufacturing world. The organization offers complete automation solutions, including everything from electrical design to PLC, and HMI SCADA systems to integrating manufacturing data into business-wide systems. E-Technologies Group will successfully execute your project. Whether it is a small improvement or a large turnkey automation project, you can find real solutions with E-Tech.

E-Technologies Group, Inc.
Greensboro, NC
For 20 years, E-Technologies Group has been listening to our customers changing business needs, responding with high value robust solutions to give our clients the competitive advantage they need in a challenging environment. Our 100 engineers excel in multiple areas needed in today's manufacturing world. The organization offers complete automation solutions, including everything from electrical design to PLC, and HMI SCADA systems to integrating manufacturing data into business-wide systems. E-Technologies Group will successfully execute your project. Whether it is a small improvement or a large turnkey automation project, you can find real solutions with E-Tech.

Bourbonnais, IL
E2i is a automation and systems integrator that uses innovative design and quality practices to provide the best solutions possible for their clients. E2i has been providing process, electrical, and automation design services since 1990. During this time, E2i has worked extensively with the pharmaceutical and food industries and has provided design/integration/startup services process systems (autoclaves, washers, tunnels, fillers, vial/tray handling systems, lyophilizers, cappers, water systems, critical utilities, CIP/SIP, chromotography, bio-reactors, inspection systems, environmental monitoring systems, batching systems, dryers, extruders) and control systems. E2i provides: *PLC programming, HMI/SCADA development, Batch/MES/ERP, custom VB/C++/C#/Java programming, Oracle and SQL database design and programming. *Life Cycle documentation for all types of software, control and process systems, including: functional requirements, design specifications, qualification protocols (IQ/OQ/PQ) and test execution; E2i has developed and executed software and hardware change controls. *Design/CAD services for control systems, MCC/Control panel design/fabrication; managed subcontractors and performed testing and assessment on systems and equipment to ensure high quality workmanship and design.

EAD Control Systems
Omaha, NE
EAD is a single-source service provider that provides process control systems and products in addition to custom design, programming, installation, management and support services. They provide clients the information and control platforms required to achieve flexibility, quality, accuracy, and on-time delivery, all at a competitive price that enables clients to satisfy their own customers' needs. EAD has their own in-house panel shop and can provide 508A and 698A/B UL listed panels. All panels are tested and inspected prior to delivery. EAD offers complete control integration services for new and retrofit panels. They also offer CAD services, electrical panel layout and field wiring design.

Eagle Lake Systems, Inc.
Westborough, MA
Eagle Lake Systems provides embedded systems architecture, LabVIEW software engineering, systems integration, and project management consulting services for data acquisition, signal processing, process control, remote diagnostics, automation, and test & measurement systems. We design and integrate systems using National Instruments Real-Time Linux + FPGA controllers, including: NI CompactRIO, Single-Board RIO, and the new System-on-Module platform, and can help you migrate your legacy systems from Compact FieldPoint to cRIO. To avoid surprises later, Eagle Lake uses proven methods to discover not just the client's functional requirement ' what the system must do ' but more importantly, the client's non-functional requirements ' the constraints on how the system must perform in the real world. Eagle Lake Systems delivers high performance systems with lower life-cycle costs that reduce a client's risks and costs.

The East Group
Greenville, NC
Founded in 1975, The East Group is a full service engineering/architectural consulting firm with a strong industrial background. The Automation Group (of the East Group) goes beyond the scope of a classical E/A firm to provide full integration services with programming, start-up assistance, and training.

EDC Systems
Parsippany, NJ
Electronic Drives & Controls, Inc. (EDC) is a factory-authorized certified service center and state-of-the-art systems integrator. Through the prudent application of modern technology, EDC provides systems that work. Specializing in variable speed drive systems, PLC programming and installation, and plant floor information systems, EDC is able to provide solutions to many challenging applications in several industries. With a staff of field engineers, project engineers, and in-house manufacturing personnel, high quality and fast response are never compromised.

E.D.H. Electric, Inc.
Mount Pleasant, TX
EDH is dedicated to providing the latest technology and resources for control and instrumentation applications. EDH is a full service systems integrator specializing in the design and development of custom PLC, DCS, process control, and industrial automation system solutions. They can furnish services ranging from documentation, configuration, installation, training, and start-up assistance. EDH can supply expertise in SCADA and MMI software along with plant floor networking. EDH is a client minded organization striving for long term repeat business and total customer satisfaction.

Egan Company Controls and Automation
Brooklyn Park, MN
At Egan we provide innovative solutions to the most complex plant automation, process, material handling, and system integration challenges. We do this by offering the finest automation hardware and software all backed with highly trained specialty engineers, electricians, and panel wiremen.

Beverwijk, Netherlands
EKB offers control systems, panel building, batch production and turnkey projects with complete automation (PLC, SCADA, DCS and/or MES). With over 200 employees, the company provides comprehensive quality solutions to industrial end users, machine builders, energy companies, government and semi-public organizations. Because EKB provides different products and services to different sectors, there is a solid basis for the continuity of the company. EKB pays special attention to the development of new technologies and products, as well in the training of their employees.

Electric Service & Sales, Inc.
Greensboro, NC
ESSCO, headquartered in Greensboro, NC was established in 1955. The company provides extensive experience in variable speed drive and motion control systems incorporating the latest technology available to deliver to their customers dependable and efficient systems. Their services include system design, panel construction, start-up, and after sales support and service.

Electrical Automation Services
Greencastle, IN
EAS is a complete technology solutions provider that specializes in factory and process automation, and enterprise networking and communications. They are an all-trade company with industry experts in a wide variety of fields to service your organization. EAS provides their clients with a single one-stop shop experience for high quality solutions that surpass all expectations - from the factory floor to the corporate datacenter. EAS's demonstrated ability to engineer and execute specially tailored projects has allowed them to maintain long-term relationships with clients throughout the United States and Canada.

Electro Controls Inc.
Sidney, OH
From design through installation, start-up and debugging, our professional custom panel technicians are with you through every phase of your electrical control panel project. We have extensive experience in panel build to print and complete system design build with a 100% testing process that ensures your controls are plug and play ready before leaving our hands. Equipment manufacturers regularly rely on Electro Controls to deliver components and assemblies in a timely manner to fulfill their production requirements. Our standard and modified standard control teams work from your production schedule and sales forecasts to ensure you have uninterrupted product flow in your facility. Electro Controls is well-equipped to handle all your processed wire, wire harness and welding cable needs, regardless of quantity, length or complexity. In order to remain competitive in the marketplace we have invested in the latest wire harness technology which automatically cuts, strips, crimps and labels the wire ensuring a high quality, accurate processing. Starting with your concept, we will supply a total package solution to meet your needs, including CAD drawings, bill-of-materials, assembly, programming, onsite installation, start-up, and debugging. Working in a partnership with your design engineering team or from your description of purpose, Electro Controls Engineering team will find the most efficient design for your new control system. On site installation, start-up services, troubleshooting and debugging, commissioning, and long-term technical support are provided by Electro Controls expert Controls Integration team. We have experience with all major brands, programming, software and hardware development and complete project management. At Electro Controls, we recognize the need for a master control unit to monitor all systems within a facility, report the current functionality of each piece of machinery, and make minor adjustments on the fly. These abilities save time, money, and aggravation for facility managers and personnel, making a SCADA control unit one of the most cost effective upgrades a facility can choose.

Elm Electrical, Inc.
Westfield, MA
Elm Electrical has been providing mechanical, electrical, and automation solutions to industry since its inception in 1971. Elm's reputation as a leader in the deployment of turnkey solutions meeting the technical, financial, and schedule requirements of client's projects needs will not be matched. Listening to a client's requirements, Elm's engineers, project managers, technicians, and field service personnel deliver solutions driven by application and technical experience. Elm deploys PLC-based automation, motion control, vision, and robotic solutions focused to exceed a client's expectations.

Eltronic A/S
Hedensted, Denmark
Our team of specialists works for some of the world's most demanding customers and in close cooperation, we aim to create solutions that really contribute to our customers' competition power. Typically, we work with automation and optimization of full production lines. However, optimization of small individual processes can also make an important difference. The common denominator is that we develop future-proof production solutions for the industries of the future.

Emprise Corporation
Kennesaw, GA
Emprise Corporation is an engineering consulting firm specializing in the design, fabrication, and installation of test equipment, test facilities and data acquisition/control systems. Emprise test stands are used for research and development as well as post-production and post-overhaul testing. Emprise serves the automotive, aerospace, industrial power, and manufacturing industries. Alternate power is a specialty. Some recent projects include turbocharger, engine dynamometer, emissions and transmission test stands; a jet engine starter test stand and a rotary actuator test bench; a gas turbine test stand; refrigeration compressor test stands, oil pump test stands, filter test stands; and a fuel cell test facility.

EN Engineering
Houston, TX
EN Engineering is the leading automation and control systems provider in the Houston area. They are a privately held company with corporate offices located in the Houston Energy Corridor. The company's engineers have over 40 years combined experience dealing with instrumentation and process control systems. They are dedicated to excellent customer service and quality solutions. This commitment to excellence is the reason that EN Engineering can boast of a a very high customer retention and satisfaction rate. This is also why over 75% of their business comes from repeat customers. EN Engineering can provide full turnkey projects and OEM solutions that exceeds customer requirements.

Engatech, Inc.
Chester, VA
Engatech is a systems integrator specializing in the development and implementation of machine vision systems. Engatech delivers turnkey solutions and provides services on a time and material basis. The principal engineers at Engatech have been integrating machine vision solutions for over 12 years. The primary industries served by Engatech are pharmaceutical, food and beverage, machine builders, and automotive suppliers. Engatech has extensive experience with both stand-alone vision cameras and PC-based vision applications with customized Visual Basic user interfaces. Engatech has deployed many different types of vision applications including optical character verification, vision guided motion, high precision gauging, assembly verification, 2D matrix, and color inspection.

Engineered Controls, Inc.
Mentor, OH
Engineered Controls, Inc. is a systems integrator using proven control technologies and the best hardware and software solutions for a client's plant. The company has successfully implemented control systems for diverse applications in industries ranging from power plants to machine shops across the country. We have extensive experience in continuous process control. Engineered Controls will work with a client to design a control system that meets their budget, production goals, and timeline.

Engineered Software Products, Inc.
Lawrenceville, GA
Engineered Software Products (ESP) is a control systems integrator. They have been in business since 1988 serving clients throughout the U.S. and internationally. ESP specializes in process control, motor control and power solutions. ESP's turnkey services include project management, engineering, programming, equipment supply, panel fabrication, prefabricated electrical buildings, commissioning and support. ESP's prefabricated electrical buildings package the automation, motor control and power systems in a single source solution. The packaged solution reduces cost, streamlines the electrical scope and saves time during commissioning. The design philosophy employed by ESP is based on developing client centric solutions. Their engineering techniques are focused on developing solutions that are expandable, modular and supportable by each client. ESP believes that the client should have full control of their systems. This gives each client the freedom of working independently if they choose. Standardization is at the heart of ESP's engineering principals. By developing and implementing standards that are repeatable their clients realize a lower cost of ownership over the life of the system. It's a design approach that puts the client first.

Engineered Systems & Products
Owings Mills, MD
Please allow me to introduce you folks to Engineered Systems and Products (ESP). We are a woman owned small business operating since 1984. Our core competency of business is providing design services and contract manufacturing services for any kind of electrical power and/or control cabinets and panels, as well as electrical chassis and rack assemblies for a multitude of industries. ESP is an ISO 9001-2008 registered company for manufacturing of automated systems and products, an Underwriters Laboratory (UL) Listed (508A), and an authorized Schneider Electric/Square D Solutions Partner and Panel Builder. We are strategically partnered with Rittal and Hoffman for most standard and semi custom cabinet and panel needs, and have alliances for custom welded cabinets and panels as well. ESP is also a Phoenix Contact Control Panel and Cabinet System Integrator Partner. Industries served by ESP include telecommunication, pharmaceutical, transportation, escalator, elevator, defense contractor, material handling, and mail processing. Please consider ESP for future bid opportunities in order for us to showcase our value.

Engineering Control Services, Inc.
Miami, FL
Engineering Control Services has a strong presence in the automation field of wastewater management, lift stations, and various process industries in Florida. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of electrical control panels and system integration under UL 508 guidelines. They also have the expertise working on customized control systems. Their database of designs allows them to provide a cost-effective solution for multiple pumps control panels, conveyor systems, lighting control panels, batch processing, VFD control systems, motor control centers, and SCADA telemetry. The company also offers field service repair of electrical equipment, AC and DC drives, and electrical troubleshooting as well as instrument calibration for pressure, level, temperature and flow.

Engineering Specialists, Inc.
Brookfield, WI
Engineering Specialists, Inc. is dedicated to providing clients with manufacturing and test systems that meet their unique requirements. As a registered engineering firm with a registered UL panel fabrication facility, Engineering Specialists has been successfully designing and installing custom manufacturing and test systems since 1974. The staff at Engineering Specialists, consisting of degreed electrical and mechanical engineers and technicians, is proficient at analyzing automation needs and providing solutions for them. Areas of additional expertise include mechanical engineering, electrical control system engineering, computer programming, and support services including computer drafting, panel fabrication and installation. Engineering Specialists works closely with its clients to identify specific criteria and offer solutions that comply with performance and budget requirements. From system concept and design, through installation and documentation, the needs of the client are consistently met with thorough analysis and skilled judgement. The philospohy is complete customer satisfaction. Engineering Specialties, Inc. has the experience, dedication, and qualified personnel to provide a solution for any system needs, and is confident it can provide a system that meets the most exacting requirements.

Engineering Unlimited, Inc.
Minneapolis, MN
Engineering Unlimited, Inc. has been in business since 1968 building quality control systems. EU has the capability to design, document, build, program, test, and start up projects, both small and large. The company has worked with MCC's, HMI's, PLC's and standard components of all major manufacturers. Most projects have been done in the US but the company has also done projects internationally, including countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Taiwan, and Honduras. Areas of expertise include both continuous and batch process controls, large modified MCC installations and installations in hazardous locations.

Houston, TX
ENGlobal provides their customers with a broad range of value-added services spanning feasibility and conceptual design, detailed design, construction and installation, commissioning, plant start-up, and long-term operational and maintenance support. These services can be applied to automation audits, turnkey automation projects, cyber security and industrial network initiatives, control buildings, analyzer shelters, modular buildings, and remote instrument enclosures. ENGlobal designs, assembles, programs, installs and services process control and analytical systems in the energy and processing-related industries. ENGlobal further helps to improve their customers' business results by offering vendor-independent main automation contractor services, cyber assessments, functional safety audits, and Flexible Automation Support Teams with Subject Matter expertise panning multiple control & safety instrumented system products and process technologies.

Enhanced Automation
Menomonee Falls, WI
Enhanced Automation is a leading provider of control and systems integration solutions with extensive experience in the food processing, engine control, drive system, and pumping industries. Their mission is to design and deliver robust, reliable and cost effective automation control system solutions that lower customers cost of ownership and increase their profitability. EA's focus is on providing the most cost effective solution including design, build, and commissioning services. With 25 years of experience providing comprehensive engineering and manufacturing service to their OEM partners and customers worldwide Enhanced Automation is prepared to meet your Automation needs.

Enhanced Control Solutions, Inc.
Joshua, TX
Enhanced Control Solutions, Inc. is a Company developed specifically for the Water and Wastewater Treatment Industry and Industrial Automation and has more than 60 years of instrumentation and control experience. ECSi's teams have proven to be a great combination of skill and talent. Enhanced Control Solutions, Inc. is proud to provide its team of people for the implementation of the SCADA/Automation hardware, software and system for its customers. ECSi's personnel have vast experience in furnishing, installing, maintaining, repairing and supporting all the required equipment. The calibration and certification group of personnel have installed, calibrated, certified and supported a great number of field-end devices. Enhanced Control Solutions, Inc. has Programmers and Technicians to meet all of the requirements of the various components necessary for the maintenance, repair and support of complete SCADA/Automation systems to insure its function per its customer's specification and documents. Enhanced Control Solutions, Inc. maintains service technicians that are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the service and maintenance of municipalities, cities and private owners throughout Texas and Oklahoma's Water and Wastewater industry as well as Salt Water Disposal and Industrial manufacturing facilities.

Enterprise Automation, Inc.
Alpha, NJ
Enterprise Automation, Inc. is an electrical control system integration house. The company employs highly skilled and experienced engineers who deal with the requirements of modern control environment. The company was established in 1982 and has direct experience with the majority of automation products implemented since the late seventies. The company's strengths include high speed servo, PLC, and graphical user interface programming. Key staff members have been with the company since its inception. Their vast experience in process control and material handling covers multiple industries. Their experience coupled with programming and engineering skill add up to cost-effective solutions.

Epic Engineering, LLC
San Rafael, CA
Epic Engineering is a systems integrator that can provide custom turnkey systems. The firm uses the latest technology in HMI's, PLC's, AC/DC variable speed drives, SCADA, and servo drives. Epic Engineering can provide a custom system to meet a customer's exact needs. Motion control needs are solved using servo systems that can perform multi-axis positioning and cut to length algorithms. Epic's extensive expertise with continuous web and batch process lines has increased the customer's production. Epic Engineering can provide technical consulting and implement the needed modifications and provide 24-hour service on all drives and control systems. All work is guaranteed to perform per the customer's specifications.

EPIC Systems Inc.
St. Louis, MO
EPIC Systems, Inc. is an experienced multi-discipline engineering and fabrication firm. We provide turnkey solutions for modular process plants and systems, integrated packaging lines, custom machinery manufacturing, advanced automation and machine vision system integration. Our experienced manufacturing plant trained engineers provide seamless project management from system conceptualization and front-end engineering, through plant floor implementation. With extensive process skid fabrication abilities, EPIC is proud to have contributed to the manufacturing success of companies such as Boeing, Nestle, and Procter & Gamble. EPIC has extensive motion control capabilities with robotics, servo-controlled single and multi-axis applications, along with custom-engineered assembly machines. We are highly experienced in PLC programming and HMI development across all major platforms, including Rockwell, General Electric, Siemens, and Mitsubishi, in order to best serve all of the manufacturing system needs of our clients.

Epitome Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Ahmedabad, GU, India
Epitome Technologies specializes in providing turnkey control and instrumentation solutions from small PLC-based automation up to large DCS-based automation. The company's client list includes reputed names from India's Top 500 business houses. The team is fully conversant with the latest technologies and platforms and can derive optimum solutions for process application. Being an experienced Indian company, Epitome is able to provide cost-effective and optimum techno-commercial solutions to Industrial requirements. Epitome takes care of C&I projects with Single Point Responsibility from design, enginering, supply, installation, commissioning, Validation( US FDA 21 CFR Part 11)and maintenance.

ESS Technologies, Inc.
Blacksburg, VA
ESS Technologies, Inc., founded in 1993, provides complete systems integration for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic, diagnostics, medical device, and consumer goods markets, concentrating on the design, engineering, and integration of automated assembly and packaging systems. ESS Technologies, Inc. has the experience necessary to integrate custom-designed machinery with high quality packaging equipment to provide a complete automated production line solution. ESS Technologies, Inc. is the only Strategic Partner for FANUC Robots in the field of secondary packaging and palletizing in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and medical device industries. ESS Technologies, Inc. has partnered with other manufacturers as a project integrator for a number of systems. Working with companies such as Hoppmann, PDC International, Integrated Motion, Cognex, Rockwell Automation, Multivac, Spee-Dee Auger Fillers, and High Speed Check Weighers. ESS Technologies, Inc. acts as the single source project management integrator with system responsibility, assuring a smooth transition from initial engineering concepts to whole-line final acceptance testing to plant installation. ESS Technologies, Inc. is also a certified UL cabinet maker. The company's engineers have more than 100 years of combined experience in designing systems for intermittent and continuous motion processing, custom pick-and-place and assembly equipment, robotic case packing, and robotic single or multi-cell palletizing. Their systems have been installed nationwide to meet application requirements for machine loading and unloading, inspection and vision, automated assembly, product inspection and rejection, pucking/de-pucking, and material handling. ESS Technologies, Inc. is a single source for all production line designs and integration.

Esys Corporation
Auburn Hills, MI
Esys is a leading full service automation solutions and software provider to the automotive, construction vehicle, defense, and complex assembly industries. Esys provides automation design, simulation, & prototyping, machine building and deployment, advanced robotic systems, integration, and industry-specific software solutions designed to automate and improve production processes. Esys specializes in innovative manufacturing automation solutions designed to meet exacting tolerances, enhance operational efficiency, and improve visibility, tracking, and control of production processes. Headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan, Esys operates across North America, including Canada and Mexico. Since 1999, Esys has been a premier supplier to the automotive and transportation-related industries, providing world-class solutions that lead the market in area's such as tire and wheel assembly, paint and dispense systems, assembly performance management,and custom production automation. The Esys team is experienced in cutting edge technologies for data collection, error-proofing, and traceability in addition to core competancies of automation controls, electrical, and mechanical engineering. Esys clients include a cross section of major automotive OEMs & tiered suppliers, fortune 500 tranportation and aerospace firms, and discrete manufacturing companies enagaged in all forms of assembly operations.

Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
EXBIT Ltd. engineers, designs, installs and services industrial automation control systems. The company offers installation and commissioning of electrical and process control equipment for production plants as well as configuration, programming and system integration for PLCs, fieldbus networks, OPC, SCADA, MES, ERP. The company also develops application software.

Excel Industrial Electronics
Clinton Township, MI
Excel is an authorized systems integrator for a wide range of premium manufacturers. Their product engineering team has years of combined experience in coordinated drive system design, PLCs, motion controllers, and custom software programming in languages such as Visual Basic, Basic/Motion Basic, C+, Windows 95, and NT. Excel continually integrates cutting-edge technology from the latest HMI devices to the various communication interface protocols to state-of-the-art feedback devices. Excel can engineer, design, build, test, and install. Every system is supplied with comprehensive documentation, including CAD drawings, program files, configuration files, and instruction manuals, ensuring smooth start-up and efficient maintenance. Various training programs are also provided.

Exele Information Systems, Inc.
East Rochester, NY
EXELE Information Systems, founded in 1978, is a project oriented international consulting and software engineering organization specializing in industrial manufacturing applications. EXELE can enter a project at any stage from conceptualization to post implementation support. EXELE provides complete systems integration capabilities from shop floor control and data collection to corporate wide plant information management. EXELE has a superb reputation for highest quality and on-time, under budget performance. EXELE is the premier systems integrator of PI and is an Alliance Partner with OSIsoft. EXELE has a suite of bolt-on products for PI and OPC, as well as vertical applications expertise. EXELE's key products include TopView Alarm Notification package, EDICTvb.Net and OPCcalc Advanced Calculation engines, and PI-DAS for CEMS.

Factory Automation Systems, Inc.
Atlanta, GA
Factory Automation Systems specializes in the integration of computers, commercial and custom software, robotic technologies, vision systems, motion control, drive systems, distributed control systems, and programmable logic controllers to provide exceptional manufacturing process control and information systems. The company delivers the latest and most appropriate level of automation technology with a high level of technical competence and a commitment to quality. Field-proven project management methodology allows managment of project technical and commercials risks and consistent deliverery on time and on budget. (Over 90% of the company's project managers have received their Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.) Factory Automation Systems insures that a client's system is capable of continuous improvement and can be easily maintained by on-site personnel. Factory Automation Systems' overriding commitment to their clients' success sets us apart.

FACTS Incorporated
Cuyahoga Falls, OH
FACTS supplies Measurement, Control and Information Management systems to the Rubber and Plastics industries. Since 1992, FACTS has shipped nearly 1,000 systems and presently has installations within 15 countries. FACTS specializes in systems for Calender operations, Extrusion, Batch Mixing & Weighing, On-Line Measurement, Machine Controls, SCADA, Drive Systems, Reporting and Ticket Printing.

FANUC Mexico, S.A. de C.V.
San Francisco de los Romo, AG, Mexico
FANUC Mexico is a subsidiary company of FANUC America Corporation, and provides industry-leading CNC systems, ROBOMACHINEs and turnkey robotic systems, engineering, service and support. FANUC America Corporation provides the most complete range of industry-leading industrial automation equipment including robots, CNCs and motion control systems. FANUC's innovative technologies and proven expertise help manufacturers in North and South America maximize efficiency, reliability and profitability.

Feyen Zylstra
Grand Rapids, MI
We are seasoned designers, engineers and technicians that are able to step in and solve any number of challenges that face our customers. Our staff also includes a team of experienced managers that interface, track and oversee our projects to ensure a successful outcome for our customers. Our vision is to be the most trusted, effective, and innovative provider offering clients value-added solutions to any complex project.

Flexware Innovation
Fishers, IN
Navigating the digital transformation of your manufacturing process requires not only smart technology integration, but the experience to navigate the change management issues that come with it. Flexware Innovation is the go-to engineering firm for forward-thinking manufacturers that need to integrate their business and production systems to maximize their resources. Founded in 1996, our highly-skilled teams of dedicated professionals work side-by-side with customers to leverage technology to solve real business problems by providing best-in-class software development, automation engineering, manufacturing systems integration, business intelligence solutions, Internet of Things (IoT) devices and specialized product development. Our passion is helping our customers avoid costly architectural mistakes and design, architect, and build solutions that stand the test of time. When it comes to manufacturing IT and engineering, we don't just get it done - we get it done right.

Flolo Corporation - Flolo Systems Group
Bensenville, IL
Flolo Systems Group (Flolo) specializes in complete industrial control systems from concept through design engineering, software, assembly and start-up. Flolo is a UL 508A, 698A & 698B authorized facility and is a CSA-recognized industrial control panel builder.

FloStor Engineering, Inc.
Hayward, CA
FloStor Engineering, Inc. is an innovative material handling integration firm specializing in automated manufacturing and distribution systems. Some of the firms who rely on FloStor include Apple Computer, Sun Microsystems, NIKE, International Game Technology, NUMMI, C&H Sugar, and Dole. FloStor projects have been featured six times as the cover article in Modern Material Handling Magazine as testament to their quality engineering.

FLW Southeast, Inc.
Marietta, GA
Established in 1981, FLW Southeast is an international supplier of Measurement Instruments & Control Systems to manufacturers in a wide range of industries. By combining world-class products, application expertise, and unsurpassed customer service, FLW Southeast enables its clients to increase manufacturing efficiency, reduce production costs, and improve product quality and value The Engineering Services group provides technical product support to customers as well as provides application engineering, systems integration, panel fabrication, and cable assembly services. FLW Southeast maintains a group of direct sales engineers capable of working closely with clients to support product sales and application assistance. This group supports product & services sales efforts for manufacturers who FLW Southeast represents or distributes in the Southeastern United States. Additionally, FLW Southeast supports a worldwide network of sales & service representatives. This group supports product & service sales efforts for manufacturers who employ FLW Southeast to act as their North American or worldwide sales and marketing channel.

Mason, OH
FORTE works with clients to improve distribution and supply chain operations. Bringing extensive supply chain management expertise and advanced analytical tools to all engagements, FORTE works closely with clients to identify, design and implement strategy, process, layout and systems improvements that create significant business value and increase competitive advantage. From roots as a material handling systems integrator, FORTE has taken a practical approach to innovation in both clients' supply chains and internally. Recognized by peers and many industry awards, FORTE is known for its leadership and impeccable track record of success in driving performance for clients' supply chain and distribution operations. Working with FORTE means getting performance-driven solutions designed for your organization and its supply chain initiatives. Designed. Built. Implemented. Put the strength of FORTE's supply chain experience to work for you: supply chain assessment and planning, network analysis, outsourcing and 3PL strategy and assessment, design and implementation, warehouse management system (WMS) selection, and warehouse controls system (WCS) integration and support services. Contact FORTE today to get started with performance-driven solutions for your organization.

Foxteq Corporation
Richmond Hill, ON
Foxteq Corporation has been serving customers in Canada since 2004. They provide factory automation control solutions to machinery manufacturers and the automobile industry. Their engineers specialize in designing and commissioning PLC and drive control systems, especially with Siemens, Omron, Allen-Bradley, and Mitsubishi products. The company has designed a series of control systems for label-converting machines, printing, and food and beverage packaging machinery. Foxteq is the exclusive Canadian distributor for Weintek EasyView touch screen (HMI. All HMI products made by Weintek are CE and UL certified. They offer quality and reliable automation products and services backed by a team with comprehensive knowledge and experience with multi-purpose automation products.

Frakes Engineering, Inc.
Indianapolis, IN
Frakes Engineering is a full service control system integration engineering firm serving automation needs for industry. Frakes Engineering is one of the earliest independent companies performing systems integration for control systems. Frakes Engineering is not affiliated with any one manufacturer which allows them to work with the product specified by the customer. The firm's services include design, build, install, start-up, and final documentation. Frakes Engineering can implement machine and process control systems that are an integral part of your infrastructure and improvement planning. System types include PLC,instrumentation, and graphical operator interfaces (HMI) all networked together over the manufacturer's LAN, Profibus, Data Highway, Sinaut, etc. and Ethernet. Seven Project Managers specialize in their particular field including Pharmaceutical Validation, Corrugated Box, Water-WasteWater, Laser Marking and Vision Systems, MES, and Power Plants. Frakes Engineering has installed numerous radio and fiber optic communication systems spanning over twenty years. Our Laser and Micropercussion marking and vision systems group specializes in marking, mark verification and part inspection systems for quality control. Frakes Engineering has a team of Professional Engineers, Engineers, Microsoft Certified Professionals and technicians that have 175 years of collective experience.

Frisella Design
Clearwater, FL
35 years' experience designing and building turn-key custom automation, robotic integration and product development for the manufacturing industry. Our team of automation experts provide innovative solutions for your manufacturing processes; beginning with initial concepts all the way to system installation and support. We take on the most difficult applications, from tabletop to fully automatic assembly processes we welcome your challenge! CUSTOM AUTOMATION EXPERTISE: Thermal Processing Equipment, Food Packaging Machinery, Pick and Place, Robotic Packaging, Automatic Test Equipment, Material Handling Equipment, Labeling Equipment, Automatic Tape Dispensing, Conveyor Systems, Food Can Manufacturing/Process Development, Plastic Thermoforming Equipment, Manufacturing Assembly Equipment, Robotic Work Cells, Automotive Component Assembly and Manufacturing Tooling & Fixturing. ROBOTIC INTEGRATION: Our in house turn-key expertise will guarantee a cost effective reliable robotic solution for your company. We work with many robotic manufacturers and we let our clients' preference be our guide for brand selection. CAPABILITIES: Robotic Work Cells, Robotic Packaging, End-of-Arm Design, Tooling and Fixturing, Machine Tending Robots & Robotic Assembly. Our team's strength is our unique ability to identify your specific manufacturing needs and match them with the most effective and economically logical automation for your facility; WE CARE about your ROI. Consultations are free and our pricing is very competitive.

Fusion Systems Group
Willoughby, OH
Founded 1933 by Harold R. Williams, the company began its existence as Fusion Engineering Company. Its first products were paste brazing and soldering alloys - carefully blended formulations of atomized filler metal, solder flux, and special paste binders. In the early 1950's, Fusion scored another industry first, introducing the automatic paste applicator as a precise method of dispensing solder and brazing alloys onto components being joined. The appeal of Fusion products increased substantially with this step toward a complete assembly system. This trend continued in 1959 as Fusion's Machine Division was born, making possible the design and manufacture of custom machines which automatically moved fixtured parts through precise paste alloy application, heating and cooling operations. Fusion machines were installed in plants throughout the United States, primarily in the thriving automotive industry. Over the years, Fusion branched out into designing and building non-brazing machines. The Fusion Systems Group was formed in response to the demand for other types of custom automation systems - even applications outside metalworking industries. The company now builds many types of machines - simple or complex - engineered to each client's specifications and part rate requirements. From concept to installation, Fusion Systems Group accepts total responsibility for all aspects of a machine or automation project.

Futura Automation, LLC
Scottsdale, AZ
Futura Automation's mission is to support our clients' success growing and re-shoring manufacturing in North America by providing robotics and advanced manufacturing solutions

G&O Automatisierungs GmbH&Co.KG
Verden, Germany
G&O has been delivering technical solutions to major international companies with factories in Europe since 1992. Their services include all phases of project work in the electrical installations of machines to new or existing production lines. They have gained valuable experience working in both the automobile and food industries by bringing their processes in line with the latest technology in automated steering, controlling, and data capture systems. Their advantage is being able to quickly establish a close working relationship with their customers and meet their customers' needs in the quality and timings that are agreed.

G2 Technologies
Morrisville, NC
WHY? At G2 Technologies we believe that by empowering our clients with automation and test solutions supported by rich data analytics, flexible architecture and industry standard components, they will succeed far beyond a simple ROI analysis. We believe in challenging the status quo, asking 'why,' thinking differently, and consistently delivering solutions for our clients. How ' We ask questions, listen, understand, challenge preconceived notions, and then collaborate to design and deliver a solution. Our fully integrated team of mechanical and electrical engineers, programmers, fabricators, and support staff ' all located in the heart of North Carolina's Research Triangle Park area ' have delivered more than 300 systems since 2003. Central to all our solutions is the dTRAK data analytics platform, providing exceptional levels of data collection and analysis. With design architecture that is open, flexible, and scalable, we use commercially available hardware components and industry standard software to reduce long-term costs. What ' We focus on automating inspection systems, automating manufacturing, and developing test systems for the industrial market. As an experienced integrator, we use the latest technology to provide cost-effective, turn-key solutions for clients around the world. From aircraft smoke detectors to precision defect detection in automotive parts, we have the experience, tools, and resources to deliver a solution for the most demanding applications and environments. Over the years we have worked to differentiate ourselves in ways that are meaningful and important to our clients. We strive to make the challenging work of designing and implementing automated test and measurement solutions easier and more rewarding for our clients. We work hard every day for our clients to deliver better, faster, more efficient systems that can address our client's most demanding problems. Here are a few things that differentiate G2 Technologies: We love pushing the envelope, solving problems and applying our expertise on behalf of our clients. Click here to begin a dialogue with one of our engineers.

Gamache Systems
New Berlin, WI
Gamache Systems designs, builds, installs and supports machine tending robotics, assembly and automated manufacturing systems. We can provide turn-key systems including Fanuc robotics, special machines, , material handling, presses, fixtures and tooling; all developed around lean manufacturing principles. Gamache Systems is an Authorized FANUC Robotics Systems Integrator.

General Control Systems, Inc.
Green Island, NY
General Control Systems, Inc. is acontrol system integrator, providing comprehensive engineering and support service. The company designs and builds control panels consisting of relays and associated devices, PLC's, instrumentation, and computers. They are a company made up of engineers, technicians, electricians, and assemblers, which allows them to provide the best fit for a client's project. They are able to offer complete turnkey systems from inception to installation. As a full service control integration company, General Control Systems' management and project execution teams can provide the resources and technical talent to ensure a successful completion to a wide variety of industries.

Genesis Engineered Solutions, LLC
Arvada, CO
Welcome to GENESIS Engineered Solutions, LLC, founded in 2002, we are dedicated to bringing integrity and cost effectiveness to automation design build. With over thirty years of experience we are familiar with many processes and equipment designs. experience combined with a desire to provide the customer with a cost effective solution drives us. GENESIS has completed many successful projects. Our specialties are robotics, fixed automation, Web handling, and quality inspection systems, including; Machine Vision, Pressure Decay, Vacuum Leak, Eddy Current and Life Cycle Testing. we are experienced in many industries including Food and Beverage Processing, Automotive, and Consumer Component Assembly.

Genesis Systems Group
Davenport, IA
Genesis Systems Group is a recognized leader in robotic systems integration. In business since 1983, Genesis specializes in factory automation of robotic assembly and handling systems for welded, mechanical and adhesive assembly processes and machine tending applications. Genesis' solutions focus is backed by expertise in part processing, process development, system and tooling design, motion controls, manufacture, and implementation of industrial automation. With over 4,000 robotic welding system installations, Genesis has workcells located in over 42 states and 15 different countries. Today, Genesis Systems Group's engineered solutions are used in manufacturing a number of different products; automobiles, construction and agricultural equipment, office furniture, trucks and trailers, lawn and garden equipment and recreational vehicles, to name a few.

Genesys Controls Corporation
Landisville, PA
Genesys Controls Corporation (GCC) is an engineering and manufacturing firm providing general-purpose industrial control systems and automation solutions. Sales are focused on three markets: control systems, control panels, and microelectronic systems which represent the company's core technical competencies. The company's reputation is built upon technical excellence and quality manufacturing craftsmanship. In its control panel manufacturing operations, complex electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic control panels are manufactured for several regionally based fortune 500 manufacturers and OEMs. The microelectronics business unit employs an ISO 9001 based quality system and features electro-static discharge (ESD) safe assembly and automated test areas. Genesys Controls' hand-selected staff possesses the ability to build to customer requirements or develop custom solutions, from system analysis and specification to prototypes, production, programming, installation, training and support. Genesys Control Systems' business unit designs and/or manufactures control system solutions for OEM and end user industrial companies. Typical projects include electrical, electronic, pneumatic, or hydraulic elements controlled by one or more industrial programmable logic controllers or PCs adapted for industrial use. Genesys offers a complete range of industrial engineering design and control products services. Their engineers have a long and impressive track record of providing innovative solutions to challenging control situations.

GES Automation Technology, Inc.
Harrisburg, PA
GES Automation Technology, Inc. offers a knowledgeable team of highly experienced control, IT, software and process engineers. GES offers service and support in the areas of control automation, process system design, and information solutions. They offer control panel design and fabrication, PLC programming, HMI development, RFID solutions, network database collection, WMS integration, and Web-based applications. They also offer process design, P&ID's, equipment procurement, instrumentation, and project management. GES is a Certified Member of the CSIA.

Ghafari Associates
Dearborn, MI
Ghafari Associates, LLC is a leading control system design and engineering company providing innovative turnkey controls solutions to manufacturers worldwide. As an independent, full service firm, Ghafari has the resources to offer objective, single source project support in the system integration, consulting and control panel design and build fields. A uniquely-qualified staff of managers, engineers, and programmers gives Ghafari the expertise to meet client demand for material handling and process system controls, as well as for machine tool and robotic applications. Ghafari's design services include system architecture, bid packages, standards and specifications, and logic development. Their system integration services allow for the integration of production, material handling, engineering and purchasing into a single controlled system. Additionally, Ghafari provides total control panel design and build services for relay logic, PLCs, and computer controlled systems. Ghafari augments its turnkey services with a "team solutions" approach which addresses each project individually and utilizes the finest internal and external resources. Ghafari assures quality support and timely, cost-efficient project completion by forming strategic alliances with many leading companies.

Glebar Company
Ramsey, NJ
Glebar Company ( is an innovative, vertically-integrated, process improvement company that designs and configures its standard platform of modular precision centerless grinding machine systems to provide turnkey, custom solutions for its customers. The company focuses on delivering a process to its customers while maximizing customer return on investment. Founded in 1952, Glebar serves companies all over the world, across many market segments including medical, industrial, aerospace, automotive, consumer goods, and mining. Its machines are known for their precision, longevity, flexibility, and efficiency. In 2020, Glebar Company expanded its capability and is now offering Electrochemical Grinding (ECG) technology, through the acquisition of ECG leaders Tridex Technology and Everite. Glebar now offers innovative turnkey ECG manufacturing solutions designed to improve cycle times, maintain quality levels, and allow operators to easily set up and run multiple machines. Glebar's dedicated staff of engineers and applications personnel can design and integrate a turnkey automated precision grinding solution to meet your specific application needs for your Glebar centerless, micro, double-disc, form, or OD grinder. We can also address your standalone machine tool automation projects. We provide the unique complement of world-class grinding solutions and automation capability to design fully integrated cells for companies around the globe. For more information about Glebar, call (201) 337-1500, visit or send an email to

GoWare, LLC
Downers Grove, IL
For more than 10 years, GoWare has provided quality automation integration services that feature a wide range of capabilities. GoWare has experience ranging from simple cycle time improvements up through complete machine design and build. GoWare specializes in integrating motion control products and robotics with dispensing systems, industrial printers, vision systems and operator interface.

Graybill Machines Inc
Lititz, PA
Bakery | Snack Food | Confectionery Graybill Machines is a full service designer and builder of optimized process machinery. Graybill has a heritage of solidly built mechanical machines, with events that repeat every cycle, that meet precise application specifications. This is accomplished by combining their machinery building expertise and process knowledge with the client's product manufacturing knowledge. Graybill also believes that practical design, combined with proven engineering concepts, are the ingredients for total custom satisfaction. Rely on Graybill Machines to design and build a system that serves your complete requirements. Dough Handling | Filled Snacks | Baked Confectionery | Confectionery | Snack Cakes | Pie Makeup | Cheesecake | Bars | Pretzels | Patterned Toppings | Forming Heads | Dry & Liquid Depositor | Orient | Pick & Place | Demoulding | Pie & Tart Shells | Candy | Tracking | PLC |HMI | Servo Rotary | Project Management | Continuous & Intermittent Motion | Turnkey Automated Systems | Special Machines | Custom

Graybill's Tool & Die
Manheim, PA
The staff of Graybill's Tool and Die is available to help customers meet their tooling and machine design needs regardless of size or complexity. The company's state-of-the-art design equipment, experienced designers, and expert craftsman ensure that their customer's expectations are met or exceeded. They work closely with their customers from the submission of a quote through project completion. Graybill's Tool and Die has expertise in precision machining and production, design and build of custom machines/equipment, wire EDM services, stamping dies, extrusion dies, gauges and fixtures, form tools, prototypes, electrical/system integration, and panel building.

Great Lakes Automation Services, Inc.
McKean, PA
Great Lakes Automation Services, Inc. (GLASi), is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business and was founded in February of 2002. GLASi is a systems integrator that designs, manufactures and builds quality automated assembly and test equipment and provides service, tooling and parts to companies that utilize capital equipment in their manufacturing process. Prior to the establishment of GLASi in 2002, the current owners were each employed for 20 plus years in the automated assembly and test industry working for DT Assembly Machines Inc. (AMi). The many years spent at AMi provided the necessary experience to develop GLASi into a first-class provider and systems integrator of automated manufacturing processes. Over the past several years, the GLASi's capabilities have expanded significantly, allowing them to be very diverse in the industries in which they participate - automotive, medical device, consumer goods, ordnance and electronics. In May of 2004 GLASi, acquired AMi from DT Industries. This acquisition increased their customer base to over 250 and their machine installations to over 800 throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and China. GLASi has provided equipment and services to companies such as Ford Motor Company, where they built a $5 million system that assembled and tested a starter solenoid. They've built several automation systems for companies in the medical device market, including Becton Dickinson and Johnson & Johnson. Additional GLASi customers include Stant Manufacturing, TRW, Chrysler, Parker Hannifin, Thomas and Betts and Reliable Automatic Sprinkler. GLASi's systems provide several benefits to their customers, including state-of-the-art technologies and cost savings in the form of reduced labor and a quick time to market. Their on-time deliveries and unprecedented service is why 85% of their automation business is due to repeat customers. GLASi designs and integrates various types of automation systems, including automated assembly and test systems of discrete components; automated material handling; robot integration for assembly, parts handling and inspection; vision system integration; and lean manufacturing cells.

Guyson Corporation
Saratoga Springs, NY
Guyson Corporation is a designer and manufacturer of automated blasting systems specializing in robotic blast machinery. Guyson robotic blasting equipment is used in a variety of industries for critical surface treatment operations, including metallurgical shot peening, cosmetic finishing and surface preparation for advanced coatings.

Hadley Systems, Inc.
Edmond, OK
Hadley Design, Inc. began providing solutions to area manufacturers in 1983. Today, they serve large and small customers worldwide by offering customized automated equipment, as well as complete project management and implementation services. The company has experts in custom automated equipment design, industrial control integration, mechanical engineering services, process development and implementation of solid modeling, tool design, and more. Their products are typically customized to meet a specific need. However, they do have a standard line of equipment that performs carton feeding, labeling and/or inkjet printing needs. Some configurations can be easily modified for custom needs. They recognize that many organizations today have downsized their project staffs and have limited resources to implement solutions designed to improve product quality, increase capacity or reduce expenses. Therefore, they can temporarily become a client's project team, providing a fully implemented process per the client's specifications.

HAHN Automation, Inc.
Hebron, KY
As a full-range supplier of automation solutions we give priority to our customers and their products. It is our absolute interest to build high-quality machines, which fulfill the maximum demand in flexibility and productivity. The diversity of our products ranges therefore from simple manual workstations to sophisticated, fully automated assembly and inspection lines. Through longstanding experiences in the range of automating machinery, we are recognized partner to many well-known and internationally operating businesses. Thereby, our customers appreciate our quality-conscious and cutting-edge company. Due to our fair and close contact with our customers, we constantly strive to find and implement the best possible solution..

Raleigh, NC
Hallam-ICS is a full service system integration company. The company provides turnkey manufacturing automation solutions to the microelectronics, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and industrial markets. They specialize in design, installation, programming, and commissioning of facility management and control systems (FMCS), life safety systems, process control systems, and building automation systems. The Hallam-ICS team provides customers with complete and flexible design/build service. The in-house staff includes skilled project managers, field technicians, panel fabricators, process control engineers, and software developers (programmable logic controllers (PLC), human machine interface (HMI), and supervisory control and data acquisition systems (SCADA)). Control systems are developed and implemented in accordance with GAMP 4 methodology and 21CFR Part 11 requirements. The company has a UL508 certified panel fabrication facility and can meet CE certification if required. Hallam-ICS has been recognized as a Level 1 Registered Member of the Control and Information System Integrators Association (CSIA).

Victor, NY
HAN-TEK's 55 years of in-depth material handling experience as a solutions provider spans all aspects of manufacturing, assembly, and product distribution. Their solutions include overhead cranes, integrated conveyors, advanced automation, robotics, and PLC-driven control systems.

Harland Simon plc
Oak Brook, IL
Harland Simon is a full function systems engineering company integrating sophisticated industrial computers, PLCs, and variable speed drives. Harland Simon provides state-of-the-art engineering concepts to insure delivery of the most efficient, cost effective and up-to-date systems. Turnkey systems with start-up, 24 hour emergency service, training, and spares are offered. Thirty years of coordinated drive systems experience with special emphasis on continuous web processes, paper, plastics, metal, and rubber industries.

Hegwood Electric Service, Inc.
Doraville, GA
Working to be a Globally Recognized Name for Quality and Service in the Industrial Automation & Controls Industry. We have a PASSION for CREATING solutions! Founded in 1970 by Gene Hegwood, Hegwood Electric is an Industrial Automation and Controls company that provides not only products, but solutions for our customers. With experience, training and control knowledge, Hegwood Electric has designed, built, and provided start-up for automation and control systems globally. We're working to be a Globally Recognized Name for Quality and Service in Industrial Automation and Controls by having a Passion for Creating solutions. Operating from Georgia, our factory trained and experienced staff has not only served the South Eastern customer effectively but also customers throughout the United States, Canada, Asia, Africa, Central America, South America and Europe. In the Industrial Automation and Controls industry, we are proud to bring our services to many different industries from carpet to chemical, marble to municipalities, beef to poultry, oil to water. We have worked with various customers in solving their individual automation and control needs. We welcome the opportunity to speak with customers concerning their requirements. The solutions we have provided for automation and control include: Process Control, Machine Control, SCADA, HMI, Remote Data / Telemetry, Material Handling, Pump & Fluid Control, and more. With experience, training and control knowledge developed since 1970, including Spanish language skills, Hegwood Electric has designed, built, and provided start-up for automation and control systems globally.

Himak Pvt Ltd
Vadodara, Gujar, India
Hi-Mak Established in 1993. Authorized as a Siemens System House Since 1994. 55 Team members. Fully furnished office with approx. 12,000 Sq. feet area. Manufacturing facilities in Industrial Area (GIDC). Awarded as a Siemens Solution Partner for PCS 7 from 2009. Experienced Team in each functional area of Organization Marketing, Engineering, Project management , HR, Manufacturing , Logistics, Finance & Costing. Activity:- Project Management and Engineering; Turnkey Project Handling; Detailed Engineering System designing; Software developments; System up gradations; Design and Manufacturing of Control Panels, MCC and PCC; Erection and Commissioning; After sales services, Maintenance services; Training for our Customers ( Incl. Project Specific and Product )

Pieper Automation
Green Bay, WI
Pieper Automation is a division of Pieper Electric, Inc. The automation groups are located in Green Bay, Neenah and New Berlin, WI. Control systems integration is accomplished with an experienced staff of lead electrical engineers, instrumentation engineers, designers, technicians, computer programmers, machine vision programmers and CAD operators. The staff works closely with clients to determine the most logical, cost-effective control solutions available. Specific services include scope definition, project management, design and documentation, field survey, programming, construction supervision, system start-up, vendor interface, troubleshooting and training. It is our commitment to bring the technology of the future to industrial markets. Through this commitment, we have developed capabilities in state-of-the-art equipment/software. Engineering expertise in machine control, process control, distributed control systems, robotics, machine vision, SCADA and computer integrated manufacturing.

Pieper Electric, Inc. dba HiTech Automation
Cincinnati, OH
Pieper Electric, Inc. dba HiTech Automation. In June of 2016 HiTech merged with Pieper Electric, Inc. headquartered in New Berlin, WI. Together we have more depth and diversity in our services. Control systems integration is accomplished with an experienced staff of lead electrical engineers, instrumentation engineers, designers, technicians, computer programmers, machine vision programmers, and CAD operators. The staff works closely with clients to determine the most logical, cost-effective control solutions available. Specific services include scope definition, project management, design and documentation, field survey, programming, construction supervision, system start-up, vendor interface, troubleshooting, and training. It is our commitment to bring the technology of the future to industrial markets. Through this commitment, we have developed capabilities in state-of-the-art equipment/software. Engineering expertise in machine control, process control, distributed control systems, robotics, machine vision, SCADA and computer integrated manufacturing.

Pieper Electric, Inc. dba HiTech Automation
Neenah, WI
Pieper Electric, Inc. dba HiTech Automation. In June of 2016 HiTech merged with Pieper Electric, Inc. headquartered in New Berlin, WI. Together we have more depth and diversity in our services. Control systems integration is accomplished with an experienced staff of lead electrical engineers, instrumentation engineers, designers, technicians, computer programmers, machine vision programmers, and CAD operators. The staff works closely with clients to determine the most logical, cost-effective control solutions available. Specific services include scope definition, project management, design and documentation, field survey, programming, construction supervision, system start-up, vendor interface, troubleshooting, and training. It is our commitment to bring the technology of the future to industrial markets. Through this commitment, we have developed capabilities in state-of-the-art equipment/software. Engineering expertise in machine control, process control, distributed control systems, robotics, machine vision, SCADA and computer integrated manufacturing.

HiTek Solutions, LLC
Southport, CT
HiTek Solutions, LLC specializes in applications requiring a highly technical solution involving PC's, programmable logic controllers, motion controls, and vision systems. HiTek Solutions has over 25 years of experience in a number of different industries with respect to process control and assembly machine automation. HiTek Solutions' ability to combine technologies such as object orientated languages with automation projects has allowed for more robust and complete system integration, allowing information sharing beyond just the tradional plant floor application.

Hollander Techniek
Apeldoorn, Netherlands
Technical service provider Hollander techniek focuses on one of the key activities in the industry. This relatively young company was founded in 1974 by Jan Hollander and has since grown into an independent technical service provider of high-standing. The company has almost 400 employees divided among the head office in Apeldoorn and branches in Almere, Amersfoort and Almelo. Hollander Techniek provides complete industrial automation project services from pre-design consulting through system start-up and maintenance. Hollander Techniek is committed to the long term success of it's customers and the environment.

Honeywell Intelligrated
St. Louis, MO
Honeywell Intelligrated provides fully integrated solutions for automated material flow in the manufacturing sector, including food and beverage, newspaper, converted paper, electronics, and automotive. Effective and reliable integrated systems from Honeywell Intelligrated are used by some of the world's most competitive and successful manufacturers who enjoy the benefits of increased capacity, reduced operating costs, enhanced inventory management, increased labor efficiency with reduced training costs, improved order accuracy, and integration with enterprise information flow. Honeywell Intelligrated's sales, engineering, and project management teams understand the unique demands of these facilities and work closely to create the material flow system best suited to the customer's operations. With more than 2,000 material handling professionals, 1.9 million square feet of manufacturing space, and thousands of successful implementations, Honeywell Intelligrated has the resources and the experience to solve the most demanding manufacturing material handling challenges, anywhere in the world.

Horizon Microtech Limited
Ahmedabad, GU, India
Horizon Microtech Private Limited is a professionally managed company that works primarily in the fields of electrical and industrial automation systems. They are a manufacturer of a complete range of power & control panels as well as a leading Siemens system integrator for automation products. The company's strength is consciousness for quality and adeptness to new technologies. They can design, manufacturing, supply, and install all kinds of electrical panels and bus ducts. They can manufacture fixed as well as draw out panels. They offer installation, commissioning, and servicing for all type of electrical equipment and consultancy for the design and statutory guidelines for electrification. The company can also provide turnkey project execution, application engineering for plant/machine automation, and ppower system automation viz. AMF synchronizing and substation automation.

Houston, TX
HPI is a gas turbine instrumentation and controls company using former key VT Controls and HSDE staff with over 150 cummulative years of experience in the industry. The company supplies new and retrofit GT control equipment and services relating to GT-based generator/compressor and pump control as well as the GT control itself.

Hunt, Guillot and Associates, LLC
Ruston, LA
HGA is a multi-disciplined engineering organization with enhanced capabilities in electrical and control system design and integration. HGA's staff includes experienced engineers and technicians and has professionally registered personnel in all departments. Many have over 25 years of industrial experience. HGA's customer base comes from various industries including forest products, pulp and paper, chemical, aluminum extrusion, oil and gas, water and wastewater, manufacturing, construction, public utilities, and equipment manufacturing industries. Through control system integration, HGA is well experienced in connecting various manufacturers' equipment to form complete operating control systems for manufacturing. System design, control software, installation, construction management, start-up, and training services are important components in providing this service and are areas in which HGA excels.

Richards Bay, KZ, South Africa
I-ASICC was established to serve the materials handling industry, primarily in the design, automation, and commissioning of wharfside and stockyard machines. To this effect the company has discharged several successful contracts to design and commission new control systems and refurbishments for stacker reclaimers, shiploaders, ship unloaders, container cranes, and train tipplers. The director of I-ASICC has in excess of 20 years of experience in the bulk materials handling industry and has also served the gold, coal, pulp and paper, steel, and general factory automation industries in this time.I-ASICC operates as a Systems integrator and Vendor for Siemens and Futuristix(Wonderware products), and also supplies and builds industrial computing and networking equipment as well as specialised instrumentation such as position measurement and GPS systems and RF Ethernet and Profibus networking equipment.

IAS Inc.
New Berlin, WI
IAS Inc. is an engineering company focused on helping our customers navigate, refine and deploy their initiatives for automation and integration. At IAS we have staff certified and proficient in a comprehensive array of industry standard automation components, control platforms, robotics, vision systems, and software languages. IAS is a diverse and experienced company that is committed to optimizing your operations and providing innovative automation solutions, enabling advance in your competitive advantage.

High Point, NC
iAutomation helps OEMs deliver market-winning machine designs with automation know-how, products and services. The company's 75+ automation engineers work hand-in-hand with machine builders and end users from ME to SC to create a differentiated machine control solution, including motors, drives, precision mechanics and control software. Industry specialties include life science, alternative energy, semiconductor, packaging and metrology. iAutomation is the combination of several successful automation distributors, including respected brands such as AutomationSolutions, Integrated Motion & Action Automation.

ICEA Solutions
Elysburg, PA
ICEA Solutions provides instrumentation, controls, electrical and automation services to municipal, industrial, commercial, agricultural and residential clients through innovative and cost-effective solutions. Proactive technical skills, impeccable ethics and always maintaining the highest degree of customer service are the company's core business value. Our services include automation systems integration, programming, panel building, troubleshooting, calibrations, implementation of change control, reverse design of lost control system programs, project management and consulting for automation and instrumentation systems, training and instruction, maintenance support, and equipment installations. Our Products Include: Auto-dialers & Sensors, Instruments & Controllers, SCADA Systems & Touch Screens, Programmable Logic Controllers, Primary & Back-Up Pump Controllers, Pump & Wet Well Monitoring Systems, Wireless & Hard-Wired System Networks, Custom Pump Station & Well Field Controllers.

ICT Automatisering Nederland B.V.
Gorinchem, Netherlands
ICT Automatisering Nederland B.V. is a Dutch daughter of ICT Automatisering N.V.: over 600 high educated employees, sites in The Netherlands, Poland and Bulgaria. ICT is a system integrator that realizes total solutions for different markets. The services of ICT Automatisering are: Consultancy, Fixed-time projects, 24/7 Service and training. Specialties: MES/DCS/PLC/SCADA, production automation, process automation, warehouse automation.

Image Labs International
Belgrade, MT
Image Labs International has been providing imaging components since 1993. They have experience developing machine vision solutions from cameras and lenses to complete turnkey solutions. The company's System Design Engineering Team is dedicated to providing imaging-based solutions for quality control and advanced automation solutions for today's manufacturing and research leaders. ILI's broad access to the products from the top manufacturers keeps their engineers up to date with the latest technologies.

Imperium Solutions, LLC
Broken Arrow, OK
Imperium Solutions is an integration firm with broad-based experience in multiple disciplines. They are engineers and technical tradesmen who can provide a wide scope of technical services. They pride themselves in dedicating their attention to the task at hand. The scope of their experience covers the spectrum of controls-related tasks ranging from initial design to PLC programming to on-going project management to full service start-up and commissioning.

Bangkok, Thailand
INDEFF group is a top 5 Wonderware Endorsed System Integrator and Specialized Solutions Provider with 75+ Wonderware dedicated specialists. We globally offer our services from 8 offices in Europe, Middle East, Asia (ASEAN) and USA (Atlanta). Our key competences are Plantwide Automation, Central Control Rooms, MES - Smart Manufacturing & Operations Management. Our services include Consultancy and Turnkey Projects, including Project initiation & preparation, Detailed Analysis, Functional Design, Implementation, Validation, Go Live, Change Management, Project Management and 24/7 Global Support.

Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
INDEFF group is a top 5 Wonderware Endorsed System Integrator and Specialized Solutions Provider with 75+ Wonderware dedicated specialists. We globally offer our services from 8 offices in Europe, Middle East, Asia (ASEAN) and USA (Atlanta). Our key competences are Plantwide Automation, Central Control Rooms, MES - Smart Manufacturing & Operations Management. Our services include Consultancy and Turnkey Projects, including Project initiation & preparation, Detailed Analysis, Functional Design, Implementation, Validation, Go Live, Change Management, Project Management and 24/7 Global Support.

Atlanta, GA
INDEFF group is a top 5 Wonderware Endorsed System Integrator and Specialized Solutions Provider with 75+ Wonderware dedicated specialists. We globally offer our services from 8 offices in Europe, Middle East, Asia (ASEAN) and USA (Atlanta). Our key competences are Plantwide Automation, Central Control Rooms, MES - Smart Manufacturing & Operations Management. Our services include Consultancy and Turnkey Projects, including Project initiation & preparation, Detailed Analysis, Functional Design, Implementation, Validation, Go Live, Change Management, Project Management and 24/7 Global Support.

Indiana Automation, Inc.
Noblesville, IN
Indiana Automation is an electrical systems integrator that has been designing turnkey electrical control systems for over 15 years. IAI specializes in retrofitting CNC control and servo drive systems on existing machines. With the successful integration of over 100 projects and more than 60 years of CNC experience, IAI can provide a cost-effective solution to improve any machine tool. Clients have asked Indiana Automation to provide factory visualization systems. IAI is also nationally known as a leading system integrator in the prison security automation market. Their knowledge and experience in industrial manufacturing has allowed them to cross over into other industries using similar technologies to design innovative, never-before-seen solutions.

Industria Sigrama S.A. of C.V.
Torreon, Co, Mexico
Industria Sigrama S.A. of C.V. is a company dedicated to the design, construction and integration of electronic equipment for supervision and process control. Established in 1986, it has designed and constructed electronic equipment to satisfy specific industrial needs. It is one of the main suppliers of instruments, measurement systems and control in the production, transmission & distribution of energy as well as in the process industry. The company has established their leadership through their expertise and superior quality services. Sigrama considers their services to be as important as their products. Sigrama's services are organized to help costumers maximize the benefits of their investment. The company's standard services, such as repairs and field services, are complemented with others like specialized applications, training and workshops and specifications (consulting).

Industrial Automated Systems
Wilson, NC
Industrial Automated Systems (IAS) is an independent systems integrator that designs and builds control systems for a variety of automation and information applications. The company puts extra value into every system they produce in the form of real-world simulation testing, comprehensive documentation, and responsive field support services. IAS is an organization committed to developing long-term relationships with their clients. We bring great value to a project in the areas of technology, budgeting, scheduling, project management, engineering, and quality control.

Industrial Automation
La Crosse, WI
Industrial Automation designs, constructs, programs, and installs custom control systems for a wide variety of industries. These industries include metal forming, metal cutting and welding, injection molding, extrusions, wood processing and cabinetry, food processing, and pharmaceuticals. With over 50 man-years of experience in industrial control integration and repair, Industrial Automation has extensive experience in many motion control technologies. These technologies include servo motor systems, stepper motor systems, linier actuators, hydraulic and pneumatic motion systems.

Industrial Automation & Control Ltd
Newport, UK, United Kingdom
IAC serves the metals, plastics, paper, chemical, and extrusion coating industries throughout the world. IAC is an approved system integrator for the world's major component manufacturers. They have a wealth of experience in designing control systems for the process industries. Initially founded to provide solutions to the paper industry, IAC diversified into other industries utilising AC drives, DC drives, PLC & SCADA. Projects range from hundreds of pounds to millions with full turnkey capability.

Industrial Automation Services
, AR
Industrial Automation Services is a leading provider of PLC-based control systems in the Arkansas area. Our company designs, builds, installs, and services these systems for a wide range of industries. With years of proven field experience and low overhead, Industrial Automation Services is able to offer the most for a client's automation dollar. Our skilled technical staff will provide clients with the integration assistance they require on any level, from simple problem solving to complete turnkey automation installations. The company's on-going relationships with many local and national companies are a testament to their customer service and the quality of their solutions. Industrial Automation Services gets the job done on time and within budget. Our experience and expertise in factory automation, process control, office information systems, and networking leads to efficient and quality production.

Industrial Automation Solution
Cypress, CA
Industrial Automation Solution is a system integrator dedicated in finding the most cost effective and highest performing industrial automation system for our clients. We have been involved in a number diverse of projects and have over 20 years of hands on expertise in finding the correct solution to satisfy the customers needs.

Industrial Control and Computer Consultants
Waynesboro, PA
Control Consultants is a small business specializing in electrical and software engineering services for industry. The company's electrical engineers design and integrate industrial control systems that meet complex customer specifications. The company is a single-source for the design of hardware and software machine controls that govern all phases of the manufacturing process. Components from various vendors are integrated to provide the optimum engineered solution. The software engineers have many years of hands-on experience with various commercially available CNC and PLC systems and are are very familiar with many standard industry software languages including C/C++, MIL standard, IEEE, ISO and CMM software standards. The company is an engineering partner to many industrial manufacturers of machine tools and other high technology products. Their customers, current and previous, are very impressed by the company's high quality of service and their level of satisfaction. Control Consultants works hard at developing and maintaining long-lasting, responsible partnerships with their customers. Control Consultants also installs patient monitoring systems in hospitals and nursing homes.

Industrial Control And Design, Inc.
Fresno, CA
Industrial Control and Design specializes in industrial control systems integration, providing evaluation of the customer's process control and automation needs, furnishing the customer with operator friendly and process accurate solutions. This is accomplished by utilizing programmable logic controllers, operator interface terminals, sensors, and other specialized control devices. Integrating these types of controls, along with an innovative system design to provide a complete control package is what Industrial Control and Design does best.

Industrial Control Associates, Inc.
Albany, GA
ICA is a full service system integrator specializing in custom fabricated machinery, turn-key integration, custom robotics, motion applications, machine modification / enhancements, and non-destructive testing systems. ICA will provide the complete solution. ICA prides itself on teamwork, technical excellence, professionalism, and integrity in our work and all of our relationships.

Industrial Electric-Automation, Inc.
Albuquerque, NM
Industrial Electric-Automation, Inc. (IE-A) founded in 1974 is a diversified industrial contractor offering construction and integration services to major manufacturing, mining, DOD, DOE, and utility companies throughout New Mexico, Texas, and Arizona. As a contractor IE-A offers electrical, welding fabrication, and millwright services for factory and mill construction projects. IE-A resources and personnel are also available for field repairs and maintenance contracts. IE-A has experience in automated material handling, machine control, P&ID process control, industrial heating, and batch control. IE-A has designed and built several large scale SCADA systems utilizing PLCs, DOS computer front ends, and microwave data radio links. Major projects completed have been for mine processes and municipal water systems.

Industrial Electronics of the Carolinas
Greenville, NC
Industrial Electronics of the Carolinas (IEC) began as an integration house and quickly grew to become an engineering resource for manufacturers and OEM's in eastern North Carolina. IEC moved into engineering, design, and consulting as clients requested assistance in determining equipment needs. Although the leaders in industrial automation courted IEC, IEC chose to remain unaffiliated in order to eliminate any bias, or the appearance, in their recommendations. Their opinions are based upon technical information, ROIs, and long-term goals of the client. The result is that IEC is involved in most of the major decisions that their clients make. IEC's engineers have the experience of corporate America. All of their engineers have at least 10 years of engineering experience from leading companies such as Weyerhaeuser, Abbott Labs, Collins & Aikman, and other large manufacturers in the area.

Industrial Process Group, LLC.
Warsaw, IN
Industrial Process Group (IPG) is a solutions provider for Process and Industrial Controls. This includes but is not limited to; Turn Key Capital Equipment, Industrial Refrigeration, Industrial Process, Food Process, CIP, Data Acquisition, Material Handling, Automated Assembly, Automated Welding and Waste Water Treatment. The industries we serve include; Pharmaceutical, Agriculture, Automotive, Packaging, Orthopedic/Medical, Shipbuilding/Marine, Heavy Industries, General Manufacturing, Food Process and Cold Storage. IPG is currently members of Integrator programs such as Allen Bradley and Wonderware to name a few. We are currently a UL 508A Panel Shop and are in the process of gaining our UL 689 certification. Our customer list includes well known names throughout the facets of industry that we serve. We have the capacity to meet many PLC and PC based needs that range from the 'shop floor to the top floor' of any organization through well known and cutting edge technologies.

Industrial Prosoft Solutions
Oceanside, CA
Industrial Prosoft Solutions specializes in SCADA Systems for Plant Monitoring, Robotics Machine Design, Industrial Vision Systems, and General Controls Engineering Systems Design & Programming. IPS has been gaining ground in the areas of Research and Development for IoT, 4.0, IIoT, and other areas of technology for manufacturing and plant floor applications.

Ingine Systems, Inc.
Calamba, Philippines
Ingine Systems is an Industrial Automation and Control Systems Integrator. We design, develop and implement valuable control systems for manufacturing, process and other industrial facilities. Using our knowledge of engineering, information technology, and business, we integrate plant equipment to automate manufacturing and processes from the plant floor to the enterprise level. As an Industrial Automation and Control Systems Integrator, we utilize our expertise by offering products, technical services, developing solutions and project execution to provide the best value for our clients.

InnCon Automation Corporation
West Valley, NY
InnCon Automation Corporation is a controls system engineering firm located in West Valley, New York. They offer a wide range of control system services, from on-site troubleshooting and maintenance support of existing processes to turnkey control system integration of expansion or new processes. Applications include water/wastewater, manufacturing, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, commercial printing, energy production, and many more. Since 1996, InnCon's engineering and design staff has aggressively and successfully served the process controls industry. This knowledge is complemented by extensive experience with all types of programmable logic controller and SCADA/PC based systems, including Allen-Bradley, Rockwell), Siemens, AutomationDirect, GE Intellution, and Wonderware. InnCon's goal is to provide cost-effective and reliable control/automation solutions to their customers by providing state-of-the-art engineering services at competitive rates on projects that are completed on schedule and within budget.

Innovar Systems Limited
North Jackson, OH
Innovar Systems is an international leader in industrial automation and test equipment. Innovar uses its comprehensive set of in-house design and production resources to provide superior turnkey solutions based on the best off-the-shelf technologies. Innovar's solutions incorporate both quality verification and closed loop process control. These provide dramatic increases in throughput and quality with the ability to remotely diagnose production problems anywhere in the world. To ensure success, Innovar identifies the specific benefits that the solution must deliver and focuses on achieving those.

Innovative Automation Inc.
Barrie, ON
Innovative Automation Inc., was founded in 1989 in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. Innovative provides automation solutions to Fortune 500 clients in the automotive, electronics, plastics and pharmaceutical industries. As an ISO9001:2000 registered company, Innovative strives to serve their clients with a quality policy that adheres to the company's ISO designation. Typical systems include automation cells for: automotive assembly, testing, vision inspection, robotics applications, and laser welding. Automation installations locations include Canada, United States of America, Mexico, United Kingdom, and the Czech Republic. With over 170 robotic applications in the field, Fanuc, Motoman, ABB, Nachi, and Adept are the most common chosen robots and controls. The company's electrical controls team is very proficient in the programming of Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Omron, Idec, Koyo, and Mitsubishi PLCs. Vision applications typically include Cognex, DVT, Omron, Banner and Siemens vision automation components. Our company's mechanical design team utilizes SolidWorks as the 3D solid modeling design software for systems designs and math data importing.

Innovative Automation, Inc.
Romulus, MI
Innovative Automation provides solutions to meet the challenges of their customers' manufacturing operations. Innovative Automation can partner with clients to develop unique controls, process, and mechanical systems. Innovative Automation can support a client's motion, PLC, pneumatic, hydraulic, and all other machine operations. Innovative Automation can also provide consultation and design for manufacturing processes as well as new products. We are happy to provide integration support and full turnkey automation project delivery including machine design and build.

Innovative Control Solutions
Plano, TX
Innovative Control Solutions, Inc (ICS) is a diversified systems integration firm that offers experience and expertise in a wide variety of industrial applications. The company's capabilities and strengths are based upon their staff of professional resources that provide quality project management, engineering and design, and strong field experience that compliment the various types of projects that they execute. ICS places a heavy emphasis on customer satisfaction and deliveribles with high quality standards.

Innovative Products and Equipment, Inc.
Lowell, MA
Innovative Products and Equipment, Inc. has designed and built fully automated custom assembly machines since 1980. IPE works on a wide variety of applications including those for the medical disposables, plastic, automotive, electronic, and toy industries. IPE's understanding of what it takes to satisfy a customer's stringent requirements pertaining to quality, delivery and performance is second to none. IPE is an authorized Adept Technologies, Inc. robot integrator. IPE's staff has been factory trained and field tested. IPE is expert in robot integration and vision system applications. IPE offers a wide variety of technical and professional services all specifically tailored to meet the needs of its customers. These services include fully automated systems, robot integration, specialty machinery and complete manufacturing systems. IPE stands behind its work. It guarantees that any equipment or fixture it designs and builds will meet or exceed the level of performance quoted. IPE is dedicated to doing whatever it takes to satisfy a customer's performance and delivery requirements.

IVC Vision Solutions, Inc.
Fairfield, NJ
IVC Vision Solutions, Inc. provides Machine Vision, Automation and Packaging Solutions. With over 20 years of industry experience, the IVC team will custom design solutions for each client's specific application. We are a full service provider taking total responsibility for a client's solutions from beginning to end. IVC Vision Solutions, Inc. has a long and distinguished resume in providing quality machine vision systems, automation systems,control solutions and packaging automation equipment.

Insight Automation
Erlanger, KY
Insight Automation is a material handling systems control integrator specializing in conveyor and sortation control systems. With experience in all facets of warehousing, distribution, and manufacturing environments, Insight has provided solutions for most material handling requirements. The Insight team consists of professional controls engineers, project managers, and technical support engineers with a variety of backgrounds and experience levels averaging over 15 years.

Intec Solutions Inc
Atlanta, GA
Intec Solutions specializes in finding the right process for your material handling needs in the empty and full side production, including delivery and storage systems for preforms, caps and containers. We are an engineering and services resource functioning from project design to realization and strategically focused on Lean Manufacturing and cost reduction. Our more than 200 successful systems integrations and global client base are our best endorsement.

Intech, Inc.
Melbourne, FL
Intech, Inc. is a solution provider specializing in embedded real-time software, custom software, automatic test equipment, systems integration, and consulting services in the hardware and software fields. Intech works with customers in the areas of: project definition, hardware/software requirement specifications, software development, hardware acquisition, systems integration, and system test and maintenance. Satisfied customers include commercial companies and federal and municipal government agencies.

Integra Automatizacion y Control, SA de CV
Estado de Mexico, CP, Mexico
INTEGRA currently works with the philosophy of offering integrated solutions and services Instrumentation, Automation and Control. We have over 40 years of experience in market integration projects for the industry. We are authorized integrators and certified by Honeywell as a solution provider and Allen Bradley. Integra has nationwide coverage in all its services. Our services are provided in the industry in general: Pharmaceutical , chemical, metalworking, automotive, food processing, sugar industry, original equipment manufacturers, cement, textiles.

Integrated Industrial Technologies, Inc.
Pittsburgh, PA
Integrated Industrial Technologies, Inc. (I2T) has been providing affordable engineering solutions for complex automation problems for over 25 years. Our expertise in integrating various control platforms to perform precise motion, intricate vision, and demanding robotic functions provides you with a competent partner for your demanding automation projects.

Integrated Systems & Controls
Medford, NJ
Integrated Systems and Controls (ISC) is committed to supplying fast, reliable implementation of their customers' objectives. ISC's principals each have over 20 years of experience designing and integrating projects at all levels of sophistication. ISC is familiar with most of the PLC lines on the market today. From small-scale distributed control to robust, powerful standalone PLC controllers, ISC offers simple plant floor control stations to complex site integration solutions. ISC has demonstrated ingenuity and imagination in enterprising PLC and SCADA systems. Our ISA-certified calibration technicians each have over 10 years experience in commissioning, start-up, and maintenance.

Integrated Technology Engineering, Inc.
Rochester, MN
Integrated Technology Engineering is an industrial automation and mechanical/electrical engineering firm located in southeast Minnesota. Their specialities include industrial process control, custom machine design and automation, PLC programming and HMI/SCADA development. ITE has been in business developing control systems for customers for more than 25 years.

Integrators Serving Other Industries
around the world
abrasives - adhesives - aerospace and aircraft (development and manufacturing) - aggregates - agricultural (including grains, meats, dairy, and tobacco) - aluminum (products, fabrication, and manufacturing) - appliances (consumer and industrial) - automation, instrumentation, and control - automotive (components and manufacturing) - aviation, airports, and airlines - biotechnology - bottling and canning - brewing and distilling - building automation and facilities management - building materials - chemicals and petrochemicals (products and processing) - coal mining and processing - coating, finishing, and plating - cogeneration - communications and telecommunications - computers, information systems, and office machines - consumer products (including soap, cosmetics, and household products) - containers (including cans, glass bottles, and plastic containers) - controlled atmosphere and refrigeration (including HVAC) - discrete manufacturing - durable goods - electrical equipment (including batteries and motors) - electronics (including components and assembly) - energy production, management, and conservation - engineering and construction (services, equipment, and materials) - environment, pollution control, and remediation - fabricated metal products and processing - fiber optics - fiberglass products and manufacturing - fishing, fisheries, and fish production - food, beverage, and allied industries (incl. baking, confections, and snack foods) - foundries, forging, and casting - furniture (including office furniture) - gases (industrial and specialty) - government and defense - heat treating - hydroelectric energy - laboratories (including lab equipment) - life sciences - machinery and heavy equipment (including machine tools) - mail order and product fulfillment - manufacturing (general or unspecified) - marine (including shipping and shipbuilding) - material handling (including robotics, conveyors, and elevators) - medical and health care (including medical and biomedical devices) - metal stamping and forming - metals (including mining and processing) - milling - mining, minerals, and quarries - molding and extrusion - municipalities - nuclear energy - offshore (including oil & gas exploration and production) - oil and gas (including exploration, production, transportation, and distribution) - original equipment manufacturing - packaging (including food and consumer products) - pet products (including pet food and pet care) - petroleum refining, extraction, and distribution - pharmaceuticals manufacturing - pipelines - postal, parcels, shipping, and delivery - power generation and distribution - printing, converting, and web handling - processing (including continuous, batch, and material processing) - publishing (including newspapers) - pulp and paper - quality control, test, and inspection - railroads - raw materials mining and processing - recreation and entertainment - research and development (including analysis and education) - rubber, plastics, paint, and composite materials - saw mills - security and corrections - semiconductor (fabrication and manufacturing) - specialty chemicals - steel (products, fabrication, and manufacturing) - stone, clay, glass, and brick (including cement, concrete, and ceramics) - sugar and salt (production and processing) - test and measurement - textiles and fibers (products and manufacturing) - tire manufacturing - transportation services and equipment - utilities (electric, gas, water, and sanitary) - warehousing, distribution, and logistics - waste treatment and disposal (including landfills) - water and wastewater - winding and coiling - wire and cable - wood products (including lumber and woodworking)

Integro Technologies Corp.
Salisbury, NC
Integro Technologies is a full service machine vision and ID integrator providing turnkey product solutions, consulting and support services for a wide range of manufacturing processes. With over 300+ cumulative years of machine vision experience and over 2,000 successful installations, Integro's 500+ clients worldwide have rely on their expertise to solve the most demanding vision applications on time and within budget. Since 2001, Integro has worked to develop strategic partnerships with well recognized machine vision component suppliers that have proven to provide superior products for the most challenging industrial applications. Integro's Corporate Offices & Technology Center are located in Salisbury, North Carolina, and the business has rapidly grown into an additional regional sales offices located in Maryland, Indiana, Alabama, Virginia, Tennessee, and South Carolina.

Interactive Design, Inc.
Lenexa, KS
As a systems integrator, Interactive Design has been solving industrial autoamtion and control requirements since 1987. The company combines machine vision, robots, motion control, and material handling with their control systems and machine fabrication expertise to develop custom, integrated solutions. Every solution is specific for the customer and designed to solve a particular problem or process. The final solution can be incorporated into an existing production process or delivered as a complete, free-standing machine or work cell.

Interstates Control Systems, Inc.
Sioux Center, IA
Interstates' services include design, construction, programming, testing, and installation of custom plant-floor control systems for the industries listed above. The company is a licensed integrator for the above companies but has extensive experience with other manufacturers of PLCs, HMIs and PCs. They have over 25 years of practical experience in their automation division. In-house capabilities also include complete electrical design and installation of industrial wiring and instrumentation. References available upon request.

Inventek Engineering, Inc
Santa Ana, CA
Inventek Engineering is a California based Automation Services company and Systems Integrator established in 1989. We are an authorized Fanuc Robotics Integrator and an Omron Oasis Partner. We provide creative and cost effective turn key solutions for numerous industries. "What can we automate for you?" 714-520-1504 Our main expertise: * Industrial Robot Integration * Mechanical Engineering and Design * Equipment Designs for 24/7 Operation * Flexible Bottling Systems * Automated Assembly Systems * Material Packaging/Handling * Vision Based Automation and Inspection * Production Equipment Automation * Factory Wide Automation Systems * Palletizing with Robotics * Pick & Place Equipment Design * Machine Vision System Integration * Conveyor Systems - Product Tracking

IPS Custom Automation
Arlington, TX
IPS Custom Automation designs, manufactures, and installs custom automated equipment for the electronics, automotive, appliance, defense, and consumer products industries. These processes typically include automated material handling, assembly, grease/glue application, fastening, and inspection. The company's engineers and technicians are experienced working with various brands of programmable logic control systems, pneumatics, explosion-proof processing equipment, robotics, servo positioning systems, and vision inspection systems. The company's automation experience combined with each client's expertise in the production of specific products enables them to develop a machine or system that will increase product quality and lower annual production costs, thus increasing a client's profitability. IPS Custom Automation has mechanical, electrical, industrial, and software engineering capabilities as well as a complete in-house manufacturing facility, including 5 CNC machining centers. They also have a Quality Control Department with the capability of inspecting relatively large parts as well as close-tolerance precision tooling. This capability includes a 14" horizontal beam optical comparator with 10X and 50X magnification, surface plates, micrometers, calipers, gauge blocks and pins, hardness testers, etc.

Dover, PA
ISTECH is a Full Service Engineering and Systems Integration Company specializing in Design, Build, Global Installation and Support of Custom Automated Assembly, Test and Packaging Machines as well as Fully Integrated Manufacturing Systems, Robotic Systems, Specialized Machine Vision and Laser Inspection Systems. ISTECH's Controls and Software services include Design, Build and Integration of Custom Control Panels, Interfaces, Machine & Motion Control Systems, Custom Software Development for Machine, Process and Quality Control and Data Acquisition. Markets Served include Medical Device, Electronics, Defense, Automotive, Plastics, Photonics, Food Processing and Other Manufacturers.

Chester, VA
ITAC's Electrical & Controls Department includes twenty engineers on staff with over 300 combined years of systems integration experience. They have vast experience in the food & beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, tobacco and OEM custom machinery industries. From plant-wide distributed process automation systems to stand-alone machine controls, ITAC offers a unique skill set that can take a client's automation project from specification to commissioning. ITAC works with many automation platforms and vendors to ensure their customers have successful projects finished on schedule and under budget.

ITS Automation & Controls Inc.
Delta, BC
ITS Automation has been operating since 1976 and currently has ten staff members. The principal owners are backed up with experienced engineers and designers that have been working for many years with the company and form the nucleus of the design team. Their focus is on the implementation of cost-effective power, control, instrumentation, PLC and HMI systems best suited for the project at hand. Their goals are realized through close communication with clients and all equipment suppliers involved, as well as on site start-up assistance. This formula has proven to be the base for successful plant start-up and operation and, ultimately, satisfied and repeat clients.

J.H. Benedict Company Inc.
East Peoria, IL
Very responsive private company with highly skilled personnel. journeyman tool & die makers, welders, machine operators and assembly personnel. Mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic design and fabrication capabilities. Extensive robotics and process engineering experience specifically in areas of deburring, welding, polishing, material handling, polishing & machine load/unload. Complete offering on CNC horizontal, vertical milling machines. Multiple CNC wire & ram EDM machines. CNC lathe, grinders and waterjet capabilities.

Jacobs Technology
Tullahoma, TN
Jacobs Technology Group (TG) has been providing design, construction, and operation services for over five decades. Today, TG provides comprehensive services to the international community and has developed research, certification, and testing facilities to support automotive, ground vehicles, aircraft, missile, and spacecraft propulsion systems development. In the last few decades, TG has been responsible for more than 400 test facility design and design/build projects and has designed, developed, operated, and maintained more than 100 advanced large-scale data acquisition and control systems. TG's computer-based systems work includes mainframe computers for data analysis and archival, data servers for networks, workstations for real-time control and analysis, PLC-based systems, and embedded controllers in VXI off-the-shelf software products. TG offers capabilities uncommon to most engineering firms and equipment suppliers in that TG has an in-depth understanding of systems interactions and interdependencies and their effect on integrated facility performance.

JAE Automation
Kemptville, ON
We believe technology should improve quality of life. At JAE Automation, our goal is to improve quality, efficiency and competitiveness so our customers can succeed while providing better, safer jobs. JAE Automation is a systems integration company that can deliver turnkey systems, PLC programming, SCADA/HMI systems, process control, mechanical 3D modeling, robot integration, start-up, commissioning, utilities information/control, MES/IT/databases and vision systems.

JB Besturingstechniek
Oosterwolde, Netherlands
JB Besturingstechniek is an international oriented company. With about 40 employees, of which most have a Bachelor or Master in Engineering degree, we are one of the larger autonomous industrial automation partners in The Netherlands. Our goal as system integrator is to increase productivity of (existing) production facilities and (logistic) processes by using state of the art automation solutions. In order to meet the competition with low wage manufacturing countries, companies in The Netherlands and other European countries will have to automate their production sites further in order to increase their productivity. The use of robots, quality control, and identification systems like OEE software, vision, barcode, and RFID systems contribute to this. The highly educated specialists of JB Besturingstechniek, who have knowledge of the state of art technical possibilities, develop and implement such soft- and hardware. A trend in industrial automation is the replacement of hardware by more flexible and intelligent software solutions. For the development of structured and understandable software JB Besturingstechniek uses a method called SCAM. This stands for Structured Control Analysis Method. JB Besturingstechniek appreciates long term relations with her employees, customers and suppliers. That makes it possible to successfully develop and implement automation solutions for our customers.

Jewett Automation
Richmond, VA
Jewett Automation provides comprehensive engineering and fabrication services to design and build automated manufacturing equipment. The company's services include concept design, machine design, robotic systems development, machine vision inspection systems, mechancial detailing, electrical design, software development, high speed parts feeding, and machine shop fabrication. Their complete in-house capability has allowed them to complete hundreds of successful projects, including many proprietary developments, in a wide range of industries.

JF Automation USA
Tonawanda, NY
JF Automation USA provides Sales and Service for Siemens : - Programmable Controllers (PLCs) - Computer Numerical Controls (CNCs) - Servo Drives and Motors - Variable Frequency Drives Fully stocked and staffed Repair Shop for all major brands of industrial circuit boards : Siemens, Fanuc, Rexroth ' Indramat, Toshiba, Rockwell - Allen Bradley, Panasonic, Sony, Mitsubishi etc. JF Automation USA offers : - Servo motor repairs - Control Panel Building - Expert in Industrial Control Systems - Design and Integration of Automation Systems - Your partner for CNC & Machine Tool rebuild-retrofit - Provide long-term contract Control Engineers and Technicians at your facility - Expert in Siemens Software Programming : Step 7 PLC, WinCC Flex HMI, & Servo Drives - Located in Tonawanda, New York with several international offices

JH Memmer Technical Services, Inc.
Evansville, IN
See website at for more background information.

JH Robotics
Johnson City, NY
JH Robotics offers a wide variety of products and services including special machines, contract manufacturing, assembly and robotics integration. The JH Robotics engineering staff is experienced in the mechanical and controls aspect of machine design and also in the manufacturing of all components. They have been very successful with their lean team approach for projects. Their engineering team shares tasks between projects, which allows each engineer to share up-to-date technology and experience gained from each project they undertake. The majority of the parts used to assemble special machines at JH Robotics are designed by their engineers and manufactured in-house by a trained and skilled manufacturing staff. All products are manufactured, assembled and tested at a 44,000 square-foot facility located in Johnson City, New York. Since 1997, JH Robotics has been an integrator of Fanuc Robots, utilizing and installing robots in either complete manufacturing cells or as stand-alone units to mate with a client's existing equipment. They have designed and manufactured assembly lines with as many as ten robots in various applications. JH Robotics has an extensive customer list of large and small companies and has a reputation for giving top quality, well engineered and rigorously tested products.

JLS Automation
York, PA
JLS Automation has a long history of providing high performance motion control solutions for a variety of industries. The company presently provides solutions for printing press automation and rbotics for packaging. The company also manufactures gantry robots for a variety of material handling applications. JLS has all technical disciplines in house, including mechanical and electrical design and software development with a focus on motion control and vision-related automation. The company is a certified ABB Flex Picker integrator as well as a certified integrator for Bosch Rexroth Controls and Eurotherm SSD. The company is also a solutions provider for Siemens Automation. The company has several software products for the automation of printing machines. Services include PLC/HMI/motion/vision/robot programming as well as mechanical and electrical assembly.

John Hart Automation
Clayton, Australia
John Hart Automation & Robotics is an integrator for Australian manufacturing, in addition to the supply of Fanuc robotics to the Australian market. John Hart as a company has been in operation for over 60 years and we have over 25 years' experience automating through the delivery of turnkey solutions in response to customers' requirements and we can help improve the operational efficiency of any manufacturing business. We provide a full range of support for all John Hart supplied systems. Please contact us for more information.

Jordan Engineering Inc.
Toronto, ON
For over 20 years Jordan Engineering has been providing industrial software solutions throughout various markets including power generation, mining and minerals, transportation, chemical compounding, pharmaceutical, food and beverage and water treatment. Our solutions span the industrial control environment from instrumentation and control panels on the manufacturing floor, through the PLC and HMI, to operator training and interfaces with corporate ERP systems. We have a history of working closely with operations, maintenance, IT, project management, and industry specialists to develop customized, user-friendly systems with both long term and short-term return on investment. In 2017 Jordan became the first company in the Americas to be Master Certified within Schneider Electric's Alliance Program by completing extensive exams on Networking, PLC programming and SCADA design and implementation. We are the only System integrator in Canada with this level of certification. Jordan Engineering has been a member in good standing of the Control System Integrators Association (CSIA) since 2007. The CSIA community is made up of dedicated Control System Integration firms who seek to share and implement best business and project management practices. Our participation in this organization demonstrates our commitment to providing industry leading service and solutions.

JR Automation
Nashville, TN
JR Automation's Wright Industries division is the south's largest turnkey automation systems integrator, located in Nashville, Tennessee. The Wright division began business in Nashville in 1945. Today it is staffed with over 400 employees and is utilizing over 250,000 sq. ft. of air-conditioned plant space. Their in-house manufacturing capability allows very tight control for fast track projects in today's highly competitive markets. Their project management system is one of the finest in the nation providing their customers with timely information as to the overall progress of their projects. This tight management control allows JR Automation's Wright Industries division to be highly competitive in a world-class manufacturing environment.

Kahler Automation
Fairmont, MN
Kahler Automation was the automation department of an electrical contracting company in business for over 60 years. Kahler Automation was formed as an independent company in 1989. Kahler has extensive experience controlling and measuring liquids in several different industries, also dry bulk material handling systems. Kahler is a UL shop with experience in 508, intrinsic safety, and certified control panels for hazardous locations such as Class 1 (Groups A,B and C) and Class 2 (Groups E,F and G). Kahler has experenced personnel on staff in electrical, mechanical, and software development. Kahler can provide a complete turnkey project including electrical engineering.

Kasa Anlagen
Chennai, TN, India
Kasa Anlagen is an ISO 9001 : 2008 certified Indo-American joint venture providing Automation solutions for core sector industries viz. Cement, Steel, Power, Auto, Agritech, Petrochemicals, Paper, and Glass among others. We leverage expertise spanning multiple industries , built over the years, to offer optimum solution to our customers, quickly and cost effectively. We also manufacture power and control panels as per customer specifications. Other services include PLC programming, Software Development, HMI, Commissioning, Training and After Sales Service. We partner with world leaders such as Siemens for PLC/Drives, Bosch Rexroth for Servo Motors & Drives, ABB for HT boards to provide end-to-end solutions to our customers.

Kasa Industrial Controls
Salina, KS
Kasa Industrial Controls, Inc. designs and manufactures quality-built custom control panels and consoles. Whether designed and built to a client's specification, or manufactured from a client's design, clients can count on Kasa for quality. Kasa is a world leader in control systems for fields such as automotive, batching, food processing, grain handling, parts conveying, energy & power, blending & handling, alarm, bulk & unit handling, water treatment, petroleum, plastics extrusion and machine tool automation. Kasa has 35+ people in the engineering department and 15+ people in the production department with expertiece in many different automation applications. Precise and meticulous attention is given to every production detail. Upon completion, a client's control system is routinely tested for programming and wiring correctness to the client's or Kasa's design, and may also be subjected to simulation tests to assure the ultimate in quality and reliability. Kasa's experienced engineering staff is available to discuss a client's specific requirements, and will work closely with clients to ensure that their control systems will perform exactly as desired. Precise drawings, diagrams and schematics offer such options as enclosure type, color graphic display, wiring method, and component selection. Clients can be assured of a complete, concise, and accurate system designed with practical maintenance, modification and expansion capabilities in mind. ISO 9001, UL 501a and UL 698a

Kawasaki Robotics USA Inc.
Wixom, MI
Kawasaki's robotics system integration expertise includes robotic-based system designs centered around the company's line of robots starting with a 3 kg maximum payload, up to units capable of manipulating 1500 kg. Kawasaki's system integration expertise includes services such as application engineering, 3-D system simulation, system design and build, on-site installation, and start-up support along with industry-leading after-sale customer service and support. System applications include arc welding, dispensing, machine tending, material handling, press tending, painting, and spot welding. One of Kawasaki's technical expertise areas includes a specialty in heavy deposit welding including laser vision-based seam tracking, real-time weld bead path modification, touch sensing and total weld quality improvement.

KC Robotics Inc.
West Chester, OH
KC Robotics is a single source solution for robotic engineering and automation, industrial robots, service, and replacement parts. KCR Systems, the company's Advanced Systems and Engineering Group, provides design, engineering, programming, tooling, and installation for custom and pre-engineered systems. KC Robotics prides itself in providing a high level of customer service and creative problem solving to ensure successful, cost-effective, and user-friendly robotic systems to the customer. As an integrator for major robot manufacturers, KC Robotics has experience in various industries including aerospace, appliance, composites, construction, consumer goods, defense, electronic, food, foundry, glass, metal, packaging, and plastics. KC Robotics is an active member of the Robotic Industries Association (RIA), currently working through the RIA Certified Integrator program.

Keco Engineered Controls
Lakewood, NJ
KECO Engineered Controls works with power utilities, refineries, manufacturers, and processors to insure that operations are efficient and unplanned shutdowns and emergency situations are avoided. The company specializes in the control of combustion, flow, level, pressure, and temperature components of manufacturing, refining, processing, and power production. New and retrofit systems are provided ranging from small sub-systems for local monitoring and alarms to larger systems that include all components, instruction, drawings, and start-up assistance for a boiler or process control application. Special expertise is provided for systems that integrate PLC and PID controllers with final controls elements, such as control valves, air flow dampers, pumps, and motors. Emphasis is to provide systems that start-up on time and on budget.

Keeble & Assocs
Ocean Grove, VIC, Australia
Elenprom Pty.Ltd.has operated continuously from 1990, initially trading as E.E.Engineering and, since 1998, as Keeble&Assocs. The business is a professional engineering company, acting as either consultant or contractor according to client preference. It covers the full range of power, control automation functions, capable of the complete electrical systems designs from the incoming transformer to the final line of SCADA implementation. Of the many projects carried out over the years, the ones have been in the areas of Australian Defence, Materials Handling and Transport - particularly in the mining industry, Water Treatment Plants and chemical processing - especially in the paint industry. Recent work in SCADA projects have extended the functionality from machine and line control into the areas of Enterprise reporting at Plant Management level.

Keller Technology Corporation
Huntersville, NC
Keller Technology Corporation has over 95 years of experience in the design and build of special machinery. Core capablities include the design and build of flexible automation systems, special process equipment such as ASME code pressure valves and vessels,and high vacuum fabrication. Keller is also an expert in the design and manufacture of web handling and converting equipment. Keller has over 200 employees and the capability to be a full service supplier of turnkey systems from upfront consulting to engineering, manufacture, installation, training, and documentation of equipment. Expertise in FDA regulated medical, pharma and biotech applications including machinery for aseptic environments. Expertise in semiconductor and engineered materials applications.

Kelley Controls Inc.
Santa Clarita, CA
Kelley Controls Inc. has provided their customers with a superior level of service since their inception in 1997. They have completed numerous projects in various industries. Their projects range from turnkey systems to control retrofits of existing equipment. The company can work from a client's detailed specifications or they can draft project details from a client's verbal instructions. Whether a client calls on them for the entire project or to augment the client's existing personnel, clients can count on the company's professionals to stand behind their work.

Keltour Controls Inc.
Burlington, ON
For over 50 years, Keltour Controls has been a leading electrical control panel manufacturer and systems integrator. Keltour Controls can provide a complete control system from the concept and design stage to commissioning at the customer's plant. Industries served range from automotive,Protection& Control to food processing to name a few.

Keltour US Inc.
Cape Coral, FL
For over 50 years, Keltour Controls has been a leading electrical control panel manufacturer and systems integrator. Keltour Controls can provide a complete control system from the concept and design stage to commissioning at the customer's plant. Industries served range from automotive,Protection& Control to food processing to name a few.

Keystone Engineered Services
Selma, AL
Keystone was formed in 2000 although its principal, a registered professional engineer, has been designing and installing control systems since the mid 70's. Our expertise is motion control including winding, positioning,welding, and cutting on the fly as well as the measurement of product in motion including weight calculations.Keystone has a complete panel shop and constructs a large assortment of panels including "one of a kinds" and multiples for OEM or large users. Panels can be to customer's design or Keystone's design to meet the customer's needs or to support a custom machine.Some completed projects include complete machines or control systems for: CNC wire winding, unwinding, measuring,cutting,and coiling machines; automated welding machines; pick and place machines; hydraulic presses; custom cnc drilling machines; cnc staking, punching and forming machines; process and batch control; dispensing;palletizing; sawmill equipment including horizontal and vertical band saws, trimers,and sorters; marking; inspection; conveying; packaging; and measuring weight, board feet, or other parameters on the fly.Keystone can design and build control systems from concept only or can work from customers prints. A large part of Keystone's business is retrofitting existing machines or processes with a new "state of the art" control system.

Kim Control Systems
Blaine, MN
Kim Control Systems is a full service integrator focused on developing, implementing, and supporting industrial control systems. We work in partnership with our clients to define the best control system for their needs and budget. The company's commitment to creating and maintaining strong communication channels between all parties creates the right environment for successful, on-time, and low-stress project completion. Kim's approach to system design will give clients a control system that is easily managed today and that provides room for simple future expansion. Their control panel solutions offer quick delivery, full CAD documentation, UL-508 listing and a one-year parts and workmanship warranty.

Kaman Automation, Control & Energy
Rochester, NY
Kaman Automation, Control and Energy is a platform of Kaman Distribution which combines Minarik, Zeller and GCF. AC&E is a leading provider of automation, control and energy management components, systems and services to original equipment manufacturers, industrial production plants and infrastructure facilities throughout North America. Visit us at to learn more.

Kline Process Systems
Wyomissing, PA
Kline Process Systems provides solutions to a client's biggest automation challenges from process upgrades to turnkey control system design, programming, and integration. These solutions improve quality, reduce cost, and are measurable at the bottom line. Kline Process Systems offers a wide range of services including process design, control system design, manufacturing execution systems, programming, panel fabrication, electrical construction, process piping installation, and weekend plant conversions. KPS can build a new plant or optimize an existing process. KPS understands the process and related technology to support a client's automation needs.

Koester Corporation
Napoleon, OH
Koester Corporation is a registered professional engineering firm capable of providing design, engineering, manufacturing, and contract management services in power, substation, lighting, digital control, process control, conventional control systems, and mechanical engineering. Koester utilizes AutoCAD for all drawings and can provide computer and PLC programming services. The manufacturing division is capable of building and testing hydraulic and pneumatic systems, as well as all electrical control systems. Completed panels can be U.L. approved in-house. Koester Corporation has proven to be a leader in technology with high quality, on time control systems.

Kors Engineering
Waterford, MI
Kors Engineering is a premier service provider for manufacturing and municipal organizations looking to optimize technology and integrate systems. With expertise in automation, controls, systems integration and energy management, Kors Engineering delivers quantifiable results in cost reductions, time savings and labor efficiencies. For more than three decades, the team has consulted and executed projects to improve systems on the shop floor and throughout entire facilities. For more information, visit Headquartered in Waterford, Michigan, the Kors Engineering team has earned a reputation of customer value through more than 30 years of service for Midwestern manufacturing, industrial and municipal clients. Founded by Vern Kors, the company has expanded to support organizations as they launch, grow and/or integrate facilities, systems and equipment. Kors Engineering assists clients with a passion for quality and a mindset for growth. Kors Engineering is distinguished by its approach of non-proprietary, open architecture solutions, with an ability to preserve valuable legacy investments. The company assists customers with an independence from specific products and platforms, and the team proposes and deploys the most efficient, cost effective solutions available.

Kredit Automation & Controls, Inc.
Scottsdale, AZ
Kredit Automation and Controls, Inc. is an engineering and technical services company that specializes in automation for the manufacturing and process industries. The company can integrate, install, and troubleshoot almost all types of manufacturing machinery. With expertise in PLC and HMI programming, data acquisition, AC and DC drives, and controls retrofit, they cover a broad range of industries throughout Arizona and the Southwest. The company's capabilities range from plant automation systems integration to machine troubleshooting and repair through 24/7 emergency service. They company is proud to include Fortune 500 companies such as Alcoa, Honeywell, and Coca Cola, Kaiser aluminum, and Sapa Aluminum among their customers as well as many local manufacturers.

Kubica Corp
Novi, MI
At Kubica Corp, we strive to provide excellent solutions because our customers matter, making us an industry leader in Control Systems Integration. Our intent is to deliver excellent engineering solutions to customers whose processes need improvement. These top quality solutions and services are developed specifically for our clients to precisely exceed their expectations. Our ultimate goal is to bring value to every job, every time.

L/A Automation, Inc.
Pinellas Park, FL
Specialize in custom one off applications. Able to provide concept through final design and construction of complete systems. Over 30 years experience in designing and building a wide variety of equipment for a wide variety of industries. We will sit down and discuss your requirements and provides a working concept for your unique requirements.

L/A Wheel Systems, Inc.
Pinellas Park, FL
Designer and builder of automated wheel & tire assembly systems and handling equipment. Also supply automated high speed tire inflation systems.

Lashley, Cohen and Associates, Inc.
Lawrenceville, GA
Lashley, Cohen and Associates has been in business for over 16 years providing the highest quality automation solutions to a wide variety of clients and processes. Bringing the structure and discipline of large project experience to efficiently manage the small and medium projects, quality documentation, and post project support are the hallmarks of an LCA effort. From PLC-based automation systems to power distribution, a quality project can be done on-time and on-budget.

St-Laurent, QC
Letico, Inc. is a high technology Canadian company providing engineering services and focusing on the implementation and integration of automated systems and process control. Established in 1981 as a consulting firm specializing in application of variable speed drives, the company expanded into the field of computer-based process automation systems. Letico is active in production systems integration; customized software and hardware design; and control systems engineering, including custom machinery and person/machine interface design. Based on hands-on application experience in the process control, Letico's personnel can perform the following tasks: feasibility studies; definition of control strategies and techniques; preparation of functional specifications; design and manufacture of control systems; system test and checkout; installation engineering; start-up, commissioning, and system maintenance; customer training and documentation of the system hardware/software. Being an independent hardware supplier, Letico's engineers configure the required system from the most reliable and cost-effective components. Whether the project involves a retrofit or an expansion of a new system, Letico provides solutions that get results.

L.H. Controls & Automation
Fort Wayne, IN
L.H. Controls was incorporated in May of 1983 and in April of 2001 became part of the L.H. Industries family of companies. Staffing includes system design engineers, software engineers/developers, mechanical engineers, special machine designers, CAD operators, mechanical assemblers, technician/panel assemblers, repair technicians, plus office support. L.H. Controls has in-depth experience in automation machinery and industrial control applications utilizing programmable controllers and industrial computers in areas such as material handling, machine control, process control, and factory automation. L.H. Controls has successfully implemented major factory data collection systems for labor and materials reporting. Support capabilities include design, engineering, fabrication, installation and start-up supervision, field service. From the evaluation of customers' needs through the engineering and design of equipment, programming, and documentation of various system elements, to manufacture of complete control systems, and installation and start-up, the company's commitment is evident.

Logical Control Solutions
St. Catharines, ON
Logical Control Solutions has been servicing the automation needs of industry throughout North America since 1995. With over 25 years in the electrical control business and extensive experience in a variety of industries, Logical Control Solutions is well equipped to find the best automated solutions for each client. As automation specialists, they offer PLC programming, motion control, panel building, robotics, AC/DC drives, engineering, and system integration. Complete turn-key projects are welcome as they also provide complete mechanical and electrical engineering and machine building. Always looking to expand their abilities, Logical Control Solutions has recently expanded into airfield lighting control systems and now also provides solutions to airports throughout North America.

Logix Automation Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Chandigarh, UT, India
Logix Automation has over 50 man-years of experience in industrial automation. The company provides automation solutions in process control, machine control, information systems, CNC/PLC solutions for motion control, Vision Systems, Bar Code Solutions and energy conservation. There is ample expertise available with the organization to provide consultancy as well as total solutions. The company has an in-house facility for manpower training.The company has launched a product by name "Factory Pulse" for capturing real time data from shop floor and provide analytics on equipment utilization. "Factory Pulse" is customized to customer environment and can be implemented in any manufacturing or packing industry.

Lorik Tool & Automation Inc.
Brantford, ON
From simple test and inspection fixtures, parts assembly, robotic welding, and material handling systems, to fully-automated turnkey work cells, Lorik Tool can provide a cost-effective solution for your production needs. Lorik Tool is a fully integrated source for automation applications with mechanical & electrical design/build, programming, and installation services.

LT Software Solutions, Inc
Portsmouth, NH
LT Software Solution, Inc. (LTSS) specializes in providing Automation Technology and seamless conversions between Programmable Logic Controller types. We have extensive experience converting PLC Controls such as Siemens S5 PLCs to Siemens S7 PLCs, as well as converting Siemens PLCs to Allen Bradley PLCs and vice versa. We've also converted GE, Modicon, Mitsubishi and Omron PLCs and operator panels to Allen Bradley and Siemens. Our controls conversion exposure has developed into a unique set of experience and tools that are readily available to make your conversion smoother and LTSS has Siemens S5 parts IN STOCK for emergencies. Support for Production Systems Every manufacturing plant has challenges, especially pressure for nonstop production to meet customer demands. If downtime presents a critical problem in your process, you should consider a service agreement provided by the LT Software Solutions, Inc. (LTSS) Technical Support Team. We will customize a service agreement to fit your exact needs. These agreements options can range from simple phone support to a full blown full 24/7 agreement.

Lucidyne Technologies, Inc.
Corvallis, OR
Lucidyne Technologies, Inc. is a high technology systems integrator staffed by a team of talented professionals and committed to excellence in systems development. They are process control specialists, able to evaluate, analyze, and solve problems with a mastery and intuitive style that goes beyond the ordinary. Lucidyne brings to your application a diverse, yet unified staff and the experience, expertise, and principles that assure success. Lucidyne's 120+ years of combined staff experience includes wood products, pulp and paper, food processing, and a variety of other industries. From process controls to vision systems, Lucidyne is consistently on the leading edge of technology. They hold the patent to the technology used in their ColorScan Grade Mark Reader. Other products include RipScan automatic scanner/optimzation system for secondary manufacturers, and a state-of-the-art control systems for primary and secondary plants. Lucidyne's first rate reputation for research, experimentation, and development continues to be a source of the company's success. Lucidyne's commitment to quality and development means their customers receive the most innovative, practical, and proactive solutions available.

M&L Controls Inc.
West Alexandria, OH
M&L Controls has been providing control solutions for over 11 years. M&L Controls has expertise in both continuous and batch processes. M&L Controls can take a project from concept to completion. M&L Controls can be an extension of a client's personnel or take complete responsibility for a project. M&L Controls can perform the following services to name just a few: capital cost estimating, instrumentation specification and selection, system engineering and design, funtional requirements, construction coordination, configuration, training, start-up, and commissioning.

Machine Systems Integrators
Stillwater, MN
MSI was formed in 1994 and has provided machine controls for a variety of industries using a variety of products. MSI is a small streamlined company that can offer personalized service, quick response, and a rate below what is typical in the industry. MSI provides the entire electrical controls package, including design, panel construction, machine wiring, programming, start-up, and service work. MSI provides controls for new machines but also does many machine rebuild projects to upgrade equipment to modern controls.

Machinery Control Systems, Inc.
Ho Ho Kus, NJ
Founded in 1987, Machinery Control Systems, Inc. (MCS) is a systems integrator that designs and installs process control systems, including electrical engineering, instrumentation, and software development. The company offers customers turnkey solutions supported by single-source responsibility. Their expertise includes proficiency in a broad range of programming languages including the latest and expert design, electrical, and mechanical engineering. Experienced with distributive control systems using both PLC and PC-based systems, they can integrate an entire range of industrial control hardware and software, including field devices such as sensors, drives, valves, etc. The company's creative approach to process control systems makes use of up-to-the-minute technology. The result is that their clients significantly reduce expenses and increase efficiency and have the benefit of long-term support.

Magnetek Material Handling
Menomonee Falls, WI
Since 1981, Magnetek has been the world's leading designer and manufacturer of power delivery and control products for the material handling industry. The company offers application and engineering expertise and sophisticated components for use in automated material handling applications. Most important, they provide solutions to specific production challenges such as increasing plant productivity, reducing maintenance costs, and/or enhancing worker safety. The Engineered Systems Group at Magnetek identifies processes and designs control systems utilizing company products that improve manufacturing and material handling requirements. With its technical background, Magnetek is able to provide project evaluation, application solutions, engineering design, system manufacture, project management, field start-up and test, and installation assistance. Magnetek has a proven track record in serving the material handling needs of steel, paper, automotive, aerospace, and logging industries.

Maida Engineering, Inc.
Philadelphia, PA
Maida Engineering, Inc. is a full service, multi-discipline engineering and design firm with exceptional capabilities in the instrumentation and control area. The firm is headquartered in the Philadelphia, PA area. Past projects in process and manufacturing plants have included the application of programmable logic controllers, distributed control systems, and computer mainframes for central monitoring. The firm's diversified staff enables them to provide complete projects that cross all engineering disciplines. Maida Engineering has provided turnkey systems and design/build services to its industial, commercial, and theme park clients since 1978. We have recently completed a design to replace the MG sets that hoist and lower the trams at the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, MO with new Variable Frequency Drives. We are regularly engaged in the glass bottle manufacturing, cement manufacturing, pharmaceutical operations/manufacturing and aircraft (helicopter) production areas. We continue to work on projects involving wind tunnels. We also specialize in power systems analysis and studies, including arc flash studies and substation design.

Martindale Associates Incorporated
Haverhill, MA
Martindale Associates has been providing automation solutions since 1976. Martindale has experience in process control, data acquisition, machine control and barcode data collection systems, as well as extensive experience in wireless Ethernet networks, SCADA modem radios UHF, VHF and 900 Mhz radios and cell data modems. Martindale has implemented barcode data collection tracking systems utilizing mobile handheld devices, RFID tracking for vehicles, product tracking, lot tracking, location tracking, production counting.working in process and inventory control. Other automation systems implemented by Martindale Associates include process control and monitoring for wastewater treatment; spring water inventory and level monitoring; pond water level and usage, chemicl usage and remote monitoring via radio or cell wireless networks, process control and monitoring for furnaces, ovens and extrusion lines. Martindale has experiance in conveyer control, labeling systems, weighing systems and product ID tracking system. Martindale writes custom software or utilize off-the-shelf third-party software packages. Programming capabilities include C, C++, C Sharp,, Factory Floor, PAC Project Pro, SQL databases, ODBC and Studio. Martindale Associates works with end users as well as OEMs. Systems can be written in English and Spanish. Martindale has service engineers on staff for 24 hour emergency service, remote dial-in service and on-site troubleshooting. The company provides training on all the products they implement. Maritndale Associates is a small business, women-owned company.

MASS Group
Chatsworth, CA
Manufacturing Automation Software & Systems Group is a single source supplier for automation software, hardware, and engineering services for a wide range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, chemicals, consumer products, energy, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, plastics, semiconductor, utilities, and water/waste water. MASS Group provides manufacturing automation and supply chain management solutions including software development, consulting, support services, and training for MES, SPC/SQC, batch process management, line performance solutions, CMMS/EAM, advanced planning & scheduling, HMI/SCADA, ERP, process simulation, data historian, secure industrial wireless networking, and warehouse management solutions. MASS Group also provides high quality automation, control, and auto ID products including mobile computers, rugged tablet PCs, direct part marking solutions, 2D part scanners, barcode scanners, barcode printers, and secure wireless LANs for industrial environments. MASS Group, Inc. specializes in integrating technologically advanced automation software and hardware through expert yet cost-effective engineering services for a wide range of industries and manufacturing processes. The company also offers systems planning, design and integration, software applications development, complete software and hardware installation/configuration, software and systems training, and support/maintenance.

Massman Automation Designs, Inc.
Villard, MN
Massman Automation Designs is a designer and builder of special automation machinery and custom robotic systems. The company was founded in 1987 as a Minnesota corporation. Massman Automation Designs operates in a 40,000 square foot facility, has a complete machine shop, welding shop, painting area, and an extensive machine assembly floor. Personnel consists of approximately 80 employees which include an engineering staff, an applications engineering group, administrative personnel and machinists/technicians. In addition to designing and building special assembly and packaging machinery, the company is a systems integrator for several major robot manufacturers including ABB Robotics, Fanuc and Kuka. In addition, they have integrated many other brands of robots. Industries that Massman Automation Designs has served include the food and beverage industry, oil filter industry, pharmaceutical, medical, automotive, and a broad range of industrial environments.

MasterControls Inc. LLC
Pendleton, IN
MasterControls is all about serving their clients' needs. They believe so strongly in the principle of serving, that they started a business based strictly on it. MasterControls believes that the keys to serving their clients are focusing on a client's automation needs as the top priority, striving to save the client money, creating and maintaining open communications with clients, establishing trust between MasterControls, their vendors, and their clients, providing competitive pricing delivered in a timely fashion, and maintaining a reputable and untarnished reputation in the industry. The company's machine experience includes assembly equipment, test stands, tightening systems, transfer lines, winders, drill machines, dial machines, robots, ovens, washers, and spcialty machines. The company's CNC machine experience includes lathes, mills, grinders, hobbers, gantry, and specialty machines.

Matrix Automation, Inc.
Huron, OH
From project inception to on-line performance, Matrix Automation is dedicated to providing customers with innovative factory automation to help meet the manufacturing challenges of productivity, quality, and delivery in the global marketplace. The Matrix Automation commitment to customer responsivness has enabled them to develop and maintain long-term relationships with their customers, and to pursue new opportunities with manufacturers in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and throughout the world.

Matrix Design, LLC
Bartlett, IL
Based just northwest of Chicago, Matrix Design develops, builds, and installs robotic automation systems and services to factories worldwide. Matrix is a leader in supplying standard and custom robotic material handling systems including machine tending (machine tool loading/unloading), part/tray exchange, inspection, palletizing, and robotic deburring systems. Matrix is a FANUC authorized robot integrator (ASI), an RIA certified robot integrator (CRI), a FANUC Certified Vision Specialist, and Cognex Vision partner system integrator (PSI) and have an autonomous service team that's available 24/7.

MAVERICK Technologies, a Rockwell Automation Company
Albuquerque, NM
MAVERICK Technologies is a global leader in industrial automation, enterprise integration and sustaining services for clients across a wide range of manufacturing and process industries. Leveraging its unique enterprise-wide perspective, MAVERICK identifies suboptimal operations and improves performance for greater safety, efficiency and overall profitability. The company's people, processes and technical capabilities ensure delivery of the right solution for every project, using the most appropriate technology. Organizations around the world depend on MAVERICK's responsiveness, results-driven approach and dedication to their success. To learn more, please visit

MAVERICK Technologies, a Rockwell Automation Company
Baton Rouge, LA
MAVERICK Technologies is a global leader in industrial automation, enterprise integration and sustaining services for clients across a wide range of manufacturing and process industries. Leveraging its unique enterprise-wide perspective, MAVERICK identifies suboptimal operations and improves performance for greater safety, efficiency and overall profitability. The company's people, processes and technical capabilities ensure delivery of the right solution for every project, using the most appropriate technology. Organizations around the world depend on MAVERICK's responsiveness, results-driven approach and dedication to their success. To learn more, please visit

MAVERICK Technologies, a Rockwell Automation Company
Benton Harbor, MI
MAVERICK Technologies is a global leader in industrial automation, enterprise integration and sustaining services for clients across a wide range of manufacturing and process industries. Leveraging its unique enterprise-wide perspective, MAVERICK identifies suboptimal operations and improves performance for greater safety, efficiency and overall profitability. The company's people, processes and technical capabilities ensure delivery of the right solution for every project, using the most appropriate technology. Organizations around the world depend on MAVERICK's responsiveness, results-driven approach and dedication to their success. To learn more, please visit

MAVERICK Technologies, a Rockwell Automation Company
Charlotte, NC
MAVERICK Technologies is a global leader in industrial automation, enterprise integration and sustaining services for clients across a wide range of manufacturing and process industries. Leveraging its unique enterprise-wide perspective, MAVERICK identifies suboptimal operations and improves performance for greater safety, efficiency and overall profitability. The company's people, processes and technical capabilities ensure delivery of the right solution for every project, using the most appropriate technology. Organizations around the world depend on MAVERICK's responsiveness, results-driven approach and dedication to their success. To learn more, please visit

MAVERICK Technologies, a Rockwell Automation Company
Tinley Park, IL
MAVERICK Technologies is a global leader in industrial automation, enterprise integration and sustaining services for clients across a wide range of manufacturing and process industries. Leveraging its unique enterprise-wide perspective, MAVERICK identifies suboptimal operations and improves performance for greater safety, efficiency and overall profitability. The company's people, processes and technical capabilities ensure delivery of the right solution for every project, using the most appropriate technology. Organizations around the world depend on MAVERICK's responsiveness, results-driven approach and dedication to their success. To learn more, please visit

MAVERICK Technologies, a Rockwell Automation Company
Columbia, IL
MAVERICK Technologies is a global leader in industrial automation, enterprise integration and sustaining services for clients across a wide range of manufacturing and process industries. Leveraging its unique enterprise-wide perspective, MAVERICK identifies suboptimal operations and improves performance for greater safety, efficiency and overall profitability. The company's people, processes and technical capabilities ensure delivery of the right solution for every project, using the most appropriate technology. Organizations around the world depend on MAVERICK's responsiveness, results-driven approach and dedication to their success. To learn more, please visit

MAVERICK Technologies, a Rockwell Automation Company
Richardson, TX
MAVERICK Technologies is a global leader in industrial automation, enterprise integration and sustaining services for clients across a wide range of manufacturing and process industries. Leveraging its unique enterprise-wide perspective, MAVERICK identifies suboptimal operations and improves performance for greater safety, efficiency and overall profitability. The company's people, processes and technical capabilities ensure delivery of the right solution for every project, using the most appropriate technology. Organizations around the world depend on MAVERICK's responsiveness, results-driven approach and dedication to their success. To learn more, please visit

MAVERICK Technologies, a Rockwell Automation Company
Edina, MN
MAVERICK Technologies is a global leader in industrial automation, enterprise integration and sustaining services for clients across a wide range of manufacturing and process industries. Leveraging its unique enterprise-wide perspective, MAVERICK identifies suboptimal operations and improves performance for greater safety, efficiency and overall profitability. The company's people, processes and technical capabilities ensure delivery of the right solution for every project, using the most appropriate technology. Organizations around the world depend on MAVERICK's responsiveness, results-driven approach and dedication to their success. To learn more, please visit

MAVERICK Technologies, a Rockwell Automation Company
Exton, PA
MAVERICK Technologies is a global leader in industrial automation, enterprise integration and sustaining services for clients across a wide range of manufacturing and process industries. Leveraging its unique enterprise-wide perspective, MAVERICK identifies suboptimal operations and improves performance for greater safety, efficiency and overall profitability. The company's people, processes and technical capabilities ensure delivery of the right solution for every project, using the most appropriate technology. Organizations around the world depend on MAVERICK's responsiveness, results-driven approach and dedication to their success. To learn more, please visit

MAVERICK Technologies, a Rockwell Automation Company
Hillsboro, OR
MAVERICK Technologies is a global leader in industrial automation, enterprise integration and sustaining services for clients across a wide range of manufacturing and process industries. Leveraging its unique enterprise-wide perspective, MAVERICK identifies suboptimal operations and improves performance for greater safety, efficiency and overall profitability. The company's people, processes and technical capabilities ensure delivery of the right solution for every project, using the most appropriate technology. Organizations around the world depend on MAVERICK's responsiveness, results-driven approach and dedication to their success. To learn more, please visit

MAVERICK Technologies, a Rockwell Automation Company
Houston, TX
MAVERICK Technologies is a global leader in industrial automation, enterprise integration and sustaining services for clients across a wide range of manufacturing and process industries. Leveraging its unique enterprise-wide perspective, MAVERICK identifies suboptimal operations and improves performance for greater safety, efficiency and overall profitability. The company's people, processes and technical capabilities ensure delivery of the right solution for every project, using the most appropriate technology. Organizations around the world depend on MAVERICK's responsiveness, results-driven approach and dedication to their success. To learn more, please visit

MAVERICK Technologies, a Rockwell Automation Company
Mobile, AL
MAVERICK Technologies is a global leader in industrial automation, enterprise integration and sustaining services for clients across a wide range of manufacturing and process industries. Leveraging its unique enterprise-wide perspective, MAVERICK identifies suboptimal operations and improves performance for greater safety, efficiency and overall profitability. The company's people, processes and technical capabilities ensure delivery of the right solution for every project, using the most appropriate technology. Organizations around the world depend on MAVERICK's responsiveness, results-driven approach and dedication to their success. To learn more, please visit

MAVERICK Technologies, a Rockwell Automation Company
Pensacola, FL
MAVERICK Technologies is a global leader in industrial automation, enterprise integration and sustaining services for clients across a wide range of manufacturing and process industries. Leveraging its unique enterprise-wide perspective, MAVERICK identifies suboptimal operations and improves performance for greater safety, efficiency and overall profitability. The company's people, processes and technical capabilities ensure delivery of the right solution for every project, using the most appropriate technology. Organizations around the world depend on MAVERICK's responsiveness, results-driven approach and dedication to their success. To learn more, please visit

MAVERICK Technologies, a Rockwell Automation Company
Santa Ana, CA
MAVERICK Technologies is a global leader in industrial automation, enterprise integration and sustaining services for clients across a wide range of manufacturing and process industries. Leveraging its unique enterprise-wide perspective, MAVERICK identifies suboptimal operations and improves performance for greater safety, efficiency and overall profitability. The company's people, processes and technical capabilities ensure delivery of the right solution for every project, using the most appropriate technology. Organizations around the world depend on MAVERICK's responsiveness, results-driven approach and dedication to their success. To learn more, please visit

MAVERICK Technologies, a Rockwell Automation Company
Chandler, AZ
MAVERICK Technologies is a global leader in industrial automation, enterprise integration and sustaining services for clients across a wide range of manufacturing and process industries. Leveraging its unique enterprise-wide perspective, MAVERICK identifies suboptimal operations and improves performance for greater safety, efficiency and overall profitability. The company's people, processes and technical capabilities ensure delivery of the right solution for every project, using the most appropriate technology. Organizations around the world depend on MAVERICK's responsiveness, results-driven approach and dedication to their success. To learn more, please visit

MB Controls, Inc.
Lexington, KY
MB Controls has been primarily serving the glass industry since 2001. Mike Biles, an electrical engineer, started the company after working in the glass industry for 18 years. During the first few years, the company specialized in Industrial Automation and Controls Systems. Realizing the need to provide customers with a turn-key alternative, MB Controls expanded to include manufacturing design and manufacturing of equipment. Our goal is to have a good match with each of our customers. Once selected as a contractor, we always maintain a priority status with each project, ensuring services received in the future, are as good as the first day on the project.

McAlister Design, Inc
Greenville, SC
McAlister Design, Inc., is a custom automated machine manufacturer based in Greenville, South Carolina, featuring the latest technology in custom automated machinery, robotics integration, electrical design, machine design, programming, and machine manufacturing. MDI's highly trained team of engineers, designers, networking specialists, programmers, fabricators, and assemblers work together to produce customized mechanical and electrical systems for both new and existing equipment. MDI's services include project management, all aspects of system design, turnkey manufacturing, installation, and training.

McIver Engineering & Controls, Inc.
Butler, WI
McIver Engineering & Controls, Inc. is a full service systems integrator and control panel manufacturer. With over 24 years of experience, they have completed more that 6000 control installations, upgrades, and retrofits. They have experience in a variety of industries which include automotive, material handling, robotics, process, food and beverage, waste water, and machine control. The company is located in the greater Milwaukee area. Their central location puts them in excellent position to service the entire United States.

Measurement Solutions
Mesa, AZ
Measurement Solutions specializes in portable Data Acquisition systems, stand-alone PC-based monitoring systems, and test stands. Applications include oil well treatment, product drop testing, servo valve performance, gear box torque, safety equipment performance, vibration monitoring, Water hammer Monitoring, and shock / transient capture. Manufacturer of Pressure Transducers, Accelerometers, Load Cells, Torque Sensors, Signal Conditioners, and, DaqBox Systems.

Meiyu Automation
Mechanicsburg, PA
For 28 years, Meiyu Automation has designed and built custom assembly equipment for customers in 15 countries. Last year the company shipped 140 machines ranging in cost from $100,000 to $2 million plus. Their 44 engineers and staff of over 100 people insure quick delivery and immediate support for projects around the world.

Mercator Robotec Inc.
Kitchener, ON
Mercator Robotec Inc. has extensive experience delivering machine vision and machine control solutions in a variety of industries. Mercator Robotec's staff of highly trained profesional engineers and technologists can provide solutions to a client's most challenging automation problems.

Mertek Solutions Inc.
Sanford, NC
Mertek Solutions Inc provides machine design for manufacturing automation and manufacturing equipment design of all sorts. From medical equipment design to packaging equipment design and construction, Mertek serves as a manufacturing solution consultant to Fortune 50 corporations and start-ups alike. Mertek's manufacturing equipment is a core strength with testing equipment design or material handling equipment design routines. With many decades of manufacturing engineering and industrial equipment design, the company's staff delivers a broad knowledge to any project. For any project requiring manufacturing consulting or industrial equipment design and manufacturing, Mertek provides a complete solution from concept through manufacturing engineering, custom manufacturing equipment design, construction and installation. Mertek is fully equiped to build to print equipment and prduction parts and panels.

Mesa Associates, Inc.
Knoxville, TN
Mesa Engineering is a multi-discipline engineering firm featuring Electrical, Mechanical, Civil/Structural, Instrumentation & Controls, and Control Systems Integration services. The company's Technical Services Group offers panel building, maintenance and troubleshooting, and instrument calibration. Over 500 engineers, integrators, designers, and drafters work in ten locations in the Southeast, Mudwest, and California; more than 50with PE registration. The company offers quality automation and control systems using most PLC, DCS, and HMI/SCADA platforms for a variety of customers and industries, from as large as the Tennessee Valley Authority and Alcoa to single machines, small processes, or individual instruments. They are authorized integrators for Modicon, Intellution, Rockwell Software (Toolkit partner), Wonderware, Honeywell (HC900), and Citect, among others. Strengths also include software development, data collection/manipulation, networking, power quality systems, engineering staff augmentation, and training. Leasing and maintenance agreements are available for hardware and services to accommodate any budget. Mesa prides itself on customer focus and building long-term relationships with all clients, large or small.

Mesabi Control Engineering, Ltd.
St. Paul, MN
Mesabi Control Engineering, Ltd. is the innovative leader and number one supplier of integrated Computer/PLC control and information systems specifically designed for the rubber & plastics compounding industries, tailored to each client's individual needs. Mesabi has a long history and a proven track record helping clients analyze their control and integration needs, and in providing targeted system

mFactor Engineering, Inc.
Boulder, CO
mFactor is a strategic solutions partner that provides advanced information solutions which bring intelligence through automated devices in commercial, process, and industrial manufacturing applications. Our solutions leverage the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and mobile platforms to transform data into business insight that maximizes productivity and customer satisfaction. Harnessing the latest technologies and our deep knowledge of the web not only equips you with our powerful tools, but provides a lasting framework on which to build your business.

Micro Automated Systems Group
Rochester, NY
Micro Automated Systems Group has provided custom machinery and manufacturing automation since 1944. Micro can design and build automation systems that include robotics, vision systems, lasers, parts handling and packaging to create the ideal solution for our clients' prototype, development or production manufacturing needs. Serving the Medical Device, Defense & Aerospace, Optics, Consumer Products, Filtration, Automotive and Packaging industries, Micro's systems can enhance your profitability by increasing production rates, reducing costs and improving product quality. Micro designs also improve safety and morale by reducing exposure to repetitive stress injuries. A skilled team of 25+ tool-makers produces precision gauges and tooling as well as precision machine parts. Micro's work can be found in machines on 4 continents and even on the surface of Mars. Micro can be your partner on your most challenging assembly, test, processing, verification and marking projects. Micro is ITAR registered and ISO9001:2008 and AS9100C certified and our customer-focused solutions support UL, CE and FDA requirements. Please contact us to see how we might be a good fit to help you find solutions to your manufacturing challenges.

Middough Inc.
Cleveland, OH
Middough's qualified staff of control and automation engineers brings to the table decades of diverse application experience with major control system vendors. Middough has hands-on experience with many product offerings and can help evaluate the risks and benefits of employing a new control product. From field devices to fully programmed and integrated control systems, Middough provides the expertise necessary to apply the technology and to increase manufacturing productivity.

Mikro Kontrol doo
Belgrade, Serbia
MIKRO KONTROL is established in 1996 and reference list has more then 400 automation projects realized. The company is certified SIEMENS Solution Partner for PCS7, SIMATIC PLC, HMI and NET, Large Drives, Proces Instrumentation and holds ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 accreditation. We work in the fields of power,lignite mines,steel works, water, sugar, food, pharmaceuticals. MIKRO KONTROL contracts turnkey EPC electrical and automation projects including MV switchgear, LV switchgear and MCC, motors, drives, instrumentation and automation system. The company provides the following services: basic design,detailed design, panel building ,application software, installation, commissioning, trial operation and staff training.

Miracom Computer Corp.
Eastchester, NY
Miracom is a leader in producing operator-friendly, data-intensive machine controls and production monitoring systems. Miracom systems provide both real-time control and monitoring of a client's equipment for operator efficiency and management decision-making, as well as accurate and well organized historical reporting for strategic decisions and process improvement.

Modern Process Control Consulting Limited
Sidney, BC
MPC is the only company in British Columbia that offers complete design and build services for instrumentation, control systems, Building Automation Systems and SCADA systems. In business since 1991, MPC has executed projects in the oil and gas, water and wastewater, mining, pulp and paper, chemical, and food and beverage industries. Their staff of 15 engineers, technologists, and technicians has experience with DCS, PLC, SCADA, and all instrumentation. MPC strives to design to ISA standards on all projects. MPC also owns and operates a UL (US and Canada) - approved panel shop. We have used the instrumentation database program called Instrument Forms Plus from Megaflex since 1995 and now are the Canadian distributor. We are systems integrator for Siemens, Control Microsystem, GE Fanuc, AB, Realflex.

More Control UK Ltd.
Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
More Control Ltd is an innovative systems integrator that specialises in providing value through automation process improvements and practical business solutions. Customers rely on More Control to help reduce their operational costs and to understand and better manger their own expenses of building and maintaining automated machinery and web solutions. More Control manages clients across the East, South Midlands and South East of England. The team of More Controlhave a wealth of skills and experience in, integrating and developing software solutions using the internet as a communication medium to provide tailored business solutions. These solutions range from off the shelf packages to integrated systems and automation concepts. Working alongside, Manufacturers, Companies and OEM's, More Control works, to improve the quality and efficiency of companies while reducing both the actual and hidden costs of building and maintaining automated machinery and integrated systems. More Control aim to be a leading first choice for the supply of quality automation products, services and web solutions.

Morris Controls Inc
Farmington, CT
Since 1994, Morris Controls has been involved in a wide variety of integration projects. The underlying theme of these projects is the use of programmable controllers, SCADA and MMI, motion controllers and vision systems from leading manufacturers. The result is a portfolio of open solutions with well supported components. A detailed list of projects can be found on our website. Highlights include the control system for the pool platforms for the "O" show at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas and the control of the pirate ship at the Treasure Island Hotel, also in Las Vegas. Other work includes design, construction and installation of control systems for assembly machinery, electroplating lines, presses, furnaces and calenders throughout the US.

Morsco, Inc.
Cincinnati, OH
Morsco offers complete system engineering and design for machine controls and data acquisition, equipment and line integration, variable-speed line controls, programmable and data tracking controllers, PLC system design and programming, robotic control programming and HMI interfaces.

MP Technologies, Inc.
Brecksville, OH
MP Technologiers offers special machine and process development, engineering, and construction. The company maintains a complete machine shop for prototype product and machine construction. They also offer complete machine control design and integration.

MPT Inc. - Automated Equipment
Dresden, ON
MPT designs and builds custom automated equipment that may do one process or any combination processes. A process may include but not be limited to forming, machining, assembly, test, move, or package items created as a result of customer production processes. Although most of MPT's customer base is automotive related it is not limited to this field. MPT's skilled team is capable of providing custom solutions to any process or activity that can benefit from automation. Other areas of success include food and beverage, material handling, water / waste water treatment controls systems, window / door manufacturing. MPT's equipment is designed, developed and tested to land on your floor in production ready state. Documentation is key to equipment life cycle robustness. We provide you with all the information we created to build your project to ensure maximum equipment up-time. This same philosophy carries through in our programming and H.M.I.'s to provide you with an extensive diagnostics package. MPT treats all customers and projects with fairness, honesty and quality. Over the past 20 years MPT has survived the ups and downs of the manufacturing industry in Ontario. Those individuals that we have worked with over the years continue to call upon MPT as they move from company to company throughout their career. A repeat customer is our most successful growth strategy. MPT is your local solution. Our primary market focus continues to be Ontario. We can also accommodate international work. MPT has delivered solutions to many countries including the USA, Mexico, Korea, China, Brazil.

MSE Systems
Boulder, CO
MSE's core business is technology for laboratory and field data logging, control, and analysis for medical, chemical, semiconductor, biological, and R&D instrument systems. MSE specializes in systems integration of vision, semiconductor, electro-optic, DAQ measurements and instrumentation system design. They design, consult and manufacture in these markets. They use LabVIEW, AutoCAD, and other computer tools for the design process. The company offers technical support including CAD, mathematical modeling and image analysis. They also offer complete vision systems, including cameras, lenses, lighting, all software, image capture hardware, and custom software for forensic analysis. They specialize in NI IMAQ Vision hardware and software as well as InFinity-Photo Optical long distance microscopes. MSE offers motion control for vision and optical applications of zoom, tracking, and auto-focusing. MSE has developed a list of laser diode testing application tools suitable for complete lab or production laser diode testing. These include device characterization, life testing, and application testing. We also have experience in compressor testing and power generation testing. These include power measurements and fluid and gas testing.

MuSoft Systems Inc.
Peterborough, ON
MuSoft Systems Inc. is an automation/process control design and systems integration company, designing system solutions for industrial clients since 1987. Although based in Peterborough, ON, Canada, MuSoft is available to work on projects throughout North America and abroad. MuSoft has successfully completed projects for large corporations, such as BP, GE-Hitachi Nuclear, GE Industrial Systems, GE Motors and Siemens. These projects included complete synchronous motor master controller development (Hot Backup Redundancy), complex robotic control system development, and modular fieldbus development, systems integration and on-site commissioning (including projects in China). MuSoft engineers can provide a cost effective design and integration resource for a client's projects, from project requirements analysis and specification through system design, to thorough unit testing, system integration and commissioning.

Trois-Rivieres, QC
NEKSYS-EXCELPRO possesses impressive expertise and has a solid track record in automation, process control and electrical installation. Our team of over 120 dedicated experts offers a wide range of engineering, consulting, integration and installation services that support all types of projects related to automated systems and electrical installation.

Nelson and Sons Electric, Inc.
Turlock, CA
Nelson and Sons Electric began providing systems integration services to the manufacturing and process industries in 2005. Nelson and Sons Electric continues to be committed to providing the highest quality service to customers throughout all phases of a project - project definition, design, development, testing, installation, and start-up support. Backgrounds of Nelson and Sons personnel include both manufacturing engineering and engineering consulting from which the needs of a manufacturing facility and the potential problems associated with supporting automation are understood. Experience is utilized to listen to customer's needs to provide solutions which meet those needs. Expertise includes implementation of PLCs, HMIs, and industrial IT on many industrial platforms as specified by the customer. Nelson and Sons Electric has developed and implemented batch process systems based on ISA batch standard S88.01. Systems have been implemented in the food and pharmaceutical/biotech industries and validated as required.

NeoMatrix, Inc.
Portsmouth, NH
NeoMatrix is a software and hardware services firm, offering a wide range of programming and integration services with a focus on Manufacturing Automation and Information Technologies. We help manufacturing companies implement Plant Automation Systems and Manufacturing Information Solutions that improve operational efficiencies and reduce manufacturing costs. Our solutions drive quality production processes and empower operations teams with access to both real-time and historical plant information and key performance metrics. NeoMatrix specializes in using web-based technologies in combination with PLC, HMI/SCADA, Historian and Reporting tools from the leading automation vendors to create scalable, reliable plant automation and information solutions. These systems can be rapidly configured and deployed to meet your plant's specific needs and budget.

New England Machine Tools Inc.
Bristol, CT
New England Machine Tools is a Connecticut corporation specializing in the design and construction of grinding machines and control systems. For many years, the company's grinders have been sold nationally for a wide variety of applications in production grinding and tool grinding. New England Machine Tools also has extensive experience in providing software and hardware services to machine tool users and other machine tool builders. Projects vary from six axis palletized machining centers to forty axis transfer lines. Their software projects range from custom HMI to data acquisition and macro programming. Current projects are as diverse as PC-based control and real-time error compensation on fourteen foot diameter rotary tables.

New Vista Corp.
Baltimore, MD
New Vista Corporation was founded in 1992 to deliver solutions for volume manufacturers in a variety of industries. These solutions include standard and customizable machine tools, parts washers, material handling & palletizing equipment, assembly machinery, casting trim & degate equipment, brazing machinery, and testing rigs. New Vista also has a special competency in thread verification. New Vista has extensive experience in providing machinery to fill special needs and unusual requirements.

Nexon Automation
Ramos Arizpe, Coah, Mexico
Nexon Automation designs & built automated manufacturing systems for automotive and general industry. Offers solutions for assembly, material handling, plant management systems, robotics and vision; as well as integration & engineering services. NEXON AUTOMATION is an authorized system integrator for many leading brands, including PLC's, HMI's, Robots, Motion, Vision Systems, Safety Systems and Software tools. Industrial Solutions Portfolio: - Assembly Lines: Auto-parts, car interiors, home appliances - Material Handling Systems: Part-picking, conveyance, tracking - Plant Management Systems: SCADA, OEE, Andon, Quality Control, Error-Proofing, MES - Robotics: Part assembly, material removal/finishing, vision, fluid dispensing - Vision Systems: Inspection, measurement, text recognition, assembly automation Services Portfolio: - System integration - Assembly Automation - Paletizing - Design, programming & field services - Training

Nidec Avtron Automation
Independence, OH
Since 1953 Avtron Industrial Automation Inc. has been known as a leader in cost-effective control and monitoring solutions. Purchased by Nidec Motor Corporation in October of 2012 Avtron has changed its name to Nidec Avtron Automation Corporation. Nidec also purchased Ansaldo Systemi Industriali, noe Nidec ASI strengthening AVtron's systems capability and global capability. Avtron is a large AC and DC drives system integrator that also produces its own AC and DC drives. Avtron provides new and retrofit solutions for outdated drives and controls. Avtron specializes in zero downtime retrofits. Avtron system engineers have extensive background in the pulp and paper, metals, dockside and overhead cranes, mining, and marine industries. Avtron can provide a complete turnkey project including design and installation. Avtron engineers are experienced with many drives manufacturers and PLCs. Avtron engineers design solutions to get the best performance using cost-effective components and products customers have standardized on in their plants. Avtron solutions incorporate many brands of products, giving oem and end users more flexibility in the design. Avtron has a complete field service group along with formalized customer training on Avtron products and systems. They are available 24X7 for customer support.

Nokta Industrial Automation Ltd.
Istanbul, Turkey

NOREC Automation
Solon, OH
NOREC Automation, established in 2007 and located in Cleveland OH, is a process control and manufacturing automation solutions and services firm, focusing on providing quality and innovation to end users and global OEMs. NOREC Automation has a broad range of experience with leading firms in a variety of process and discrete manufacturing industries, as well as power generation. The NOREC Automation staff consists of highly skilled engineers and project support personnel, all of whom are committed to achieving exemplary customer satisfaction. Our goal is to become your partner in success by delivering high quality, cost effective control solutions, on time and in support of both the technical and financial goals of your projects. NOREC Automation's team members bring the experience of successful completion of over 1,000 automation & control projects.

Nova Systems Inc.
Menomonee Falls, WI
Nova Systems Inc is an electrical engineering firm specializing in systems integration and automation control. Nova's engineering team has over 75 years experience in the drives and automation industry. Technical staff includes electrical and mechanical engineers and technicians and CAD design. The unique blend of hardware, software and CAD specialists at Nova Systems is capable of assisting their clients with all aspects of a project from design and documentation to construction, installation and training for domestic and foreign equipment. In addition to automation control and systems integration, Nova provides emergency service, drive repair, renovating and retrofitting of machine controls, customized panel construction and preventative maintenance. Nova Systems is capable of using products from any specified vendor as well as being a distributor for Lutze brand wiring systems. Nova Systems is an Authorized Factory Service Center for Yaskawa and Baldor and an Authorized System Integrator for Delta Tau, ABB/Baldor, and Schneider Electric. Nova Systems' industrial panels can be listed as compliant with UL508A standards.

Oilgear Automation Systems
Milwaukee, WI
The Oilgear Company has been in the hydraulic system business since 1921. They designed and built complete hydraulic systems as well as presses and special machines until 1951. At that time they changed their focus to specializing in the design and build of hydraulic systems only. In 1954, they developed a controls group who began to integrate electronic controls into the hydraulic systems and thus began their existence as a total system supplier. In the 1980's Oilgear developed its own microprocessor and had a staff of software engineers who integrated the controls into a complete hardware system so customers could go to one source for hydraulics and electronics to operate an entire machine. Today, as an appoved Allen-Bradley system integrator, they supply complete systems to the forging industry, aluminum extrusion industry, plastics industry, wood products industry and many different areas in metal forming. They can offer this engineering, installation, and start-up expertise around the world. Engineering staffs are located in the USA, England and Germany. The annual revenue of the company exceeds $70 M/year.

Olsson Controls
Springfield, OR
Olsson Controls provides full spectrum of controls & instrumentation solutions for their industrial and high-tech customers. They design, build and maintain automation systems of all sizes that integrate various pieces of equipment in order to increase optimization, safety and reliability. Olsson Controls' team of highly trained, qualified and seasoned engineers has the experience and expertise to get the job done effectively and efficiently. They stay ahead of the curve, providing their staff access to the latest in technological advancements.

Olympus Controls
Beaverton, OR
Olympus Controls is an Engineering Services company that specializes in Machine Automation. Most of the projects that our clients present to us are so specialized and proprietary that there are no obvious "off-the-shelf" solutions. So we help our clients with the ideation of unique and innovative solutions then we collaborate with them to deliver the mechanical, electrical and software pieces that take their solution from concept to reality.

Omega Industries
Bangalore, KA, India
Omega Industries is a manufacturer and suppliers of industrial automation systems, motion control, sensors, factory automation, instrumentation, and automated test beds for mass production of components. The company's Automation Solutions Division provides total solutions for all automation needs of the customers. This includes application and detail engineering, system integration, software development, field erection, start-up and commissioning, documentation and training of the operators.

Omni Control Systems Inc
Winona, MN
Omni Control Systems Inc. was founded in 1991. It is a firm with strong engineering orientation with employees being mainly BSEE, BSCE, or electronic technicians. Omni's focus is two fold. Omni has demonstated expertise in process control and data collection/analysis. In applying these two focus areas Omni has provided control and production test expertise and equipment development for the HVAC, electronics manufacturing, and food processing industries. Omni provides services and products worldwide.

OMNI Control Technology
Whitinsville, MA
OMNI began in 1992 doing control systems assembly. We have worked with all the major automation control platforms to help our customers improve their manufacturing capabilities. From large single complex systems to smaller control boxes, our flexible manufacturing and engineering capabilities will accommodate your needs. We are a registered UL508A and UL698A panel builder and attained ISO 9001:2008 certification in 2014. OMNI Control offers complete contract manufacturing services to OEM's,End users and System Integrators. Our breath of work goes from one-off custom designed systems to 1,000's of sub-assemblies for our OEM's production. We have full engineering and documentation capabilities. Centrally located in MA to cover all parts of New England. We welcome your visit see us at or our cable partner LSC at

Omnitrol Industries
Revere, MA
Omnitrol specializes in control and power systems for water, waste water pumping, and processing applications. Providing complete services from systems design, panel fabrication, and programming to installation and start-up, Omnitrol has the experience it takes to assure that a project gets done right, on time and under budget. Omnitrol offers level control, alarm monitoring, SCADA controls, PLC integration, process control, variable speed drives, chemical feed, telemetry, flow control, and water pressure control. Manufacturing facilities include a full metal and panel fabrication shop, paint and metal treatments, panel ssembly wiring and test, an online dynamometer for full load testing of drives systems, and an automation lab.

On-Sight Automation LLC
Trafalgar, IN
On-Sight Automation LLC is a centrial Indiana-based services firm that executes and completes industrial control system and data collection projects to automated manufacturing and process facilities throughout the Midwest and Midsouth states. On-Sight Automation provides electrical control system design services, control panel fabrication, PLC and HMI programming, industrial networking and data collection, on-site installation support, start-up assistance, production technical support, and technical training.

ONExia, Inc
Exton, PA
ONExia is a customer-driven provider of intelligent machine control technologies and the engineering resources to support their successful selection and implementation. The true hallmark of ONExia is their team of professional automation engineers who offer the industry's highest level of technical expertise in applying motion control and industrial automation technologies. ONExia engineers have years of hands-on experience and are trained extensively on each product. In many cases, clients will find ONExia has worked on an application similar to theirs. ONExia offers a variety of intensive, day-long automation workshops designed to enhance their clients' knowledge and understanding of electronic motion control and programming. The agendas are set up to cover key issues that are essential to a client's automation application success. ONExia has the facilities, equipment, and know-how to support a variety of value-added services such as product modifications, drop-in-place subassemblies, custom software and programming services, control design and fabrication, machine design and fabrication, and general technical and product specific training.

Onyx Engineering Ltd.
Windsor, ON
ONYX Engineering Ltd. is an Automation and Control Systems Integrator dedicated to the provision of world-class automation solutions for our customers. Our continuing objective is to partner with our clients to help them improve their process in competitive markets. ONYX focuses on current technology enables us to lower costs and increase productivity, while our reputation for quality and integrity results in long-term relationships with our clients. Our principal focus is in Automotive, Food and Beverage, Press and Metal Forming, Life Sciences, and Water/Waste Water systems. We Engineer Solutions. It's what we do.

Optimation Technology, Inc.
Rush, NY
Industrial Applications, from Concept to Completion: Optimation is a provider of design and build services including engineering and design of process and mechanical systems, controls & system integration, fabrication & installation, and construction & maintenance services. Optimation serves a variety of industry sectors for large and small clients throughout the US and the world.

Outbound Technologies, Inc.
New Hudson, MI
Outbound Technologies is a full-service System Integrator providing everything from panel design to programming. We have been successful in applying a wide range of control, computing, network, and software solutions in a broad spectrum of industries (approx. 50% process and 50% discrete). The company's staff includes electrical, controls, software, network, manufacturing, and process engineers. We are an ISO 9001:2000 registered company. We offer fixed-price design, build, and commissioning of control systems, as well as hourly project and engineering services. We can do project management, specification development, specification review/reporting, detailing (AutoCAD, EPlan, and PromiseE), electrical and control system hardwire design - from concept to conclusion, and develop sequence of operation documents. Other capabilities include electrical, control, and software integration of peripheral process systems; electrical load studies; lighting design; power distribution design; industrial control panels; instrumentation; electrical field equipment; PLC/HMI/SCADA software specification, design, bench testing and documentation; PC-based control systems; development of system check-out documents; development of operational and maintenance manuals; installation subcontractor management, coordination and site supervision; system start-up, commissioning, validation and launch; and training. Please give us a call, we are happy to talk to you about your needs. Our goal remains the development of long term business relationships based on trust and respect.

Outbound Technologies Inc.
Indianapolis, IN
Outbound Technologies is a Full Service Industrial Automation Systems Integrator with 60+ engineers working at offices in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. Outbound has successfully designed, built, commissioned, qualified & validated manufacturing equipment with the following types of control system equipment: PLC, HMI, PC-Based, SCADA/netowrks, Vision, Motion/Robotics. Industries Served: Automotive, Consumer Products, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Food & Beverage, Alternative Energy & General Industrial, Water and Waste water, Municipal, Government, and others. Outbound is a Rockwell Automation Solution Partner and CSIA member.

Outbound Technologies, Ohio, Inc.
West Chester, OH
The Outbound companies are full service industrial automation systems integrators with a diverse background in successful system implementation in a broad spectrum of industries, employing a wide range of control, computing, networking, and software technologies. The company's staff includes electrical, controls, software, networks, manufacturing, and process engineers. Outbound Technologies is ISO 9001:2000 registered. All technical staff are trained and certified by MustBSafe. They have experience in a broad range of industries and manufacturing processes. The company offers full service, fixed-price design, build, and commissioning of control systems as well as hourly project and engineering services, project management services, specification development, specification review and reporting, AutoCAD detailing, electrical and control system hardwire design from concept to conclusion, and development of sequence of operation documents. They also offer electrical, control, and software integration of peripheral process systems plus electrical load studies; lighting design; power distribution design; industrial control panels; instrumentation; electrical field equipment; PLC software specification, design, and documentation; HMI software specification, design, and documentation; SCADA software specification, design, and documentation; PC-based automation control systems; PLC, HMI, and SCADA software bench testing; development of system check-out documents; development of operational and maintenance manuals; installation subcontractor management, coordination and site supervision; system start-up, commissioning, validation and launch; and training.

Ovation Engineering, Inc.
Romeo, MI
Ovation Engineering, Inc. (Romeo, MI) has been providing productivity & integration services to manufacturers and users of electronic gaging systems and CNC machinery since 1991. The company also provides custom logic design and modification for Fanuc controls, CNC-based integration for robots and loaders, on-machine measuring systems, and cutting tool monitoring systems.

Owens Design, Inc.
Fremont, CA
For over 25 years, Owens Design has specialized in designing and manufacturing complex, advanced technology manufacturing systems. They focus specifically on the semiconductor, hard disk drive and solar photovoltaic industries, and have turned capital equipment development into a science. Their unique development process has attracted a world-class following of leading technology companies. Partnering with Owens allows clients to improve product development results, save substantial money, reduce time to market, reduce risk, and maximize the return on their valuable intellectual property.

P & R Industries Inc.
Rochester, NY
P&R specializes in designing and building test equipment. The company can design, build, test, deliver and support all of their solutions. From high volume, fully automated machines to operator parts with a short shelf life, P&R designs solutions that not only produce high quality finished goods, but minimize operational costs as well. They have the capability to take a client's project from concept and design to complete functionality for a superior product that performs to the client's unique specifications. After delivery, their professional in-house training staff continues to support the client's application with on-site training, user manuals and operational videos.

P-ROL Process Control Inc.
Erin, ON
P-ROL Process Control Inc. is a company involved in process design and control. We are capable of providing PLC and HMI control of various processes in chemical,food,pharmaceutical,water treatment, drinking water and related industries. We are stationed in the vicinity of Toronto and provide services in Canada, USA as well as in other parts of the world. These are some projects completed in the past: WATER PUMPING STATION The project included PLC control of two separate pumping stations and radio communication to the central office, where control was done using Wonderware HMI system. It also involves gathering historical data to satisfy government requirements using MS SQL system with InSQL. ZOOK CANADA Inc. in Burlington is manufacturing rupture disks for industry. Rupture disk are made of different materials and are of different sizes. In order to maintain consistency of production, we were requested to provide computer control of their presses. SHERWIN WILLIAMS CANADA Inc. contracted us to install storage tanks level monitoring system. The project included AB equipment and programming, two panel view local displays and link via internet to head office in Cleveland USA. AVENTIS PASTEUR pharmaceutical company from Toronto performed some modifications on their Waste Water Treatment System. On their behalf we performed Pre-Start Health and Safety Inspection as required by Ministry of Labor in Ontario. COLORTECH Inc. in Brampton. Programming changes to the extruder to incorporate VFD to feed and chopper assembly. Extruder was imported from Germany and the modification was required to accommodate to the process. GM Corporation in Chicago. We were programming the automatic bolting machine for the engine assembly line. The project involved programming, installation, start up and debugging of the machine without production interruption. PARISCO Inc. in Toronto. An exact amount of warm water at precise temperature was required to be delivered to the mixers in cookie production for every batch. AB PLC controlled process. LATEX CORPORATION in Illinois. This 1.5 Million-Dollar project included design, installation of production storage tanks and reactor. The installation was required to increase the capacity and improve operation safety. Siemens PLC was chosen for control of the process. TENNECO AUTOMOTIVE. Retrofit of the existing chemical treatment facilities involved implementation of HMI and AB PLC to control quality and flow of water before it is released into the community. For DOMTAR in Hamilton we performed design and installation of a pilot size (500 L) chemical reaction vessel. The unit was used for heat treatment of heavy aromatic oils. The purpose of the installation was to study the progress of the reaction and derive the parameters required to build an industrial size reactor. DOMTAR in Mississauga. The vacuum drum filter from Komline-Sanderson needed modifications to perform filtration of heated carcinogenic material. Hazardous fumes must be kept sealed within the filter. The entire operation was upgraded to computer (PLC) control. Design and installation of a stearate production line. The project-included design of raw material storage tanks, three production kettles, two semi automatic continuous centrifuges, a continuous drying unit as well as grinding and packaging equipment. The total capacity of the operation was 500 tons annually. The installation increased capacity, improved product quality and reduced manpower. Design of a batch reactor for pharmaceutical grade Lithium Carbonate. The project included design of delivery system to feed the reactor and gas dispersers to introduce gas into the liquid phase. A centrifuge system was selected to separate particles for final drying of the material in ovens. These projects represent only a small portion of work done in the past, and hopefully illustrate our experience and strength in the field of process industry.

Terryville, CT
PACsys,LLC has over 75 man-years of combined experience in the process and automation control systems field. PACsys handles as little or as much of a project as is required by the customer and can provide quality products and components, engineering and design services, software and programming, panel building, installation, and start up/debug services with our experience spread across various industries. PACsys has performed work in the biotechnology field, pharmaceutical, packaging, raw/bulk (cement/grout, raw plastics, latex, wax) material processing, machine automation, process control, test stands (including custom test software), and other industries. One of the company's strengths is in the area of data gathering, reporting and providing a path where the factory floor can communicate with the business system.

Panel Master LLC
LaGrange, OH
As control systems integrators and control panel builders, Tri-Tech Research applies factory automation experience to develop custom control systems. We provide systems for water and waste water systems, fuel delivery, furnace management, welding and assembly systems, batch and chemical process controls.

The Panel Shop
San Fernando, CA
The Panel Shop has been an owner operated original equipment manufacturer since 1990. We specialize in Pump Motor Controls, HVAC, Fountain Controllers, Wastewater Treatment, Automation, Animation, Power Monitoring Systems and various other electrical control applications. The Panel Shop provides Electrical Systems engineering, programming and start up services.

Panelogic Inc
Corning, NY
Panelogic Inc specializes in industrial control systems from concept to design, build, software, installation, start-up, and support. In addition to Panelogic's engineering staff, the company has an in-house CAD system utilizing AutoCAD and a panel shop for build-to-print or custom enclosures and control systems.

PanelTek, Inc.
Fond du Lac, WI
PanelTek can serve clients implementing a comprehensive strategic initiative or just needing extra resources for existing or new products and projects. PanelTek's expertise, experience, systems, and customer focused turnkey solutions can help reduce the cost of materials, operations, and facilities; simplify the supply chain with fewer suppliers, stronger relationships, and easier logistics; and maintain and expand core competencies. The company allows clients to focus on their specialties without being distracted by peripheral, non-value-add activities. For simple electrical panels or complex systems, PanelTek understands the outsourcing process from decision-making to implementation. The company has helped leading manufacturers of machine tools, material handling equipment, food processing facilities, and other commercial and industrial segments.

Pantec Engineering AG
Ruggell, Liechtenstein
Pantec Automation is a leading system house focusing on control solutions for machine and plant construction. Broad technical skills (software engineering, electrical engineering, switchgear construction & testing, life cycle management), a focus on key technologies and high practical and methodological expertise in project management make Pantec Automation the ideal partner for just-in-time engineering at highest quality.

PaR Systems, Inc.
Shoreview, MN
PaR Systems, Inc., a US company headquartered in Shoreview, Minnesota, provides advanced intelligent material handling, automation and robotic equipment and systems solutions. PaR has developed 100's of product platforms which form the basis of 1000's of tailored solutions for complex applications across numerous industries. PaR Systems has developed processes to successfully deliver both standard products and custom equipment using extensive libraries of standard platforms. PaR Systems began in 1961 with the development of remote manipulators when the growth of the nuclear industry created a demand for remote handling equipment. PaR Systems evolved their manipulator arms technology for remote fuel handling. During the 1980's the company continued to develop this technology in the robotics industry, beginning with aerospace, for applications that require drilling, milling, routing, waterjet cutting and material handling. Since then, PaR has increased its expertise to provide a variety of specialized applications, building on the automation capability developed across a wide range of demanding industries. PaR Systems offers complete engineering and manufacturing capabilities for special applications. For example, PaR Systems built the two largest operating robots in the world - a neutron and x-ray system to inspect fully assembled jet fighters for hidden damage in order to certify the planes for flight; and one of the world's tallest automated cranes for NASA to inspect the solid rocket motors of the space shuttle. They have also delivered a number of small-scale automation products used in applications such as disk drive read/write head manufacturing.

Parijat Controlware
Houston, TX
Parijat Controlware Inc (operating since 1989) offers quality solutions in control system software, factory automation, PLC's, data acquisition, IT and web applications, HMI/SCADA systems, system integration, mobile and DCS configurations. Parijat develops applications that assist corporations with their automation, control systems, and monitoring needs. These applications reduce downtime by optimizing the efficiency of a client's machinery. They also increase worker efficiency because the software tells workers exactly where the problem lies and reduce wasted supplies because the software itself can decide how much of an input should be added to the machine in order to produce the output needed. Parijat Controlware provides control system architectural design; second opinions on the control system hardware/software; PLC programming on any PLC's in general; communication drivers for serial, Ethernet, or special hardware boards; HMI and SCADA systems; analysis, reporting, historians, trending of real-time data; database work; IT and intranet development; troubleshoot of existing systems; system integration; data acquisition; safety shutdown systems; and fire and gas systems.

Parker Engineering and Design, LLC
Holly, MI
Parker Engineering and Design (PED) has experience in custom automation, test stands, data acquisition systems, solar panel testing, and controls for industrial applications. Areas of expertise include automotive emissions systems, hazardous gas monitoring, explosion-proof controls, fluid conditioning, fluid handling, gas distribution, leak detection, level monitoring, PLC systems and software, PC systems and software, and industrial process controls. PED provides custom design, manufacture and assembly, testing, startup, and training. PED is experienced in the design of equipment for export and CE certification.

Parker Messana & Associates
Federal Way, WA
Parker, Messana & Associates, Inc. (PMA) is a full services engineering firm. Their in-house capabilities include process engineering, process control, structural engineering, mechanical engineering/piping, stress analysis, electrical engineering, instrumentation (including fieldbus architectures), and system integration (PLC, HMI & DCS systems). PMA also has an extensive amount of PLC, HMI, and overall system configuration and programming service experience. PMA's full range of engineering services includes project scoping, capital cost estimating, detailed engineering, construction supervision, start-up support, and permitting. PMA's experience speaks for itself and covers a broad range of industries including pulp and paper, wood products, primary metals, chemicals, petrochemical and biofuels, oil and gas, manufacturing, food products, environmental, public works, electrical, automation and control, steam and power generation, and cogeneration.

PEAK Engineering & Automation Co.
Loveland, CO
PEAK Engineering & Automation Co. specializes in custom engineered solutions for their clients' manufacturing needs. PEAK has over 40 years of combined experience in product and process design. All designs are done using full three-dimensional models in AutoCAD, and these models are then used to create parts in the company's in -house machine shop. All equipment is fabricated, wired, programmed, assembled and tested at PEAK before installation at the customer's site. Shop capabilities include CNC mills and lathes, standard mill and lathe, welding MIG & TIG, sheet metal shear & brake, powder coating and an 85 ton injection-molding machine. Disk drive assembly, food handling, automated steel and aluminum welding, leak testing, product assembly and packaging, powder mixing, and pill counting are all experienced capabilities of PEAK. PEAK utilizes PLC control, multi-axis servo controls, HMI interfaces, data collection, interfacing with existing equipment and custom upgrades of standard equipment to meet customer needs. PEAK has extensive medical product experience in class 100,000 clean room environments as well as class 10,000 hoods. This includes equipment utilized in the production of open heart surgery heat exchangers, reservoirs, flat sheet membrane oxygenators, arterial filters, blood collection reservoirs and other surgical-related products. These products implement pressure decay leak testing, laser welding and cutting, UV adhesives, hot melt bonding, and solvent bonding as well as automated loading and unloading of components. FDA regulations for equipment as well as products are always part of the company's design criteria when dealing with medical products. PEAK equipment is currently installed across the US as well as in China, Mexico, Canada and Ireland. Customers include GE Analytical Instruments, VESTAS Blades America, WOOD Group, Woodward Governor, COORS TEK, Teledyne WaterPik, Empirical Labs, Jackson Ice Cream, Columbine Beverage, Mobile Tool boom trucks, Agilent, ITT and Hunter Douglas.

Perfecto Tool & Engineering
Anderson, IN
Perfecto is a leader in the Special Machine industry. We build to your design or we can provide a custom design and build solution. Our full service capability includes electrical and mechanical design, machining, welding, assembly, and electrical panel build. We address our client's needs with comprehensive solutions through the use of innovative technology and a wide range of manufacturing capabilities. Distinguished by our hands-on approach and attention to detail, the professional team at Perfecto is the key to success for your project. We will complete your most challenging projects and exceed your expectations. Perfecto thrives on challenging automation applications. We embrace the opportunity to apply our experienced team of engineers to our client's manufacturing needs. Our team of design engineers brings a high degree of creativity and integrity to the design process. We focus not on just having an idea but on having the best ideas to overcome the obstacles of machine design. We feel that the best solution involves a high degree of innovation combined with the latest technology available. We apply the latest technologies in the most efficient and appropriate manner. Our broad machining capability enables our mechanical design team to design without limits. Our expert team of electrical controls engineers is part of the solution from day one. By applying the latest technology in motion, robotics, vision systems and visualization, our innovative team will create a custom solution that exceeds your expectations. Our dedicated team of experienced electricians will then provide a level of quality and attention to detail throughout the panel build process. Perfecto combines precision craftsmanship, broad machining capability, and innovative technology to produce custom-machined tooling. We rely on the experience of our highly skilled team of expert toolmakers. Perfecto's full range of machining capabilities makes us the best choice for your tooling needs.

Louis Perry and Associates, Inc.
Wadsworth, OH
LPA was founded in 1985 and is a group of professionals which offers complete architectural and engineering services. LPA's size is sufficient to give personal attention to their clients, regardless of the magnitude of the project. In-house process knowledge and manufacturing systems design capability allows LPA to offer totally integrated process control systems. LPA believes in total quality design, creative solutions, and effective project management. With these goals in mind, LPA offers the very best in engineering and architectural services. LPA's control engineers have a wide range of experience with many brands and types of control equipment and software. This experience is with a number of different industries and project sizes.

Pfeiffer Engineering Co., Inc.
Louisville, KY
Automation usually requires a significant capital investment and selecting an engineering partner can be a difficult decision. Since 1981 Pfeiffer Engineering has demonstrated that challenging projects can indeed be completed on time, within a budget, and with high quality. The company provides comprehensive engineering services to solve their customers' most difficult problems. They recognize foremost that quality service is the glue that binds all of the elements required to engineer a solution that has value to a customer. Rapid improvements in technology are unlocking potential to control and manage critical processes, creating competitive advantages in productivity, quality and performance. Pfeiffer Engineering offers the expertise to help their clients stay a step ahead of this changing environment. Work with an engineering company who is established, who has the right technology alliances, and is dedicated to working with their clients to ensure that their engineering solutions work the first time. Pfeiffer Engineering knows that their success depends upon the value-added fulfillment of their customers' needs.

Phantom Technical Services, Inc.
Columbus, OH
Phantom Technical Services, Inc. provides top-quality control system integration, programming (PLC, HMI, & SCADA), design, UL508A fabrication of enclosures, and installation for all client's industrial needs. Phantom's staff has a wide range of experience, which allows Phantom to understand, use, and/or implement almost any control system. Phantom's business is built on providing the best quality work with the highest integrity. That is why Phantom guarantees every project and provides technical support for one full year.

Phoenix Consulting, LLC
Fort Wayne, IN
Phoenix Consulting has over 75 years of combined experience. The company specializes in supplying control and information technology solutions for advanced manufacturing processes. Our mission is to apply technology to improve our customers' productivity while reducing their risk. Since 2006, Phoenix Consulting has completed successful projects in both control and information management in the automotive, discrete, process, special machine, and water/wastewater industries. Plant floor to Desktop, Phoenix Consulting controls it all!

Piedmont Automation, Inc.
Duluth, GA
Piedmont Automation is an engineering firm based in Atlanta, with wide-ranging automation expertise in the liquid petroleum industry and manufacturing environments. They have been recognized for a highly trained and experienced staff of technical professionals. They provide a full balance of services including design, programming, commissioning and maintenance of automated control systems. Piedmont Automation's company objective is to provide original, dependable, automated systems that help streamline client companies and keep them on the cutting edge. Piedmont Automation provides unique control system solutions. With their broad range of applications experience and specialized training on leading automation products they can take a client's design ideas from the back of an envelope to the plant floor. They can solve complex application problems and help clients select the automation system that best suit their needs.

Pieper Electric: Automation Solutions Group
Milwaukee, WI
Pieper is a systems integrator specializing in total solutions. Pieper's staff of engineers, technicians, designers, and project managers provide complete system design, construction, installation, start-up, training, and maintenance. Project size and system complexity range from single (stand alone) PLC based machine control to plant-wide PLC/computer based distributed control and power monitoring systems. Pieper's in-house panel fabrication and construction divisions insure project completion on time and on budget. Pieper's tools include CAD, PLC and operator interface development/documentation software, and system simulation equipment. These tools, combined with extensive construction experience, insure comprehensive and accurate system documentation. This documentation is merged with quality operator instruction to guarantee ease of maintenance and modification as well as system reliability. In addition to system engineering and construction, a wide range of project management and material procurement services are also available.

Pioneer Industrial Systems, LLC
Alvordton, OH
Pioneer Industrial Systems was founded in 1998. Pioneer now employs a dozen full time engineers along with 30+ assembly and electrical personnel. Pioneer adds value to projects by providing engineered solutions and competitive outsourcing of components. They then bring these components into their own shop where they control the quality of assembly, controls, and customer runoff. Also competitively using local fab and machine shops allows them to push more volume through their own shop with fewer people and less overhead, while their own people concentrate on the value-added engineering, functionality, and quality. Pioneer is an authorized FANUC Robotics Integrator with focus on Tire Manufacturing, Robotic Paint Systems, and Custom Automation.

PK Controls, Inc.
Plain City, OH
PK Controls Inc. (PKC) is a growing automation controls design and field service company specializing in systems integration and upgrades of processing equipment in manufacturing, assembly, and materials handling. The company also provides the bridge between engineering and production by assuring a minimum of downtime. A staff of engineers and technicians can provide support for all levels of a project, supporting the largest installations or the smallest retrofits. Clients include auto manufacturers and tier-1 suppliers, robot and equipment manufacturers, and steel processing companies. PKC has a strong focus on design and implementation of automation control system solutions. PKC can provide complete integration, engineering support, installation, and maintenance assistance. The technical staff can support all levels of a field installation, from control stations and cable pulling to wiring of robots, PLC's, and relay logic. The technicians are also trained in debugging and machine start-up. The engineers provide complete control systems design as well as AutoCAD drawing service, from updates to completely new drawings. PKC's in-house fabrication capabilities can handle the largest cabinets or the smallest terminal boxes including building cables to any length or configuration and wire fixtures and tooling. PKC's quality is second to none. All equipment is built to the customers standards and tested thoroughly before turnover to the customer.

PLC Implementation
Gardnerville, NV
PLCI is a system integration firm offering complete projects from concept through implementation with efficient and cost-effective solutions ranging from a PLC retrofit of an existing system to the automation and design of a new line of equipment. The company specializes in re-engineering equipment that is electrically obsolete but mechanically reliable using equipment with state-of-the-art PLC controls at a fraction of the cost compared to factory-new equipment. From PLC programming and HMI design to final implementation of the project, PLCI has the experience and knowledge base to develop a user-friendly project for each client.

New London, OH
PLC 2 GO, Inc. is located in New London, Ohio a suburb of Cleveland. The company provides control systems for process and machines. Also, we provide embedded control solutions to all industries. The types of control systems vary greatly from small embedded microprocessor based to large plantwide DCS control systems with multiple HMI stations. PLC 2 GO, Inc. also provides project management, commissioning, engineering, programming, and contract consulting services. We offer 100+ man-years of hands on experience to a multitude of industries.

PowerOn Control Systems Ltd.
Mississauga, ON
PowerOn Control Systems Ltd. designs and builds custom electrical control systems for any type of process or application within the industrial sector. The company provides turnkey solutions for any type of industrial application. PowerOn provides the control applications and cost-effective hardware, products and services that will keep a client's process running smoothly 24/7.

Powers of Automation, Inc.
Bend, OR
Powers of Automation is a manufacturer of UL listed industrial control panels, serving the pharmaceutical and other highly technical and regulated industries. POA is ISO9001:2008 Certified. POA solves customer problems using internal quality systems based on the "GAMP Guide" for good automated manufacturing practices. POA consistently delivers projects meeting specifications, on time and within budget. POA is dedicated to continual training of their personnel to provide current solutions to their clients' control needs. They are committed to total quality and customer satisfaction. POA's technicians are experts at analog instrumentation and control systems and offer complete NIST tracable calibration services. POA software is developed using standard operating procedures based on the GAMP guide. POA has been audited and approved to provide software to a major pharmaceutical company.

Precision Automation Co., Inc.
Cherry Hill, NJ
Precision Automation Company, Inc. was founded in 1946 as a small machine/fabrication shop and has grown into a two-plant engineering and manufacturing company. Today, Precision Automation is a versatile, vertically integrated systems house providing automation solutions to world class companies. They specialize in factory automation, including systems and machine design; automation systems integration; control system integration; robotics and flexible automation systems; special automated machinery; Labeling systems and label applicators; PLC and CNC control systems; machine vision systems; material handling and conveyor systems; special case forming and sealing equipment; palletized stretch wrap machinery; contract machining, fabrication, and assembly; contract manufacturing; equipment installation; and documentation. From their facilities in Cherry Hill, NJ and Clarksville, IN the company can provide complete engineering, fabrication, assembly, and installation of totally integrated automation systems nationwide.

Precision Control Integrators, Inc.
Scotts, MI
Precision Control Integrators Inc, located in southwest Michigan, is a complete service company that specializes in controls and automation. The company has highly skilled engineers with direct experience in the pharmaceutical, automotive, pulp/paper, water treatment, food/beverage and petroleum industries. PCI has provided many clients with timely, cost-effective solutions from project conception through custom design, start-up and support.

Precision Electronic Services, Inc
Danville, VA
Founded in 1985, Precision Electronic Services specializes in repairing AC & DC drives and industrial electronic controls. PES has many years of experience at controlling high speed web conveying lines for plastics and textiles. Most of the lines have combined Allen Bradley PLC-5 family PLCs with Eurotherm AC vector drives. PES is also one of the most experienced Wonderware system integration houses on the East Coast. PES has applied Wonderware Intouch HMI software to scores of web lines and other machines and processes. They can provide a complete solution for a client's web handling and data acquisition needs.

Precision Machine Controls, Inc.
North Jackson, OH
Precision Machine Controls, Inc. (PMC) is a controls, engineered drives, and computer systems integrator that provides complete control and automation systems to industrial manufacturing facilities both locally and globally. PMC has a unique systems experience in the steel, aluminum, specialty metals, forging, stamping, forming and material processing, and rubber/plastics industries. PMC's process controls initiative has also acquired many projects in the food/dairy industry. PMC is an authorized Allen-Bradley control and engineered drive systems integrator, as well as a qualified VAR for many industry leaders. PMC has over 400 man-years of engineering experience. Their level 1 experience includes process control, motion control, electro-hydraulic servo systems, AC and DC drive systems, and combustion systems. From high speed real-time VME based data acquisition and control systems to plant-wide fiber optic networked PC based supervisory control and data acquisition systems (level 2), PMC provides process and data management from the operating floor to the front office. Precision Machine Controls offers complete turnkey systems, including design, engineering, panel fabrication, testing, installation, start-up, training, maintenance, and other support services for the equipment that they design. The team that engineers a client's system is the same group of people who will supervise the installation and perform the start-up at the client's plant.

Precision Tool & Engineering
Gainesville, FL
Precision Tool & Engineering (PTE) specializes in the design, development, and installation of equipment for laboratory development to full high-speed automation production equipment. PTE has a 10,000 sq ft machine shop with manual and CNC machines to produce products or machines. PTE participates and supports University R&D Projects. Design and build; Custom Automation Equipment for Automotive second tier suppliers, Food & Beverage, Medical Tool, Electronics Assembly, Consumer Products of all types. Custom Machining and Fabrication for Aerospace, Military Suppliers, R&D Support, Biomedical, and a wide variety of other industries.

PREMIER System Integrators, Inc.
Smyrna, TN
Premier System Integrators, Inc. has turnkey system integration capabilities for providing complete industrial automation solutions. Premier is able to take automation and factory information requirements and turn them into functioning plant systems, supplying everything from the limit switch to the database. Strategic alliances with the top electrical controls manufacturers, computer manufacturers, and software vendors provides ready access to the best off-the-shelf and customizable components and systems. Premier System Integrators is recognized for its standards of quality, workmanship, and leadership in diagnostics, operator interface, and factory information processing.

Premier Tool Works
Burr Ridge, IL
Premier has designed and built custom automated process machines for industries ranging from electronic assembly to medical testing for over 30 years. Premier Tool Works engineering expertise in product handling and transport systems has allowed for new material handling products to be introduced on a regular basis. These include a very succesful line of Spring Detanglers & Spring Feeders, Miniature Spring Detangler & Dispenser, Adjustable Width Conveyors, Precision Sensor Mounts, Overhead Drive Specialty Conveyors, Conduit Locknut Wrenches and many other patented devices.

Prime Controls, LP
Lewisville, TX
Prime Controls is a systems integration and I&C construction firm specifically structured to meet your industrial automation and control needs. We have the size, expertise and experience to take complete responsibility for a client's industrial automation and control solutions.

PRIMEX Controls
Detroit Lakes, MN
With thousands of control panels installed throughout North America and beyond, our team designs and builds complete control solutions to meet your specific needs no matter how unique. Investing in research, new product development and testing are core values. Our team is continually designing innovative control products to meet the growing demands of the markets we serve. Multiple design and production facilities located across the United States and Asia ensures customers seamless, high quality control solutions.

Principal Technology Incorporated
Plano, TX
Principal Technology, Inc. offers Environmental Systems, System Integration, and Engineering Services to provide complete solutions for refining, chemical, process and manufacturing facilities. Our offerings include a full line of sulfur recovery technologies from small to large capacity, integrated control systems for total plant management, and engineering services to provide turnkey systems for any size plant. Principal Technology provides a special combination of high value engineering and design services with practical design-build capabilities to provide our customers with complete project integration.

Sliedrecht, Netherlands
PRO-AT B.V. is a leading integrator for automation of industrial processes and information projects. We can implement projects or deliver a project team to help you to improve your production.

Process and Automation Software
Albershausen, Germany
Process and Automation Software is a provider of services in the field of automation solutions. The company offers their customers classical automation services and programming of control directly at the plant, as well as the latest related IT services, networking equipment and integration into the overall ERP system. PAS's services range from the simple integration of sensor technology on the design of controllers for various production systems and their interconnections to the design, implementation and commissioning of highly complex solutions.

Process Automation Corporation
Belle Mead, NJ
Process Automation delivers leading-edge monitoring and control systems for industrial, research, and academic use. We develop hardware and software solutions that take control of your mission-critical systems. From custom data acquisition and control software development to automation hardware installation, we offer complete packages that meet the needs of our clients. Website:

Process Automation, Inc.
Hurst, TX
Process Automation, Inc. provides full service in process control systems from a single panel through total plant turnkey systems. The company's stainless steel fabrication facility allows it to provide custom panels, CIP systems, consoles, tanks, J-boxes, and batching equipment. Both in-house and field training are provided for fully documented systems.

Process Control Solutions, Inc.
Tallahassee, FL
PCSI has been in business over 12 years providing process intstrumentation, control, information systems, and electrical systems engineering and consulting and application development. Engineers on staff have extensive industry experience in the design, installation, configuration, programming, and support of process control systems, including advanced and supervisory control systems, DCS systems (Honeywell, Valmet DXD), PLC's (Modicon), real-time computing environments (Hewlett Packard, Honeywell CL), basic and specialized field instrumentation, and control and information systems integration. Process Control Solutions, Inc. specializes in helping clients in the process and utilities industries to leverage traditional and emerging process control technologies to improve the profitability, safety, and environmental performance of their respective businesses. Process Control Solutions recognizes the value of uniting in-depth process understanding with the right measurement, control and information systems technologies, and has a proven track record as a uniquely qualified partner in such efforts.

Process Systems Integration Inc.
Cambridge, ON
Process Systems Integration has an extensive and very successful history in the automation world. PSI's design and programming teams are made up of the some of the brightest and most talented industry professionals. Although always looking to expand our customer base, PSI's core business is built on repeat customers. Specializing in discrete and process PLC, HMI, and robot programming, PSI also designs and commissions systems using VFD's, servo control, co-ordinated motion control, specialized controllers, safety PLC's, and safety hardware. PSI compliments process and mechanical design firms and machine builders to provide safe, efficient, reliable systems such as injection molding machines, robotic weld cells, assembly systems, material handling systems, and water treatment facilities. PSI also provides safety solutions for presses and roll form units. Partnered with our parent company, Process Group Inc, PSI can not only design solutions but install, commission and support them as well.

Processes Unlimited International Inc
Bakersfield, CA
Processes Unlimited International Inc. is a full-service engineering firm that specializes in the oil/gas and foods industries. The company provides clients with complete engineering solutions for their processing and manufacturing expansion/optimization needs. Beginning with project concept and justification plus front-end engineering through detailed design and project execution, and finishing with installation and start-up, Processes Unlimited is prepared to assist clients with projects from beginning to end or anywhere in between. In 2004 Processes Unlimited merged with Ginosko Inc. and added full-service controls engineering and food engineering expertise to their staff of over 160 individuals.

Professional Automation Services
Schaumburg, IL
Professional Automation Services, Inc. (PAS) is a full service factory automation solution provider serving the greater Chicago area since 1990. Their staff of highly trained professionals has extensive knowledge and background in control systems and hardware, project management, automation equipment programming, database design, web integration and more. PAS has extensive knowledge and proficiency working with all the leading manufactures of automation equipment, which includes programmable controllers, operator interfaces, motion controllers, industrial local area networks, human-machine interfaces and industrial computers.

Project s.r.l.
Firenze, Italy
Project s.r.l. integrates industrial production facilities with their own management software or third-parties software. Beside the traditional activities of systems integrators, the company also offers design solutions specific to each production reality. Their services range from PLC programming and electrical/control panels assembling to the completion of supervisory software built on commercial platforms. Project's systems are designed to meet the increasing number of requests for high value-added features such as tracking and tracing, total quality management, integrated logistics, predictive maintenance, third-parties systems integration, and ERP. Project s.r.l. provides design, engineering, procurement, development, commissioning and start-up in Italy or abroad.

Protech Automation
Naperville, IL
Protech Automation provides products and engineering services for a wide range of applications. The company's principal areas of expertise include industrial programming (PLC, HMI, AC & DC drives, and motion control); automated measurement (laser-based measurement and other techniques tailored to fit each application); custom programming (Visual Basic, VB.Net, and MS SQL); and centerless grinding automation (a variety of products to make grinding operations more effective). The company's expert staff brings together a broad range of expertise to solve a wide variety of problems. By truly listening to their customers, they learn as much as possible about the application before starting the design. They then follow through with solutions that integrate people, processes, and technology to provide a system that works for the client's entire organization. Whether a client needs a complete, turnkey solution or a key piece of the application, Protech Automation can make it happen.

QDS Systems, Inc.
Baton Rouge, LA
QDS Systems focuses on industrial process drive and cotnrol systems (web handling system, crane and hoist drive systems, barge haul and pipe laying systems, specially packaging and test stand applications) as well as municipal control and instrumentation systems for the water and wastewater industry. Services include systems engineering, software configuration, UL508 panel building, system commissioning, training, and 24x7 support.

Qualimatest SA
Geneva, Switzerland
Qualimatest SA was founded in 1989. The company's leading activity is based on developing customized software acquisition solutions and data processing systems for industries and laboratories. Their team of engineers can develop specific software applications. Their advice and services incorporate all steps of a project. They offer a wide selection of vision products, including a range of high-performance National Instruments-compatible imaging software and frame grabbers plus frame grabber drivers for LabVIEW and LabWindows. The company's experience in the field of vision and their synergy with National Instruments allows them to offer products, applications, advice, or information depending on a client's needs. Their abilities offer clients the advantage of referring to a sole competent partner.

Quantum Design, Inc.
Machesney Park, IL
Since 1986, Quantum Design has maintained its position as a leading automation controls system integration firm by maintaining the highest proficiency levels and skill sets required to apply the appropriate technology. They have proven solutions that are varied. From plant floor controls through shared data into enterprise level data management systems, Quantum Design can provide the best solution for each client.

Quest Industrial
Monroe, WI
Quest Industrial is a robotic integrator that specializes in robotic automation, fixed automation and more. Quest was founded in 2001, and has since grown to be the largest integrator of Cheese handling robotics in North America. Quest's areas of expertise are in the Food & Beverage, Plastics & Metal industries, but their niche is in the Dairy & Food industry. Quest Industrial's products range from the very compact palletizer, called "Boxed Bot", to direct food handling robotics and automation. Not only are Quest's products USDA compliant, but are designed for wash down environments. They utilize the diverse expertise of their engineers and programmers to help your company improve efficiency, reduce costs, increase production and provide a safer work environment. Last year alone, Quest Industrial's robots packaged enough cheese to circle the globe more than 3 times, not to mention they packed out over half a billion pounds of cheese! Quest's robots can be seen in many different environments, from cheese processing and packaging to automotive production and process. Be it packing product away, palletizing boxes onto a skid, or processing your foods, Quest Industrial is the company that will integrate our innovations into your industry with pride. They will help you better utilize the space available, while improving the flexibility of your production line, all in a carefully designed and pain-free process that fits your needs. Quest Industrial is proud of its team, reputation, innovation, and equipment. Their hope is that you will keep them in mind to help you with your next automation project. With their expertise and experience the value they can add to any project from one simple pick and place to a complete line solution they are the innovators in bringing solutions to your plant! If you have any questions please feel free to contact them.

RAFA Solutions
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
RAFA Solutions is a systems integrator company specialized in Smart Machines and data acquisition/control systems. It provides Robust and Flexible Advanced Solutions for Machinery Control and Automation. Established in 2012, company actively collaborates with National Instruments Corporation. Currently we have a status of National Instruments Silver Alliance Partner. We are experienced in development and manufacturing of daughter boards for NI sbRIO, FlexRIO and other custom modules. In 2014 we launched our educational labs product line. Our educational products are already available for sales through our distributors network and have been delivered to tens of universities all over the world. Our team has the experience of building high quality, reliable and cost-effective products and solutions that can take industrial and manufacturing operations to a whole new level of efficiency. RAFA Solutions provides automation solutions and systems to a variety of industries including: Material Testing, Food Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Oil and Gas Industry, Mining Industry , Automotive Industry, Energy Segment

Ramsey Design Group
Ramsey, NJ
The Ramsey Design Group is a division of Glatt Air Techniques. Ramsey Design Group provides control and information systems for Batch Processing and Building Automation including the latest technology. They provide batch control using PLC's, SCADA systems, and database servers. The company's specialty is in the regulated industries where FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 11 is of concern.

Rapid Development Services, Inc.
St. Louis, MO
Rapid Development Services, Inc. is an industrial automation equipment builder, providing design, engineering, integration, and fabrication of manufacturing production machinery. The company applies innovative robotics, machine vision technology, and high speed parts flexible assembly and packaging technologies. Combining the knowledge of custom machine building with standardized robotic, RDS, Inc. has become a leader in the field of automation with robotics for assembly and packaging. The company specializes in the design, fabrication and installation of complete assembly systems with robotic vision and packaging lines for medical device manufacturing, including form fill and seal (FFS), flow wrapping, bagging, case packaging, and palletizing. The company's experience includes the assembly of syringes, IV products, pharmaceutical product assembly filling, pump devices and bottles and packaging, web processing, and high rate packaging of up to 1200 units per minute. Many of the customers using these solutions have multiple installations.

RASP Incorporated
Gansevorrt, NY
RASP Incorporated was established in 1995 and for over 25 years has focused on delivering industrial control projects in a timely manner while maintaining quality as a fully insured system integrator and industrial controls manufacture. RASP is a certified ISO 9001:2015 company, UL508A in addition to UL for hazardous areas and maintains an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. We provide turn-key or any portion of engineering, software design, AutoCad, panel manufacturing, installation, testing and commissioning. Typical applications include motion control, machine control, power, medical, aggregate and mills for both new and upgrade systems.

Raynor Adams & Associates, Inc.
Richmond, VA
Since 1981, Raynor Adams & Associates has specialized in the custom design, development, manufacture and turnkey implementation of advanced machinery for use in high volume production environments. Their engineering staff brings more than 100 years of combined design experience to their clients' custom automation applications. They offer innovative vision, product assembly, and product packaging solutions, integrating industry-leading hardware and software technologies, numerous vision systems, electromechanical motion systems, PLCs, vibratory and centrifugal part feeding systems, vacuum and pneumatic conveyors and more. They offer consulting engineering and prototype development services incorporating Solid Edge 3D and AutoCAD design tools. Their machinery rebuilding and upgrading division can increase production, reduce downtime, and/or add product flexibility to a client's existing equipment. They can integrate various levels of technology on new projects or upgrade projects engineered to meet manufacturing targets and budgets.

Real Controls, Inc.
Salix, PA
Real Controls, Inc. is an engineering design and system integration company specializing in developing process control, automation, and data acquisition systems for industrial, commercial and R&D customers. As a member of National Instrument's Alliance program, Real Controls engineers are experts with LabVIEW, BridgeVIEW and all other NI products. In addition to conventional PLC, PID, and SCADA systems, the company provides customized software development services for database, communication driver, and Internet-based products.

Real Time Systems Inc.
Toronto, ON
Founded in 1992, RTS is an automation solutions provider and consultant to industries worldwide. Their solutions combined with consulting and engineering services provide benefits to their diverse base of customers striving to achieve global manufacturing excellence. Real Time Systems' solutions enable clients to gain competitive advantage in the global economy.

Temse, Belgium
Reditech offers full-service engineering and integration services for factory and process automation. Reditech works with clients to make their manufacturing systems more efficient and profitable. They provide expertise in PLC, HMI, SCADA, MES, database management, DCS and tailor-made software.

Plymouth, MI
RedViking is a professional engineering and manufacturing organization focusing on systems integration, automation, manufacturing execution systems (MES), complete turnkey design and build of manufacturing and maintenance plants, and flexible assembly systems. We design and build manufacturing systems, test stands, assembly lines, precision gages, welding systems and manufacturing execution systems for some of the largest organizations in the world. RedViking designs and builds assembly lines with Wingspan Battery-free Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs). Battery-free AGVs can run 24/7 without ever leaving the line, require no charging stations, can carry virtually unlimited payloads, and have power for onboard tools and lifts. Argonaut manufacturing performance platform is the scalable, flexible MES that allows you to buy only the MES apps you need, deploy them only where needed, and control them all from one central location. Our dynamic test systems group supplies powertrain and dynamic component test stands for the world's largest automakers and helicopter builders. Our dynamic testing software, Vsync, is a user-friendly test executive and analysis platform with integrated vibration analysis and equipment health monitoring modules, among others. RedViking's customer base includes automotive, heavy equipment, off-road vehicle, military vehicle, and aerospace organizations. Our unique method of engaging customers throughout the design and implementation process results in highly efficient processes, improved throughput, enhanced quality, reduced cost and higher end-user satisfaction. RedViking is headquartered in Plymouth, MI, has a Research Triangle Engineering Center in Raleigh, NC, an engineering facility in Corpus Christi, TX and field offices located worldwide.

Rees Engineering Corp.
Collegeville, PA
Rees Engineering Corp. is a multi-industry automation integrator serving the packaging, material handling, process, plastics, glass, food, and water industries. The company is experienced in PLC-based controls, HMI, motion (VFD, servo, stepper, and pneumatic), machine vision and data collection. Their capabilities include electrical/automation design and programming, as well as panel fabrication, start-up, troubleshooting, and field service activities.

Remtec Robotics and Automation for Industry
Mason, OH
Remtec designs and builds custom automation solutions for the automotive, aerospace, and consumer products markets. We provide solutions for our customers who are looking to increase capacity, add new products, reduce labor or integrate a new technology to their manufacturing lines. In addition to our custom provided solutions, we integrate standard OEM equipment as part of a total system approach. Remtec is built around a core of robotics experience that includes being a Level IV Fanuc Robotics Integrator providing all robotic solutions along side mixed automation technology solutions. Remtec is a turnkey automation house that designs, builds, programs and installs our custom industrial automation solutions in our newly renovated facility in Mason, Ohio allowing clients to minimize the disruption to their current process during the integration of new equipment. Remtec's depth of expertise in a variety of robotics, automation and control systems gives them an edge when it comes to getting a project up and running quickly.

RES Automation
Granby, QC
RES Automation integrates programmable logic controllers, operator interfaces, man-machine interfaces (HMI), vision / detection systems, speed controllers and much more.

Results Engineering, Inc.
Bangor, ME
Results Engineering, Inc. is a full service Controls Engineering and Systems Integration firm that has been in continuous operation since 1988. We work closely with our customers to define their needs for process control or industrial automation and then provide customized solutions that fit their goals and budget. We strive to develop lasting relationships with customers and we work hard to gain their trust and become their preferred choice for all of their automation projects. A sample of our areas of competency include: PLC programming in ladder logic, function block, structured text HMI Application Development Machine hazard and risk analysis Machine safety system design, implementation, and validation Water/Wastewater SCADA systems Material handling and packaging machinery automation solutions. Commissioning & Startup Data collection and reporting Energy monitoring and data collection Information Technology for Process Control & Plant Automation Specialties: Allen Bradley PLC Programming (including ControlLogix, CompactLogix, SLC, MicroLogix, PLC-5) FactoryTalk View SE HMI software development FactoryTalk View ME software development for PanelView OITs Motion Control w/Kinetix 6000, 6200, and 350 servo drives. Inductive Automation SCADA HMI Software

Right Angle Controls
Bryn Mawr, PA
Right Angle Controls designs and delivers industrial control systems that help engineering and technical companies work better. Right Angle Controls has an intelligent, pragmatic approach for advanced yet efficient services that focus on the user's perspective. From software-only to large panels, Right Angle Controls provides the reliability and safety that you require with the cost effectiveness and operations support you desire. Right Angle Controls is comprised of highly specialized, engineering professionals with extensive experience averaging 15-20 years each. As an independent woman-owned small business, Right Angle Controls offers flexible, cost-effective solutions designed to meet each company's goals and objectives.

Ritco Inc.
East Amherst, NY
The control services available from Ritco Inc. include system development, PLC programming, documentation, system monitoring, and maintenance. Vision system services include collection of inspection data, documentation, integration with existing control systems, lighting design, maintenance contracts, part evaluation & feasibility studies, turnkey vision systems, and training.

Rixan Automation
Dayton, OH
Rixan Automation designs, installs, and supports robotic automation projects throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico. We utilize the latest technologies to maximize your return on your investment.

Pittsburgh, PA
B.W. Rogers specializes in machine retrofits to increase productivity and efficiency of the entire manufacturing system. Using high-performance servo equipment interfaced with industrial computers, vision systems, and a variety of programming languages, B.W. Rogers enhances the entire manufacturing process. For over 20 years, B.W. Rogers has offered a wide range of industries the most technologically-advanced automation solutions. B.W. Rogers offers superior customer support -- from design to installation. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Romeo Engineering Inc
Fort Worth, TX
Romeo Engineering Inc is a full service automation company with a manufacturing campus in Fort Worth, Texas USA. Our divisions manufacture a wide variety of large automation products including: new technology in 3D composite lay-up of helicopter blade spars & stringers, 5-axis ultra high pressure waterjet cutting systems, the fastest pick & place robots in the world, proton cancer therapy systems, ordnance & energetic materials, food processing automation, and asynchronous pallet conveyors. The company provides mechanical engineering, PhD nano-chemists, control engineering, PLC/C#/SCADA software design, CATIA and SolidWorks, control panel design, CNC fabrication, field aervice, and turnkey systems.

Rothgreaves & Associates Inc
Long Lake, MN
Throughout its history, RothGreaves & Associates, Inc. has been designing and fabricating manufacturing equipment and instrumentation that operate within the tightest of tolerances. Some of the industries that RothGreaves & Associates, Inc services include medical devices, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, and electronics. The company is capable of delivering turnkey solutions for small, medium, and large scale projects. RothGreaves & Associates, Inc routinely manufactures machinery with extreme precision and friendly interfaces. Most operations that can be done manually can be transformed into a highly automated process. RothGreaves & Associates, Inc has a vision integration team that is certified by the major camera manufacturer in the United States. Measurement and quality functions can also be integrated into an automated manufacturing system to ensure that the final product is in compliance with the customer's expectations. RothGreaves & Associates, Inc. designs and manufactures precision instruments. Software makes today's equipment more functional than ever and RothGreaves & Associates, Inc. delivers systems with complete software applications developed in the native controller language or in a visual language. Software for FDA requirements and ISO requirements are also developed and deployed with the systems that RothGreaves & Associates, Inc. produces. RothGreaves & Associates, Inc. operates from a 20,000 square foot facility in Long Lake, Minnesota just outside of Minneapolis. The factory contains engineering resources, CAD drafting applications, machine shop, electronics panel shop, materials laboratory and assembly areas.

RPT Motion Inc.
Dorval, QC
RPT Motion specializes in modular linear motions systems for industrial automation since 1981. RPT Motion provides turnkey or component level, single or multi-axis systems based primarily around the RPT system of linear motion. Each axis can be controlled by stepper, servo, rodless or rod cylinder, and can be easily mated in custom configurations for mult-axis solutions. The company can provide the level of integration the customer desires, but most common is an integrated mechanical system ready for controls. They often work on end-user or in-plant designed automation, but supply systems at the OEM level as well.

Pain Court, ON
RSTech provides electrical control system solutions for industrial automated equipment. The company's specialty is in control system design, and PLC and HMI programming, primarily in southwestern Ontario. The company provides entire control systems from conception and design through to control panel build, programming, commissioning, and service. RSTech is part of the Rockwell Automation Developer Toolkit program. RSTech is an Authorized Electrical Contractor in the province of Ontario with Master Electricians on staff.

Saber Engineering, Inc.
Auburn, CA
Engineering services available from Saber Engineering include system design, software design, electrical engineering, pharmaceutical grade software validation and documentation, and database design. Comprehensive documentation and technical writing are also available. Saber Engineering offers PLC programming services, covering a wide range of PLCs and related equipment, primarily Siemens, Modicon, and Allen-Bradley. As a system partner for Kuka Robotics the company designs and builds turnkey robotic cells for many manufacturing applications, including material handling, packaging, machine vision, palletizing, mechanical assembly, and electronic assembly. Saber Engineering has extensive experience in the field of computer networking, enabling the design and implementation of control systems that consistently exceed customer requirements. The company specializes in a wide range of LAN architectures, including Ethernet, Microsoft Net/BUI, Modbus, Data Highway, ControlNet, DeviceNet and SDS. Saber Engineering is licensed to use frequency and spread spectrum networking technology. The company has a UL-certified control panel fabrication facility that can provide motor control centers, PLC panels, VFD panels, relay panels, and simple pushbutton panels fabricated in the company's own 6000 sq ft. UL-approved panel fab facility. The 11 engineers on the staff of Saber Engineering have over 150 years of combined engineering experience.

Sahoma Controlware, LLC
Oklahoma City, OK
Sahoma Controlware provides services in Automation & Control, SCADA & Telemetry, Industrial I.T., Software Development, and Embedded Systems. Our expertise spans more than 20+ years of applied industry experience from Small to Fortune 100 & 500 Customers. Our Creative & Innovative experience is coupled with highly trained and competent personnel which possess exceptional Design, Project Management, Systems Integration and Software Development experience. Sahoma Controlware has the proven experience required to deliver the Design, Implementation, and Startup of Major Process Control System and Custom Technology Projects which include retrofits or grass root types. Sahoma Controlware is located with resources in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. For International Project Support, Sahoma Controlware has local distributors in Central Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia, and India to support local projects.

SANYOG Automation, Inc
South Barrington, IL
SANYOG Automation, Inc applies Siemens products to solve automation problems. Their main focus areas are: 1. CNC Retrofits of Lathes, Mills, Borers, VTLs, Laser Cutting,Grinding, Metal Spinning, EDM drilling, water jet, plasma, large size Gantrys and similar. 2. Creation of Custom HMI and macros and adaptive machining. 3. Integration of inspection software into a CNC control. 4. Motor and Drives Upgrade packages. 5. Operation and Programmer Training for Siemens Controls. 6. Custom Built Control Panels and Machinery. 7. Upgrade of Production Machines using Simotion Products. SANYOG is in it's 10th year of business and has completed a large variety of projects. Their owners have over 30 years experience in this field of work. They focus on flawless and timely execution of projects.

Sarla Technologies
Pittsburgh, PA
Sarla Technologies, a CSIA-certified & ISO 9001:2008 company, is an engineering organization having more than 175 automation engineers who can provde Engineering and Start-up services in the field of PLC, DCS, SCADA, Batch and MES across all the leading automation platforms. Sarla Technologies has domain knowledge in various industries such as Food and Beverages, Pharmaceutical & Life Science, Oil and Gas, Steel, Cement, Power, Chemicals, Automotive and many other industries. Sarla Technologies provides Remote Engineering, Onsite Engineering, Start-up & Commissioning services in North America, Europe, South Africa, Russia,South East Asia and the Middle East. Partnership with Sarla Technologies has helped many Automation companies and OEM's globally increase their business and go global without any new investments or fixed overhead cost.

SBL Systems, LLC
Tyler, TX
SBL Systems provides solutions to customers' industrial automation problems. The company's primary area of expertise and the focus of their sales is retrofitting control systems. Some particular areas of expertise include Automax conversion to Control Logix, packaging systems, conveying systems, automatic storage and retrieval systems, tire and tire component manufacturing equipment, and Banbury mixing systems. The company's mission is to provide manufacturing companies with competitive control system engineering services, from concept through completion, with a team of highly skilled engineers, providing the best solutions in the industry.

SCADAware, Inc.
Normal, IL
SCADAware is an industry leader in control system integration and custom software/hardware development. The company delivers turnkey control systems that use a variety of high performance technologies, including PLC and PC-based control, fieldbus I/O, client-server SCADA, OPC servers, custom communications drivers, and enterprise-wide data acquisition and reporting. Clients include such industry leaders as Caterpillar, American Water, Master Foods, Waukesha, Mitsubishi Motors, US Filter, General Tire, Boardwalk Pipeline Partners/Texas Gas, and others.

Schaming Technologies, LLC
Cranberry Township, PA
At Schaming Technologies, we have over 100 years of combined experience with electrical and mechanical design of industrial equipment. Our main areas of expertise are mechanical design, control systems, and programming. We specialize in creative thinking for the simplest and most effective design. This provides the best solution at the lowest cost. Schaming Tech has programmers for almost any programming challenge. Depending on the project, we can offer a complete solution, and integrate custom equipment or requirements into the solution as needed. Even if the final solution requires specialty knowledge such as custom electronics and/or embedded wireless transceivers, Schaming Technologies can help you get your system completed on time and on budget.

Schultheis Automation Control Systems
Jones Mills, PA
Schultheis Automation specializes in improving industrial manufacturer's production by renovating their production facilities with state-of-the-art automation and information systems. Schultheis Automation also supplies, maintains and repairs institutional and commercial control systems. The company integrates their clients' systems through use of programmable logic controllers (PLC), PC-based control systems, and distributed control systems (DCS). They provide systems integration solutions to their clients from turn-key projects to service call contracts to maintenance contracts.

Secure Controls, LLC
Kent, WA
Secure Controls, LLC provides control systems consulting, systems integration, and SCADA security services. With engineering experience since 1995, This small business prides itself on its ability to take on a vast variety of control systems related projects. Customers are always treated with respect and honesty. Projects are of the highest quality with assurance that customers are completely satisfied with all performance and workmanship.

SELCO Engineering, Inc.
Indianapolis, IN
SELCO Engineering is a system integrator providing integrated strategies, solutions, systems and services that address the needs of today's industrial processes and companies' goals. SELCO Engineering helps clients by developing, implementing, and supporting custom process automation and information integration solutions. To meet their clients' needs for complete solutions and results, SELCO Engineering utilizes a variety of advanced engineering concepts. This process begins with understanding their clients' goals and needs and developing solutions that meet and exceed their expectations.

Serra, Inc.
Healdsburg, CA
Serra is a wholly owned subsidiary of E&M, Inc., an automation supplier with over 45 years of industrial electrical experience. The Serra Group was formed in 1984 to supply the growing requirement for computer automation software. Serra software is designed and created by people who understand the unique requirements of real-time industrial control applications. Since Serra's first system, hundreds of systems have been successfully installed. Systems developed by Serra have combined personal computer technology for information handling with high-speed programmable logic controllers for low-level, real-time control tasks. Every project that Serra has contracted to deliver has worked, meeting or surpassing the expectations of its customers. All projects that Serra proposes incorporate custom application software developed to meet the customer's unique system requirements. By combining an existing library of programs and tools with custom application capabilities, Serra provides the greatest performance-to-cost ratio for its customers. Serra's project managers are among the best in the industry with years of automation and management experience. Serra's engineering staff is composed of people with degrees in computer science and other technical fields. The average length of experience for the technical staff is more than 5 years. Serra's combined experience exceeds 150 years. Serra strives to be the best in the industry while continually exploring and integrating new and emerging technologies that will take industrial automation in to the next century.

SES Automation Inc.
Toronto, ON
SES Automation is an engineering firm providing full range of electrical and automation services for drives, controls and industrial automation systems. We are both Engineering Consultants and Control System Integrators and since 1991 our group completed many major projects for metal processing as well as other industries. Our services are aimed at increasing your competitiveness by making your systems work more efficiently and speeding up your return on investment by improved productivity. We provide custom system design services to meet your objectives. We also supply a variety of standard engineering and software products. SES can help you in various AREAS: ? Audits system and energy management studies with evaluation and solution report ? Feasibility studies new systems or upgrades, including specification reports ? Design - new systems or upgrades, with or w/o supplying the system components ? Installation engineering services commissioning

Shape Process Automation
Auburn Hills, MI
Shape Process Automation is the global leader in flexible robotic Material Removal solutions, providing turnkey robotic systems for over 25 years, with an installed base of over 3,600 robots. Shape Process Automation's industry leading technology provides customers with the most flexible, reliable and productive trimming and cleaning solutions available. Shape Process Automation specializes in high performance trimming applications such as waterjet cutting and router trimming, along with cleaning and deburring processes. Shape Process Automation has has expertise in deflashing, and laser trimming, dispensing, assembly and material handling. Shape Process Automation serves many industries including aerospace, appliance, automotive, composites, construction, consumer goods, renewable energy, marine and plastics industries.

Shaw Electric Company, Inc.
Cypress, CA
Shaw Electric has been involved in the industrial controls and automation industry for over 40 years. We operate locally in Southern California, while servicing projects worldwide. We specialize in working as the "controls division" for many small project oriented companies. From soup to nuts, we design, engineer, document, program, and provide commissioning services. Our specialty is Waterpark rides and conveyor system, but maintain a strong presence in Biogas conditioning and food and petrochemical batching systems. We specialize in making your mechanical ideas come to life electrically.

Sheridan Electric Services Ltd
Mississauga, On
Sheridan Electric is a extremely diverse company that can handle any electrical need, including automation and system integration, control panel building, industrial controls, technical field services, electrical installation and maintenance.

Show-Me Machine Works, LLC
Hamilton, MO
Show-Me Machine Works, LLC is a diverse company with a wide range of experience using the latest technologies and many older technologies. With over 50 years combined experience working with PLC's HMI's and servo systems, SMW has the capability of seeing your project through from the early planning stages to completion. Show-Me Machine has worked with multiple industries and understands the requirements of these industries when is comes to product safety and quality. From small load cell based systems to large refrigeration control systems, the ability is there to provide a complete solution for your needs. The needs of the customer are what counts, whether it is our customer or yours.

Sidock Group, Inc.
Muskegon, MI
The electrical and controls group of Sidock Group offers design, build, troubleshooting, and documentation services covering a broad range of industries. Sidock's engineers and technicians are experts in the field of machine and process automation and can provide quality designs and service at reasonable prices. We can also provide in-house technicians, same-day 24-hour service and on-site training for company personnel.

Siemens Process Industries and Drives
Alpharetta, GA
Headquartered in Atlanta, Ga., Siemens Process Industries and Drivesmanufactures and markets the world`s broadest range of electrical and electronic products, systems and services to industrial and construction market customers. The company has extensive expertise in systems integration for both power and automation and providing turnkey industrial systems with an eye towards a quick return on investment. Other services include MES, software integration and preventive and emergency maintenance. Siemens' technologies range from circuit protection and energy management systems to process control, industrial software and totally integrated automation solutions.

Signal Physique et Instrumentation
Barraux, France
SAPHIR is a data acquisition, signal processing, instrument control solutions company and offers services ranging from the development of complex turnkey systems with documentation and training, to the help in creating a client's own center of competence. SAPHIR's knowhow entered into automation service is an excellent approach to economically solve many automation problems. In addition, SAPHIR collaborates with researchers and university and frequently is joined by experts in other fields to solve multidisciplinary problems.

Silver Lake Systems & Design, Inc.
Rincon, GA
Silver Lake Systems & Design has over 50 years of combined experience in the automation and systems integration business. The company specializes in process control, mixing and blending skids, and control panel building. Their engineers can work with a client to take an idea through completion. All systems are fully tested in the company's facility up to 400A or 460VAC/3Ph. The company commonly handles overseas system such as 380V and 600V. They can also take a client's foreign-made OEM control panels and retrofit them to US standards. All engineering, design (AutoCad, Solidworks), and software is done in-house by the company's team of engineers.

Simkiss Control Systems Ltd.
Rochdale, United Kingdom
Simkiss Control Systems specializes in providing bespoke control systems to a wide variety of main contractors and end users. The company's software engineers have many years experience in control system design, PLC and SCADA system programming. They offer complete services in management, design, manufacturing, testing, installation and commissioning of electrical and mechanical control equipment and process instrumentation for industrial and commercial applications, both in the UK and overseas.

SJF Material Handling Inc.
Winsted, MN
Serving clients nationwide since 1979, SJF Material Handling specializes in the design, engineering and installation of material handling and warehouse distribution systems. SJF's team was created by industry experts with an extremely broad base of knowledge and experience and the most current distribution technology tools. At SJF, the customer's needs are the primary focus, and the automation team satisfies those needs by implementing efficient systems that generate returns on investment measured in months not years. SJF is a premier stocking distributor and certified integrator of material handling and conveyor systems including used sortation conveyors, overhead conveyors and complete fulfillment conveyor systems. SJF carries the largest in-stock inventory of conveyors, racks and warehouse equipment in the nation. This allows the use of pre-owned equipment to cut costs when the budget is tight. See why SJF has been used by 60,000 clients for services such as consulting, systems design, engineering, equipment fabrication, installation and systems integration. SJF offers sales & services nationwide and has decades of experience in distribution systems design and implementation for a wide range of industries.

Skye Controls & Design Inc
Spencerport, NY
Skye Controls provides automation control systems and custom control panel enclosures. The company focuses on their clients' needs. Their products range from industrial control panels comprised of simple hard-wired control logic to the most sophisticated programmable control systems integrated with data acquisition systems. Their services range from instrumentation and panel specification to project management, programming, installation, training and support. Skye Controls has provided industrial automation control solutions for a wide variety of industries throughout the United States as well as internationally. The company's personnel have over 50 years combined experience in data acquisition, motion control, PLC programming, HMI programming, robotics, servo architecture, LabVIEW, C, Visual Basic, DeviceNet, ASI and Ethernet I/P, as well as newer technologies such as machine vision, Internet publishing, database connectivity and ActiveX. Skye Controls is also a global resource center for companies requiring help and support when developing a successful data acquisition solution. They are dedicated to developing a superior process, addressing each of their client's unique needs while bringing consistent and reliable performance.

Smart Systems Controls
Lake In The Hills, IL
Smart Systems Controls started in the early 90's building control panels for the labeling, part washing, enviromental, and CNC high pressure pump industries. With over 80 years of automation experience, the company can design, build, and install control systems around the world for large and small corporations. They specialize in innovative low-cost touch screen PLC systems that are user friendly. Their systems approach uses the latest products available in PLC, VFD, sensor, and machine control components.As of 2008 Smart Systems has been manafucturing High Power LED lighting. 50 to 400 watt led flood lights, High Bay lighting

Smith Control Systems Inc.
Hudson, NY
Smith Control Systems, Inc. was established in 1968 and is strategically located in the hi-tech Hudson Valley region, just 30 miles south of Albany. The Staff is worldly experienced, highly professional, and has hundreds of years of diversified application knowledge. They have implemented projects in the Pulp and Paper, Food and Beverage, Batching, Material Handling, Municipal and Industrial Water/Waste Water Treatment, Machine Tool, SCADA, Process Control and OEM Markets. Smith Control Systems has a 10,000 Sq Ft. UL-508 shop that is complete with state of the art equipment which maximizes the efficiency and quality of construction. Full service and Complete Customer Satisfaction set Smith Control Systems, Inc. apart in the field of Control System Design, Manufacturing, and Integration. Whatever the system requirements are; large or small, simple or complex, local or international; Smith Control Systems, Inc. has demonstrated the ability to provide the solutions that will exceed your expectations; on time and within budget.

Soffa Electric, Inc.
Commerce, CA
Soffa Electric, Inc. has been a leader in industrial automation since 1972. Soffa's cross-disciplinary technical staff is experienced in electrical, mechanical, chemical, and control system engineering. Soffa's expertise includes material handling, process control, and machine control with experience in stand-alone programmable logic control (PLC) systems, distributed PLC networks, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) graphic systems, and motion control systems. Soffa's systems engineers work with the customer from planning through implementation to meet their manufacturing and process control needs, whether for stand-alone machine control or complete turnkey automated systems. The scope of a project may include engineering, design, panel design and fabrication, programming, implementation, and training. Industrial and public projects have included petroleum production and refining, gas transmission and compression, food and beverage processing, conveyor and material handling systems, and water and wastewater treatment plants. Soffa Electric's panel shop has 12,000 square feet of manufacturing space. It is UL listed for both general purpose and classified areas; i.e., purged panels. Soffa Electric is a Woman Business Enterprise (WBE).

Software Manufaktur
Haigerloch, Germany
Software Manufaktur specializes in PC-based industrial automation. Taking advantage of state-of-the-art object-oriented techniques, the company provides flexible solutions that fit exactly into the customer's needs within a short time frame. A focal point is the integration of industrial image processing. Their customers are small or medium-sized mechanical engineering companies and any client who runs a plant or machinery. The company develops control applications for single custom as well as mass-produced machines. With their drivers for low-cost framegrabbers, the company can integrate image processing for quality control and sorting, for example, seamlessly into the application. Software Manufaktur supports all standard fieldbuses and Ethernet (TCP/IP) for easy integration into existing environments. The company can increase the functionality and productivity by using a PC-based control application. State-of-the-art control helps the client's workers, speeds up production, reduces raw materials needed and therefore saves money and the environment.

Southern Industrial Constructors, Inc.
Raleigh, NC
Southern Industrial Constructors, Inc. is a full service system integrator. Services begin with system analysis and concept development, and proceed through panel fabrication and PLC programming, documentation, installation and testing, training, and support. Southern's panel shop has the ability to U.L. list its industrial control panels, a service which not only insures quality and enhances acceptance, but which also strengthens the inspections and approval process in its field installations. AutoCAD engineered and as-built drawings are provided as is full ladder logic documentation. Field service engineers, control and instrumentation techs, field electricians, and management are dedicated to total customer satisfaction. In its 42 year history, Southern Industrial has developed uncompromising standards for quality and responsiveness, which has led to long and mutually beneficial relationships with its industrial customers.

Southwest Industrial Automation, LLC
Scottsdale, AZ
Since 1992, Southwest Industrial Automation has been providing electrical engineering and design, programming, panel building, integration and project management services to a wide variety of customers. Their business philosophy is based on two simple rules: provide an exceptional service and give customer more than expected. This is why 90% of the company's business comes from repeat customers. They have successfully provided systems to clients in Germany, Israel, Russia and throughout North America from aerospace to wastewater treatment. Though the company's background is rooted in the design and implementation of automated storage and retrieval systems, they have for the last fifteen years specialized in water/wastewater and plant automation. We are a UL listed panel builder, file no. E337402.

SpecPlus! Automation
Indianapolis, IN
SpecPlus! Automation Consultants provides complete turnkey design, build, programming, installation, start-up, and service/support of automated control and information systems for a variety of industries. The company offers their skills and expertise to end users and OEM equipment manufacturers. SpecPlus! can help a client from preliminary consultation through complete automation solutions accompanied by training and follow-up service. They're big enough to do major projects but client-focused with local support to provide cost-effective solutions to small projects as well.

SPI Integradora
Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil
SPI was created in 1992 by a group of engineers with solid experience in the industrial automation area. Over the last 17 years, that team has consolidated its specialization in industrial processes and developed a wide range of services from project definition to hardware construction. Nowadays, the company counts itself among the Brazilian system integrators that participate in the international market. SPI is present in factories in the USA, Mexico, Argentina and Japan through projects undertaken for their clients in these countries. This know-how spans various industrial segments, especially the automotive, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food areas.

SPIE Plexal
Bangkok, Thailand
Our engineering services deliver production efficiency gains for processing and production facilities in the Resource Sector. This is achieved by the smart application and integration of third party technologies with minimal impact during implementation and significant returns on the investment. We specialise in Brownfields upgrades of Control and Safeguarding Systems, particularly for clients that require the systems to be upgraded with minimal or no production impact. We provide services from the field device, to the PLC/ Controller, DCS/ Safety System, SCADA System and Historian/ Plant to Business Interface We have experience with all the latest Vendor equipment and are a low cost/ high value center for the assembly of control panels as well as the development of high end DCS/ SCADA and Historian solutions.

Spiroflow Automation Solutions, Inc.
Romeoville, IL
Spiroflow Automation Solutions was created to serve the control systems integration needs of manufacturers in multiple industries. Our Chicago (Romeoville) office also has a UL508A panel shop to meet our clients needs. With our in-house teams and with the acquisition of Food Control Solutions, we offer our customers technically advanced, customized solutions, backed by years of industry experience. We have extensive knowledge of manufacturing procedures that enables us to develop plans of action that are compliant with current guidelines and regulations. We identify problems within your manufacturing scenario and solve them with innovative design and leading-edge engineering, along with outstanding technical service. Our understanding of industry allows us to develop long-lasting solutions that meet the specialized needs of a wide variety of manufacturers. Spiroflow Automation specializes in control system integration, specifically several different areas of industrial control, including PLC and motion control, safety controls and process automation. From stand-alone machine control to full multi-controller networks, Spiroflow Automation excels in providing innovative and cost effective solutions. Spiroflow Automation Solutions is a full-service industrial control, networking and automation provider. Our people and technology help make your manufacturing process work smarter and more efficiently. We provide our clients with highly efficient and cost-effective automation solutions. Talk with us about how we can make your industrial application become safer and more efficient.

Spiroflow Automation Solutions, Inc.
Monroe, NC
Spiroflow Automation Solutions was created to serve the control systems integration needs of manufacturers in multiple industries. With our in-house teams and with the acquisition of Food Control Solutions, we offer our customers technically advanced, customized solutions, backed by years of industry experience. We have extensive knowledge of manufacturing procedures that enables us to develop plans of action that are compliant with current guidelines and regulations. We identify problems within your manufacturing scenario and solve them with innovative design and leading-edge engineering, along with outstanding technical service. Our understanding of industry allows us to develop long-lasting solutions that meet the specialized needs of a wide variety of manufacturers. Spiroflow Automation specializes in control system integration, specifically several different areas of industrial control, including PLC and motion control, safety controls and process automation. From stand-alone machine control to full multi-controller networks, Spiroflow Automation excels in providing innovative and cost effective solutions. Spiroflow Automation Solutions is a full-service industrial control, networking and automation provider. Our people and technology help make your manufacturing process work smarter and more efficiently. We provide our clients with highly efficient and cost-effective automation solutions. Talk with us about how we can make your industrial application become safer and more efficient.

Spiroflow Automation Solutions, Inc.
North Olmsted, OH
Spiroflow Automation Solutions was created to serve the control systems integration needs of manufacturers in multiple industries. With our in-house teams and with the acquisition of Food Control Solutions, we offer our customers technically advanced, customized solutions, backed by years of industry experience. We have extensive knowledge of manufacturing procedures that enables us to develop plans of action that are compliant with current guidelines and regulations. We identify problems within your manufacturing scenario and solve them with innovative design and leading-edge engineering, along with outstanding technical service. Our understanding of industry allows us to develop long-lasting solutions that meet the specialized needs of a wide variety of manufacturers. Spiroflow Automation specializes in control system integration, specifically several different areas of industrial control, including PLC and motion control, safety controls and process automation. From stand-alone machine control to full multi-controller networks, Spiroflow Automation excels in providing innovative and cost effective solutions. Spiroflow Automation Solutions is a full-service industrial control, networking and automation provider. Our people and technology help make your manufacturing process work smarter and more efficiently. We provide our clients with highly efficient and cost-effective automation solutions. Talk with us about how we can make your industrial application become safer and more efficient.

Kitchener, ON
Stantec offers complete solutions to control system integration and data management, from simple machine control to complex process and manufacturing automation, including production information management. Industrial manufacturers depend on compliant, reliable, predictable, repeatable, and cost-effective methods of controlling, monitoring, and recording manufacturing conditions and critical processes. Stantec provides the necessary control system integration to deliver these systems with proven, state-of-the-art manufacturing and production technologies. From conceptualization to start-up, the approach to projects is focused on the outcomes of cost efficiency, increased productivity, and client satisfaction. Stantec offers the latest technological advances in industrial automation hardware, process analytical technology (PAT), programmable safety, enterprise software, and manufacturing best practices. Their engineers and technicians are trained and experienced in the design and application of current technologies in process control, manufacturing automation, programming, data acquisition, networked controls, human-machine interface (HMI), machine control, and safety systems. Stantec delivers a full range of control system services including engineering design, hardware selection, fabrication, programming, documentation, testing, installation, commissioning, validation, and field support. Stantec is a full service engineering, architecture, and management consulting firm with a focus on sustainable design solutions. Since 1954, Stantec has provided professional design and consulting services in planning, engineering, architecture, surveying, and project management. Services are offered through more than 6,500 employees operating out of over 100 locations in North America and the Caribbean. Stantec trades on the TSX under the symbol STN and the NYSE under the symbol SXC.

Stantec Consulting Ltd.
Walnut Creek, CA
Stantec's overall systems integration capabilities include the design of PLC and DCS process control systems, HMI and OIT interface programming, SCADA, and manufacturing businessware solutions. Stantec's experience also includes integration with enterprise business applications (MES, ERP, CMMS, EAM), custom Oracle and SQL databases, and custom Visual Basic applications. Stantec is proficient in the programming of most major PLCs (Allen-Bradley, Modicon, Siemens and General Electric) and HMI software packages/suites (Wonderware-Intouch, Allen-Bradley-RSView, Intellution-Fix 32). Control panel design/build services are offered with complete operator training and documentation. Stantec has helped numerous clients improve their plant-wide and process controls with order retrieval and fulfillment systems, equipment breakdown data logging, defect tracking and reporting, product tracking, and environmental data acquisition systems, all of which can tie into various overall plant-wide asset management systems. Stantec offers complete solutions to control system integration and data management, from simple machine control to complex process and manufacturing automation, including production information management. Industrial manufacturers depend on compliant, reliable, predictable, repeatable, and cost-effective methods of controlling, monitoring, and recording manufacturing conditions and critical processes. Stantec provides the necessary control system integration to deliver these systems with proven, state-of-the-art manufacturing and production technologies. From conceptualization to start-up, the approach to projects is focused on the outcomes of cost-efficiency, increased productivity, and client satisfaction. Stantec offers the latest technological advances in industrial automation hardware, process analytical technology (PAT), programmable safety, enterprise software, and manufacturing best practices. Their engineers and technicians are trained and experienced in the design and application of current technologies in process control, manufacturing automation, programming, data acquisition, networked controls, human-machine interface (HMI), machine control, and safety systems. Stantec delivers a full range of control system services including engineering design, hardware selection, fabrication, programming, documentation, testing, installation, commissioning, validation, and field support. Stantec is a full service engineering, architecture, and management consulting firm with a focus on sustainable design solutions. Since 1954, Stantec has provided professional design and consulting services in planning, engineering, architecture, surveying, and project management. Services are offered through more than 6,500 employees operating out of over 100 locations in North America and the Caribbean. Stantec trades on the TSX and the NYSE under the symbol STN.

Starlight Automation Systems Inc.
Hamilton, ON
Starlight is a full-service automation company located in Hamilton, Ontario(Canada) since 1994. We design, build, integrate and install custom automation solutions for our customers. We are a licensed electrical contractor in Ontario ECRA #7006402.

Stock Fairfield Corporation
Chagrin Falls, OH
Stock Fairfield is a multi-disciplined design/build firm specializing in the automation of industrial manufacturing and power generation processes. Stock Fairfield serves the global marketplace with a staff of 180 professional and skilled trade personnel. Sales offices are located in 23 major cities throughout the United States. The company was founded in 1919 and is privately held. The Process Automation Group specializes in the integration of control and information management technologies and is one of three Stock Fairfield divisions that provide engineering, manufacturing, and construction management services to the following industries: automotive, chemical, food, mining, metals, public utilities, and rubber. Staff experience exceeds 280 man-years of electrical engineering and project management. The unique combination of staff skills is the result of many years of turnkey project implementation. Other services include a 10,000 square foot panel fabrication facility for assembly and staging of hardware, full time on-site construction managers, and custom tailored training seminars conducted with system simulators. Twenty-four hour customer support services are available when needed for critical process applications. Stock Fairfield is committed to the finest quality in design/build services and, at the same time, leading the way in automation technologies.

Stoeller Automation
Frankfort, IN
Stoeller Automation, Inc. was founded in 1995 and is a comprehensive, full-service systems integrator and value added re-seller. Stoeller Automation modifies and repairs existing systems or consults and quotes new systems per request. Services include: consulting, solutions deployment & support, custom development, programming, and engineering & computer design. Services targeted for industrial customers to improve safety, quality assurance, productivity, and efficiency. Specializing in unique machine fabrication and panel build capabilities for custom automation, robotics, and quality control requirements. Our systems: increase productivity ensure quality control improve operator safety reduce cost reduce assembly and testing time provide repeatable and controlled assembly processes provide trace-ability for the manufacturing process

Summit Engineered Automation
Shoreview, MN
Summit Engineerd Automation can improve a client's manufacturing process through automation design and build, integration services, CNC machining, fabrication, and welding.

Sunesis Systems, Inc.
Louisburg, NC
Sunesis Systems, Inc. was started because of the observation that end users rarely get the control systems they need or deserve. Because of limited resources, end users often end up accepting control systems/strategies that are not in line with their best interests. As an independent control system integrator, Sunesis Systems, Inc. is capable and focused on the end user's needs and the best fit solution. With experience dating back into the 1980's, the company has seen many control schemes introduced. Some of these are still in service today and still represent viable solutions. In other areas only the latest and most data-centric solutions are the best fit. Often the best solution it is a hybrid of these systems chosen based on capabilities and the end user's familiarity with them.

Superior Automation, Inc
Phillips, WI
Superior Automation has 60 man years of experience in machine automation and production line control systems. The company's roots are in the corrugated paper industry, where 100% of the company once worked for a major corrugated machine supplier. However, the business has broadened to include custom automated machinery for any production application including pulp & paper controls, corrugated paper machinery & controls, entire plant automation and business system integration, steel tooling manufacture and handling, steel tube bending, fabric cutting, and electric panel design, manufacture and automated testing. Superior Automation focuses its efforts in custom automated machinery, custom control systems for existing machinery, custom software, electrical panels, and engineering consultation. SAI will integrate customer specified hardware and software (independent of manufacturer) where applicable, or SAI can take over the project at the concept phase and deliver a turn-key solution. Superior Automation experience includes AC/DC drives, motion controllers, servos/steppers, hydraulics, pneumatics, machine vision (pattern recognition & registration), complex process control, HMI/MMI, tension control, Robotics and associated applications,CAD design, and VME mulitiprocessing systems.

Swartley Brothers Engineers, Inc.
Lansdale, PA
Swartley Brothers Engineering offere a wide varity of services to their clients. The company's industrial and automation divisions team up to provide complete services from design to installation to service. The company was founded in 1928 and has become a leader in the Philadelphia area for industrial automation.

South San Francisco, CA
Syberdyne is a controls system integrator and electrical engineering consultant based in the bay area north of San Francisco and serving the California north-west coast. Providing factory automation and industrial controls design, build, programming, commissioning, and documentation services for small-to-medium businesses and projects. 30 years experience across a variety of industries.

Symtegra Controls, Inc.
Hickory, NC
Symtegra Controls was founded in Hickory North Carolina in Jan 2011 to provide engineering and technical services to companies needing assistance with their instrumentation and control needs. With over 20 years proven experience designing automated Control Systems for industrial processes and machinery, we have experience with all the leading control systems platforms such as Siemens, Allen Bradley, GE, ABB, Eurotherm, Wonderware, and many more. We aim to please our customers by providing solutions that meet their needs at a price that fits within their budget!

Syscon Automation Group, LLC
Sandy, UT
Syscon Automation Group has provided Utah and the Intermountain West with integration solutions since 2002. Their automation specialists have over 100 man-years of collective experience providing state-of-the-art control systems that are reliable, easy-to-use, and cost-effective. They are experts at designing, programming, commissioning, and testing control systems automation. It is their highest priority to know what clients expect and to turn plans into completed projects. Syscon is the right integrator for the job for a variety of automation specialties, including material handling, discrete manufacturing, and process control. Through the years, Syscon has acquired experience with nearly all major brands of equipment. Syscon Automation Group provides PLC/remote telemetry, including control system design, programming, and start-up; human-machine interfaces, including touch panels and SCADA; motion programming for steppers, servos, and VFD; control panels design, construction, installation, and commissioning; instrumentation specification, installation, and calibration; system documentation; training; and service and support.

Systems Engineering & Automation Corp
New Berlin, WI
Systems Engineering & Automation Corp. is a systems integrator and machine builder providing complete design and build services. Established in 1986, the company has been involved in manufacturing complex control systems and custom machinery for a variety of industries. Through their experienced engineering resources they have provided machine and control systems which include: assembly of automotive transmissions, inspection machines, assembly machines, clean room process machines, LCD assembly machines, NC machines, and robotic material handling systems. The company has a complete shop including CNC machines, facilities for machine assembly, control panel assembly, electronic test, and all equipment necessary to support their customers needs. All systems ship with complete documentation packages and customer start-up and training.

Systems Integration Group, Inc.
Honolulu, HI
Systems Integration Group, Inc. is a small business located in Honolulu, Hawaii. Our primary focus has been creating web-enabled control and database applications. Our company currently provides computer integration services including a computer-based, PLC, and embedded automated controls and monitoring systems. Systems Integration Group, Inc. has over 28 years of experience in integrating disparate systems and creating customized computer programs. Our fabrication facilities provide panel building services, large graphic displays, unique gesture based automation controls, and OpenGL 3D visualizations.

Tape Industrial Automation
Louisville, Ky
Tape Industrial Automation is a full service integrator and builder of industrial automation systems. With an in-house machine shop, mechanical engineering talent, and system controls expertise, the company can provide turnkey solutions to a manufacturer's needs. They also provide on-site support services to help customers minimize downtime when electrical or controls issues arise.

Target Robotics SA de CV
San Luis Potosi, SLP., Mexico
With engineers specialized in industrial process, Mechanical Design, Electrical Control Design, robot- tool design and assembly, control cabinet assembly and wire, Robot Programming, PLC/HMI Programming, Robot Systems Installation and maintenance, TARGET Robotics has the infrastructure to fabricate complete robotic complex systems, since the concept definition to the post-sale costumer service, creating a long term relation with the costumers, who have found that automation with the right robot integrator is the best solution to increase efficiency in their plants. TARGET Robotics San Luis Potosi.(Headquarters and Projects Development) Located in Zona industrial del Potosi industrial park, with 12,000 sqft production area, 40,000 sqft offices, meeting rooms, coffee and lunch halls, training area and classroom, machinery shop, warehouse, download docks, freight yard and parking area. TARGET Robotics North America Ltda.(Sales office) TARGET Robotics Morelia.(Accounting office) Ph: +52 (444) 8241237 Toll free: (01-800) 2 TARGET

Tarman Engineering, Inc.
Denver, CO
Tarman Engineering is an independent systems integrator with nearly 30 years experience in industrial machine control systems. This experience covers nearly every aspect of electrical machine control from digital I/O processing and analog process control to sophisticated motion control systems utilizing state-of-the-art robotic control techniques.

Tech 4, LLC
De Pere, WI
Tech 4 specializes in industrial control systems. They provide engineering (machine control, motion, web handling, and programming) and components (drives, motion controllers, PLC's, software, and networks). Their success and their customers' satisfaction are a direct result of an organizational philosophy to deliver solutions free from bias as well as their personal passion about effective automation.

TechComp, Inc.
Chesapeake, VA
TechComp Incorporated is a high tech consulting and engineering services firm. The company specializes in computer and control systems design and integration, manufacturing execution and information systems, and data management for industrial and enterprise-wide integration. TechComp personnel have been providing high quality engineering sevices in Virginia and the South East Atlantic region for the past 5 years. With a broad base of application experience ranging from network communications to implementation of batch control and SQL-based historical information systems, to high speed automated machine control, TechComp offers some of the finest engineering services available in the Southeast. Their specialty is the integration of supervisory systems and databases to aid in business planning and logistics systems, but the company offers full service capabilities in project management and planning, systems design, integration, information management, and data aquisition systems.

TechKnowsion, Inc.
Walnut Creek, CA
TechKnowsion, Inc. is a premier independent automation and control systems integration company, specializing in implementing Human Machine Interface (HMI), Programmable Automation/Logic Controller (PAC/PLC), and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) based control systems and related value added services. Founded in 1995 and headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, TechKnowsion has been implementing projects throughout the world for over 20 years.

Technical USA
Costa Mesa, CA
Industrial Control systems retrofit, design and Integration. MCC, Control Panels and Scada Automation systems design and implementation for Manufacturing, Oil &Gas, Petrochem, Food & Beverage, Safety and Utilities. Turn-key International packaged solutions and OEMs in Industrial gas Compressors and Process Refrigeration ( Through Technical Asia ), Experienced multi-lingual Inspection and Consulting Engineering services for large EPC projects; Commissioning and Field Service across diverse industries and regions. Part of the Technical Group of Companies located in OC California USA, Singapore, Indonesia, Korea, Colombia, Malaysia. Languages: English, Spanish, Mandarin, Korean, Bahasa, Hindi, Malay

Technics, Inc.
Naperville, IL
Technics is a designer and builder of test equipment and fluid handling systems requiring precision in mechanics and control. Their systems are providing precision control and data acquisition in fluid dynamics for industrial and research customers across North America.

Techniserv, Inc.
Berwick, PA

Techno-Mation Solutions, Inc.
Fort Collins, CO
The engineers of Techno-Mation Solutions are experts in troubleshooting and solving difficult manufacturing problems. Using the latest technology and techniques, they provide innovative solutions for process automation and manufacturing applications. Their experience spans many sectors including pharmaceutical, food, beverage, Dairy and snack foods.

Technology Transfer Incorporated
Edmonton, AB
TTI is an aggressive automation and controls company that provides innovative solutions for custom projects. The company excels in oil field and drilling rig automation and controls. Complete AC and DC drive systems are a significant part of TTI's business. TTI has created a significant niche regarding specialized equipment contruction and control. Automated manufacturing plant design and construction is another specialty for TTI. TTI supplies custom control systems for the water/wastewater treatment, forestry, batch plant, and aggregrate industries. Whether a small control system such as an automated pumping system or a large scale project such as a drill pipe plant, TTI has the capabilities to handle it all. TTI warranties its designs and provides full warranty on parts and labor provided. TTI stands behind the products it sells and the services it provides

Theka Associates, Inc.
Muskegon, MI
Theka Associates, Inc. provides the power and process markets with full engineering, procurement, and construction services, including including systems planning, design outsourcing, process control, startup and testing, construction management, energy conservation analysis, and control systems/software integration. In addition, the company specializes in several related markets, including telecommunications, advanced technology facilities, and information technology. The firm was founded in 1981 when Theka's parent company, Newkirk Electric Associates, Inc., had a need for engineering support services for large-scale projects under contract. Projects included a pumped-storage electric plant, petroleum refinery modifications, and paper mill modifications. Today Theka has developed into a diversified engineering firm, having completed projects in California, North & South Carolina, Illinois, Colorado, and Mexico. Theka is also affiliated with premier companies throughout the U.S. providing clients with a broad spectrum of capabilities.

TMEIC Corporation
Salem, VA
TMEIC, built on the combined and proud heritage of Toshiba and Mitsubishi-Electric, delivers innovative variable speed drive and motor solutions to the metals, paper, and material handling markets, as well as custom engineered solutions for general industrial applications. In the metals industry, the company is the leader in hot mill automation systems worldwide. It is also one of the leading companies in crane automation, paper machine automation, cement, and electric drive systems for mining, compressors, and pumps. TMEIC is one of the largest global combinations of application and process engineering talent found in the marketplace today, employing 2,000 people and generating sales of $2B. TMEIC focuses on delivering total solutions to its customers through a combination of process knowledge, product design, and application expertise. The company also performs research and development in the latest drive, motor, and automation technologies.

North Canton, OH
Test Measurement Systems, Inc. (TMSI) specializes in performing and/or assisting in the needs evaluation, design, commercial hardware/software evaluation, equipment selection, procurement, installation and commissioning of custom designed scientific and test engineering systems. These include data acquisition/control systems as well as test fixturing, loading frames, and actuators. TMSI's expertise in safety testing includes high speed tire uniformity test systems, tire endurance test systems, FMVSS 200 Series test machines including load frames, hydraulics, pneumatics, and data acquisition/control systems. TMSI has patented technologies for high speed tire uniformity tests and exclusive upgrades for the HYGE(tm) collision simulator. TMSI employs scientists and engineers (BS, MS and PhD) to offer hi-tech expertise. The company provides highly innovative and specialized solutions to industrial problems.

Toolmen Corporation
Round Rock, TX
Toolmen is an electromechanical engineering company that builds specific-purpose machine tools. These are CNC machines that are optimized for a specific task or group of tasks and then simplified for cost. The company utilizes standard platforms which stand as a building block for their machine tool solutions. In this way, they build machines for significantly less money with better productivity than a general-purpose machine tool. Toolmen has significant experience with milling, drilling, routing, waterjet, laser, ultrasonic, plasma, welding, and multi-process combinations of the above. They are also presenting adaptive solutions which feature real-time motion path adjustment based on input from external sensors such as vision or laser. Toolmen utilizes their extensive experience with computer integrated mechanics to provide optimized automation packages and machinery in a similar way to their machine tool solutions. They work with customers to optimize or develop and optimize machine control solutions and processes that meet their customers' goals. Their experience includes many types of packaging machines, converting machines, robotics, material handling systems, and semiconductor machines. They also feature adaptive solutions in which they can modify in real time the motion path utilizing input from external sensors such as vision or laser.

Total Controls, Inc.
Matthews, NC
Total Controls is an industrial controls system integrator and panel manufacturer defined by their commitment to excellence, and to the success of their customers. Their staff has substantial hands on experience in developing and commissioning control systems, in a wide variety of industries. Total Controls specializes in batch, process control and materials handling applications. Their intuitive batch systems incorporate advanced and custom recipe formulation capabilities, simple order of addition editing, paralell processing capabilities, batch status/tracking information to the desktop, comprehensive reporting features, and optional connections to the customer's MES database. The staff at Total Controls works closely with their customers to implement systems that meet current objectives, while taking into account the expertise required to maintain the system, future expansion, and interface to other reporting and management tools.

TranTek Automation Corp.
Traverse City, MI
TranTek Automation Corporation founded in 1986, operating in Michigan, is an industry leader involved in the design and manufacture of engineered industrial automation solutions. TranTek Automation Corporation is a full-service solution provider of Assembly systems, Material Handling systems, Robotic integration, and Automated Welding systems for the Automotive, Defense, Food, and Medical industries. At TranTek we understand the time and cost pressures facing the manufacturing world, and the contribution that automated equipment can make in meeting those challenges. Our in-house mechanical and controls engineering staff have significant experience in the design and build of specialized automation systems including: automated assembly systems, material handling systems for small parts less than a pound to large products several thousand pounds, robotic systems performing complex assembly or material handling transfer, and fully automated munitions assembly. Our turnkey systems employ the latest technology and have integrated error-proofing using vision inspection, laser sensors, linear transducers, torque and force sensing, RFID, Data collection, Eddy current testing, Leak testing, bar coding. TranTek Automation Corp's design software platforms are Solidworks 3-D and AutoCAD. We have full FTP capability and are also equipped to conduct project reviews electronically. Additionally we can provide robot simulations and conduct Finite Element Analysis (FEAs) of critical components in Solidworks 3-D. Whether your requirements are for new programs, volume enhancements, quality improvements or process improvements, TranTek Automation can deliver innovative solutions that will help you be more efficient and successful which in turn will add to your bottom line.

Trend Machinery, Inc.
Willowbrook, IL
Trend Machinery has been providing motion control solutions since 1976. The company is an experienced, applications tested systems integrator providing a systems approach to solving motion control automation problems by combining the required mechanical, electrical, control hardware and software and drives technology. Customers include companies of all sizes and from many industries. Projects range from single axis motion control to designing and building multi-axis CNC machines.

Tricom Automation
Chattanooga, TN
Tricom Automation has signed an agreement with Revere Control Systems as a partner and utilizes Revere's shop to perform product development and the building of their systems. See for further information.

Trimax Systems, Inc.
Brea, CA
Trimax Systems, Inc. specializes in all facets of industrial control system electrical engineering, design, construction, installation, and service for instrumentation, process control and automation applications. In business for over 29 years, Trimax Systems can provide Project Management, Electrical Engineering, Training, System Integration Services, and has a fully certified UL 508 / UL 698(a,b) panel shop for complete turn-key projects. Our Engineering staff are trained in and experienced with Allen Bradley, Modicon, GE, PLC Direct, Siemens, Inductive Automation, Wonderware Intouch, Wonderware ArchestrA, and all the Rockwell Software lines, including RS View, Factory Talk and RS Logix 5 / 500 / 5000. Whatever stage your project is in, Trimax Systems can provide the assistance you need.

Trola Industries, Inc.
York, PA
Trola Industries, Inc. is an automation & control system integrator specializing in electrical control and data acquisition systems using PC's, PLC's, MMI/HMI's and other "smart" instrumentation in a network or stand-alone configuration. Trola provides reliable, affordable automatic control designs, software and fabrication services from concept through commissioning. Founded in 1970, Trola excels at solutions for automation problems. Advances in technology & networking have enhanced Trola's ability to establish plant wide automation and communication systems. Through Trola, clients discover new methods to improve their operations, capture efficiency opportunities and reduce waste. Trola's expertise with programmable electronic technology allows them to address applications with readily available components. Trola's "forte" is the development of man-machine operator interfaces (MMI/OIT/HMI) and Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems for OEMs and end users. Knowledge of industrial operating conditions and maintenance issues helps Trola produce control systems with long term benefits. Frequent communications, accurate information, and realistic scheduling is the foundation for Trola's many successful control projects. Their staff is committed to providing First Quality control services "On Time and On Budget".

Tulsar Canada Ltd
Kitchener, ON
Tulsar Canada Ltd began operation in 1981 to serve the environmental and industrial markets in North America. Over the years, the company has specialized in environmental controls and automation. To date, Tulsar has over thirty thousand control systems operating in over thirty countries across the world. Tulsar Canada Ltd. is one of the few Canadian controls companies to obtain both CSA and UL approval for its products. Their services include design, programming, manufacturing, testing, on-site commissioning, start-up, and after-market maintenance. Some of the projects they have worked on include designing and automating the water treatment facilities and sewage collection and treatment facilities for towns across Canada and in a number of foreign countries. The scope of supply has included SCADA functions such has communications, GUI, PLC, OIT and automatic report programming. Tulsar has also designed and automated landfill gas collection systems, sewage collection and treatment facilities, groundwater treatment and control systems at a number of industrial locations including, a process to eliminate the use of phosphates at Diamler Chrysler worldwide, parts cleaning processes, large air purification systems (baghouses, dewatering systems for high rise buildings, environmentally friendly level control, residential and commercial-use non-mercury sump pump alarms, and solar-powered privy vault alarm systems for the Ministry of Natural Resources of Ontario. The companys is presently working on VPN networks for several SCADA systems as well as 1500 sewage lift stations per year for pump companies. Tulsar is also the integrator/controls contractor for a number of consulting firm across Canada.

Turbocraft, Inc.
Everett, WA
Turbocraft, Inc. specializes in providing complete turn-key solutions to their client's custom equipment needs. This includes mechanical, electrical/electronic, pneumatic, hydraulic, and systems integration with enterprise-wide data requirements. We have also completed many prototype design and build projects for the consumer and industrial products industries.

Wels, OO, Austria
TURNVAL is specialized in providing digital safety solutions for the process, chemicals and manufacturing industries. This includes solutions for digital safety permit to work system, findings system, shift book solution, change request system and other related issues. Any kind of workflow or process flow can be implemented according to the users requiremetns. The system is parameterizable and fully integrated in Microsoft environment.

TW Controls LLC
Roanoke, VA
TW Controls specializes in designing, building, and installing electrical control systems; programming PLC and HMI products; networking; plantwide SCADA systems and more.

U&S Services, Inc.
Tonawanda, NY
U&S Services works with companies of all sizes to provide valuable insights that help them streamline energy use and optimize operations. By leveraging our innovative technology, IT expertise and practical experience, we're able to go beyond selling control systems and building analytics software to help solve business problems and boost productivity.

United Automation, Inc.
Portsmouth, NH
United Automation is a company of engineering professionals with collectively hundreds of years of industry experience in power generation, equipment design, process control, SCADA systems, equipment upgrades, software development, industrial networking, and test stand design. They will work with clients to analyze their existing processes and equipment to improve efficiencies and reduce downtime. United Automation can provide turnkey design, project management and implementation services. Their goal is to help each client reduce costs and increase productivity by providing the most reliable, efficient and cost-effective solutions that meet the client's needs. United Automation offers complete equipment, batch and process control system modernization; field engineering services and project management; test stand design and fabrication; SCADA system design, programming and commissioning; PLC/PAC programming services (ladder logic, state logic, statement list, C); PC and embedded systems programming (C/C++, Basic, VB, .Net, Java, Perl); custom software application development; custom electrical panel design and fabrication; custom data acquisition and operator interface systems; system start-up, field service, and on-site contract support; motor/drive specification and integration; servo and stepper motion control systems; ERP/MRP-to-shop-floor integration; and database design, upgrades and programming. United Automation also has extensive experience retrofitting and modernizing many diverse systems. They have upgraded assembly machines, test stands, drive systems and process and batch control systems. Their staff has the skill needed to evaluate and recommend an upgrade path that minimizes down time and cost.

Universal Logic Inc.
Nashville, TN
Universal Logic Inc., is an artificial intelligence (AI) software company as well as a robotics integrator. Universal's Neocortex AI software uses vision, grasping and motion control to give machines human-like flexibility at high speed. We provide supply chains complete automated material handling systems for high-mix, high-volume applications. The Neocortex Goods to Robot (G2R) Cell family The Neocortex G2R (Goods to Robot) Cell is the first plug-and-play robotic work cell targeting high-mix / high-volume applications scaled to a human form factor. It delivers reliable flexibility at maximum robot speed. It can handles thousands of different cartons, bottles, tubes, bags, cans, odd-shapes at 600-1400 picks per hour for half the cost of labor - $7/hour. Applications include robotic order fulfillment, bag handling, bin picking, box moving, part induction, machine tending, 3D inspection, and assembly/kitting. Contact Universal Logic at or 615-366-7281 for more information.

Universal Technology, Inc.
Pittsburgh, PA
Universal Technology (UTI) is a system integration company that designs and builds turnkey automated systems for process, assembly, inspection, and material handling applications. UTI has extensive experience in the application of robotics, motion control, PLCs, and machine vision. The company's services include all aspects of custom automated systems including process-workflow analysis, conceptual and working design, development, project management, manufacturing, installation, and post-delivery support. UTI is equipped with a field service staff and provides 24-hour telephone support. UTI offers product-based solutions for machine tending, polishing and deuburring, palletizing-depalletizing (case or unit), ASRS, and flexible feeding. Focus industries include automotive, clay and concrete (brick or block) manufacturing, consumer, life science, and refractory (shapes).

U.S. Dynamics Corporation
Amityville, NY
U.S. Dynamics is a contract manufacturer of automated equipment as well as precision electromechanical assemblies and close tolerance machined parts. Our value-added services are provided with every project. USD specializes in building custom automated manufacturing equipment and has worked on the design, integration, assembly and test of complete turnkey systems as well as complex subsystems. USD, being an automation system integrator, can combine various technologies into a smooth running piece of equipment capable of automating a process and reducing costs.

USS Vision
Livonia, Mi
USS was established in 1990. USS has become one of the largest, most diverse total turnkey integrators in North America. USS is the largest integrator of it's own products (USS Exact Scan and USS Surface Scan USS Multi View) and BANNER DATALOGIC COGNEX , PPT, Matrox products. The company's success has enabled them to obtain a global blanket with General Motors, providing total turnkey vision error-proofing solutions. Their services include fixture and mount construction, programming, engineering, training, 24-hour help line, maintenance programs, networking, software development and 3D animation control panel construction USS exact scan super hi rez line scan..USS Surface Scan for machine parts and painted surfaces,USS Multi view and USS Multi View.

Vashist Technologies
Coimbatore, TN, India
VASHIST Tecnologies, an ISO 9001:2008 company, is one of the leading Solution providers in the field of Sensing and Control with ever growing market share. Vashist Technologies is a technology-driven company that provides end-to-end industrial automation solutions based on world-class products combined with system integration expertise across different vertical. Hands-on experience and technical expertise enable them to provide any customized turnkey automated solutions for any industry. The company offers process measurement, instrumentation and automation controls. Their range includes Process Transducers, Control Panels, Micro controller based Embedded products, PLC Panel Display, Proximity Sensors, Pressure Transducers and SCADA & DCS. We also offermotion control systems, gauge pressure transmitters, gas analyzers, conductivity analyzer and laser displacement sensor. These are catering to the requirements of diverse industries automobiles, engineering and manufacturing industry. They are backed by experienced professionals, who have gained immense expertise in handling various procedures from concept to implementation. They engineers have in-depth knowledge of the application software design and make certain that clients' specific requirements. Apart from this, they also provide turnkey automated solutions for diverse industry requirements.

Vecoplan Integrated Controls
High Point, NC
From individual control panels to integration of plant-wide centralized process controls, VIC is your single-source provider for total control! VIC customers include machinery importers needing control panels that meet all applicable North American codes and regulations, and OEMs looking to add some touch screen 'sales dazzle' to their machine controls. VIC offers construction and custom programming of control panels that meet or exceed UL 508A,NEC, OSHA, and Hazardous Location Designations. VIC designs machine specific PLCs and HMIs with the ability to integrate Ethernet, Devicenet and other plant wide networks. VIC also provides system-wide processing controls. Including automated sensing, monitoring, and communication to optimize material processing rates throughout a production line.

Vire Control Systems
Clarksville, AR
We have over 25 years of experience in industrial automation. Our industrial experiences ranges from implementation of small systems utilizing simple push buttons and control relays to complex PLC systems, HMIs and SCADA systems. We can provide complete system design, programming, implementation, and commissioning. * UL508A Certified Panel Shop * Authorized Integrators for Fanuc Robotics

Vulcan Engineering Co.
Helena, AL
Vulcan Engineering is a custom equipment design, manufacturing, and installation company specializing in the heavy metals industry such as foundry, forge, and die casting. Automation capabilities include robotic integration, grinding solutions, casting extraction, vision inspection, molten metal pouring, investment casting dipping, lost foam processes, and perm-mold.

Providence, RI
Walco provides application engineering and systems integration for a wide variety of industries including steel, precious and semi-precious metals, paper, plastic, rubber, wire, cable, food packaging and printing. Walco has a long tradition of integrity, innovation and an outstanding reputation for providing emergency field service available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. The company also maintains extensive capabilities to perform motor repair up to 5000 HP, as well as extensive predictive maintenance testing. Walco applies its broad industry knowledge, over 7 decades of experience, modern facilities, state-of-the-art equipment and instrumentation, with the willingness to meet or exceed quality and performance specifications and expectations. Walco is dedicated to keeping your busines running productively. Never Underestimate the Power of Total Commitment.

Walker Engineering, Inc.
Point Pleasant, NJ
Walker is an engineering and construction firm based in Point Pleasant, New Jersey that provides a full array of electrical engineering services and products including the design and manufacture of custom electrical and electronic systems, industrial automation, systems integration, retrofitting of equipment, energy conservation and power analysis. Walker's engineers are licenced in New Jersey and New York and have more than 100 years of collective engineering experience. Walker Engineering: Creating Solutions Since 1970.

Wavetech, LLC
Stillwater, OK
Wavetech, LLC was founded in 2011 to address the expanding oil/gas and manufacturing industries need for intelligent system integration. Since then, Wavetech has diversified, now actively working in DENSO and Fanuc robotics, IIoT, and embedded programming. Wavetech's background is unique, including over 15 years of experience and expertise at the post-doctoral level. Wavetech offers this experience at low cost, and customers receive unparalleled expertise and value. Wavetech offers both system integration or consulting as a value-added component to any integration project. Wavetech provides consulting and services in many system integration areas: machine control, electrical and mechanical engineering, automation, control element sizing/selection, control panel design, logic development and programming (PLC, PAC, PC, embedded), HMI development, data acquisition, motion control, networking, remote access, and more. Wavetech offers all services for new systems and for retrofits. Wavetech has expertise in a wide range of programming languages and electronics protocols to support new and legacy systems. Wavetech system integration covers a diverse range of services and customers ranging from government laboratory automation to robotic manufacturing to full implementation of oil/gas and manufacturing plant controls.

RG Weber Control Systems, Inc.
St. Louis, MO
For more than 25 years, RG Weber Control Systems, Inc. has provided complete integration of industrial automation systems for industries across the US. RG Weber Control Systems uses its many years experience in the integration and support of a wide variety of industrial control systems. RG Weber Control Systems believes that successful system integration starts with listening to the customer's automation problems and their requirements of a control system solution. This information, combined with extensive experience with state-of-the-art hardware and software capabilities, allows RG Weber Control Systems to offer system solutions that meet or exceed the customer's expectations. RG Weber Control Systems is dedicated to providing the highest quality control system integration services, evaluation of customer requirements and preparation of project proposals, cost-effective execution of project planning and implementation, and attentiveness to every detail of customer support following project completion. RG Weber Control Systems continually monitors the control system marketplace in order to recommend to customers the technical solutions that best match the desires to make their equipment and processes operate at maximum efficiency and minimum cost.

Weldon Solutions
York, PA
Weldon Solutions is an authorized system integrator for FANUC Robotics, North America's leading supplier of robotic automation. Together, a wide range of cost-effective and flexible robotic solutions are offered for machine tending, material handling, material removal, packaging and palletizing applications. Weldon has complete turnkey project capabilities from design and build through installation and commissioning. Assembly and factory test are performed in a new 40,000 square foot facility. FANUC high performance robots, coupled with Weldon's project management, systems engineering, customer service, and extensive industry experience have enabled them to successfully automate a variety of applications across numerous industries.

Whitmor Company
Revere, MA
Whitmor is a leading manufacturer of power distribution panels and controls for Navy and military applications. Their core product range includes MIL-P-23928 high shock power distribution panels and flat panel graphic displays and controllers. The company provides a full set of services including design, manufacturing, qualification, integration, and start-up. They have extensive expertise in providing solutions within high reliability and demanding environmental applications. They provide custom design and manufacturing of control and mechatronic systems and sub-assemblies. Capabilities include systems design, architecture, planning, CAD; electrical controls and power distribution systems; wiring and cable harnesses; metal fabrication, assembly, and welding; hydraulic, pneumatic, and electromechanical sub-assemblies; automation systems and programming; power distribution and switchgear; programmable logic and embedded controllers; HMI, SCADA, telecontrol, and telemetry systems; AC motor drives and servo controls; custom controls and software; and on-site installation, start-up, and repair.

Wineman Technology Incorporated
Saginaw, MI
Wineman Technology is an industrial automation and control systems integrator which has experienced growth every year since 1991. Their expertise includes hardware design, software development, control systems start-up/debug, and complete automated test equipment development and fabrication. Because of the knowledge and commitment of their engineering staff, Wineman Technology has continually received repeat business from their clients. The company believes this is the true test of the quality of their services. From simple panel build to complete design and integration of control systems and automated test equipment, Wineman Technology commits to deliver above their clients expectations.

Wolock & Lott
Branchburg, NJ
Wolock & Lott has been an integrator of custom industrial control systems, builder of custom industrial control panels and a distributor of industrial drives / control products since 1965.

Xpect Solutions Inc
Longmont, Co
Xpect Solutions Inc, a Colorado industrial automation corporation, offers design, engineering and manufacturing of investment-grade custom automation equipment. The company's factory automation systems include robotic work cells, using various types of robots, most including material handling and some with machine vision inspection.

Yaskawa America, Inc., Motoman Robotics Division
Miamisburg, OH
Yaskawa Motoman's Automation Group is responsible for the design, build, testing and installation of custom, fully integrated automation solutions. Yaskawa Motoman provides a single source for robots, fixtures/tooling, application process expertise, controls, material handling, safety, integration and installation. Unless otherwise specified, all custom solutions are built to Yaskawa Motoman specifications and comply with the ANSI/RIA R15.06-1999 safety standard.

Z Technologies Industrial Automation
Alvarado, TX
Z Technologies offers project management, consulting, systems integration, engineering, and procurement services. Z Technologies specializes in design and implementation of control systems, data networks, and application software for industrial automation. This includes complete control and computer systems that sense, monitor, control, and communicate to handle all aspects of production operations and reporting.

ZI-ARGUS Australia Pty Ltd
Silverwater, NSW, Australia
ZI-Argus can engineer all aspects of a complete control system, from initial consultation, specification, software and electrical design, programming, and electrical construction, right through to bench testing and simulation. They can then deliver hardware, software, and documentation to the client's site, pre-wired and pre-tested, ready for wiring to the plant, and then install and commission or assist with commissioning as required.

Zmation, Inc.
Portland, OR
Zmation specializes in the production of custom industrial machinery that is not currently met by existing technology. Since 1994 our computer software control of complex processes incorporating vision, robotics, lasers, motion control, force, temperature, parts feeding, and material handling has provided a competitive advantage for our customers.

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